Growing Up Female

Growing Up Female: A Personal Photo-Journal (1974) was a "landmark"[1] book of photography by photojournalist Abigail Heyman (1942-2013).[2][3]

Heyman introduced the book, writing "This book is about women, and their lives as women, from one feminist’s point of view."[3] The book collected photographs of Heyman's life, "challeng[ing] assumptions about being a woman", and "documented the female experience from a feminist perspective."[1] Andy Grundberg described the book as "test[ing] the line between reportage and personal expression."[4] The book portrayed numerous black-and-white images of women in various activities, including a photograph of Ms. Heyman herself having an abortion.[2]

During the 1970s, the work sold more than 35,000 copies, and was a mainstay of women's bookstores and feminist literature displays, along with Our Bodies, Ourselves.[2]