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The Grovewood Awards (later becoming the Cellnet Awards and then the McLaren Autosport BRDC Awards) were a series of British motor racing awards presented each year in the United Kingdom to the year's up-and-coming British and Commonwealth racing drivers. The monetary award recipients were selected by a judging panel appointed by the UK's Guild of Motoring Writers.



The awards were inaugurated in 1963 by John Webb of Grovewood Securities, with the intention of providing monetary assistance for promising young British and Commonwealth motor racing drivers.[1] Grovewood, the owners of four racing circuits in the UK, wanted to recognise and foster young racing talent.[2]

In 1987 the awards were taken over by Cellnet and became known as the Cellnet Awards.[1]


Year 1st prize 1st prize winner 2nd prize 2nd prize winner 3rd prize 3rd prize winner Ref
1963 GB£500 Richard Attwood GB£300 Tony Hegbourne GB£200 Brian Hart [3]
1964 GB£500 Roger Mac GB£300 Boley Pitard GB£200 Chris Irwin [4]
1965 GB£500 Piers Courage GB£300 [5]
1966 GB£500 Chris Lambert GB£300 Jackie Oliver GB£200 Brian Redman [6]
1967 GB£500 Alan Rollinson GB£300 Derek Bell GB£200 Peter Gaydon [7]
1973 GB£1,000 Tom Pryce GB£500 Tony Brise GB£300 Donald MacLeod [2]

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