Guam Track and Field Association

The Guam Track and Field Association (GTFA) is the governing body for the sport of athletics in Guam.[1]

Guam Track and Field Association
Founded1976 (1976)
Affiliation date1986 (1986)
Regional affiliationOAA
PresidentDerek Mandell
Vice president(s)Joe Taitano
SecretaryRiza Tugade
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History edit

The history of running in Guam is well described.[2] The participation of athletes from Guam at the 1966 South Pacific Games is documented.[3]

The foundation of GTFA is reported for 1976, aa well as its affiliation to the IAAF in the year 1986.[4]

Between 2001-2004, former marathon runner Fred Schumann served as president.[5] In 2005, Franklin Tangalin was elected president.[6] Jay Antonio served as president from May 2009 - December 2014.

Current president is Derek Mandell. He was elected in April 2017 for the period 2017-2021.[7] Mandell was re-elected president in August 2021 for the period of 2021-2025.

Affiliations edit

Moreover, it is part of the following national organisations:

GTFA was suspended by the GNOC in November 2013,[8][9] but was reinstated as an associate member in June 2018. GTFA was reinstated as a full-member of GNOC in February 2021.

National records edit

GTFA maintains the Guamanian records in athletics.

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