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Dare to Care Records

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Dare to Care Records is a Canadian independent record label. Based in Montreal, the label was founded in 2000 by Éli Bissonnette and Hugo Mudie. The label maintains two separate imprints, Dare to Care for anglophone and francophone artists promoted across Canada and internationally, and Grosse Boîte for francophone artists promoted primarily within Quebec.

Artists who have released material on Dare to Care include Malajube, We Are Wolves, Les Georges Leningrad, Pawa Up First, Yesterday's Ring, Armistice and The Sainte Catherines, while artists on Grosse Boîte include Cœur de pirate, Tricot Machine, La Patère Rose, Le Husky, Jacquemort, Bernard Adamus, Avec pas d'casque, Les Sœurs Boulay, Jimmy Hunt and Jean Leloup.

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