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Grunt, grunts or grunting may refer to:

Sound and musicEdit

  • Grunting (tennis), in tennis refers to the loud noise, sometimes described as "shrieking" or "screaming", made by some players during their strokes
  • Death grunt, the death metal singing style
  • Grunt Records, a vanity label founded in 1971 by Jefferson Airplane and distributed by RCA Records
  • "The Grunt", a 1970 instrumental recording by The J.B.'s

Food and animalsEdit

  • A jug of 32 ounces of liquid, half a growler (usually beer)
  • A food preparation similar to a cobbler
  • A family of fishes, also known as Haemulidae
  • Grunt-fish, the only member of the fish family Rhamphocottidae




Many games use the "simple soldier" meaning, to a point that the word is now common parlance within gaming communities for the easiest 'popcorn' enemies:


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