Grundzüge der Mengenlehre

Grundzüge der Mengenlehre (German for "Basics of Set Theory") is a book on set theory written by Felix Hausdorff.

First published in April 1914, Grundzüge der Mengenlehre was the first comprehensive introduction to set theory. Besides the systematic treatment of known results in set theory, the book also contains chapters on measure theory and topology, which were then still considered parts of set theory. Hausdorff presented and developed original material which was later to become the basis for those areas. In 1927 Hausdorff published an extensively revised second edition under the title Mengenlehre (German for "Set Theory"), with many of the topics of the first edition omitted. In 1935 there was a third German edition, which in 1957 was translated by John R. Aumann et al. into English under the title Set Theory.


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