Grundtvigsk Forum

Grundtvigsk Forum, formerly known as Kirkeligt Samfund af 1898 and Kirkeligt Samfund, is a Grundtvigian network affiliated with Church of Denmark. It is headquartered in Vartov in Copenhagen.


Grundtvigs Hus

Kirkeligt Samfund af 1898 was founded by right-leaning Grundtvigians in opposition to Indre Mission as well as left-leaning Grundtvigians. It achieved more influence than its actual support would suggest. The Grundtvig House, a new headquarters for the organisation, was built in Studiestræde in Copenhagen in 1908. The building was designed by Rolf Schroeder. The building was for many years used as a venue for meetings, debates and lectures. After World War II, it was ceded to Copenhagen Municipality in connection with Kirkeligt Samfund's acquisition of Vartov.[1] The association gradually changed character and turned into am umbrella organisation for a number of Grundtvigian associations, communities, congregations and individuals. [2]


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