Grigol of Kakheti

Grigol (Georgian: გრიგოლი) (died 827) was a Prince and Chorepiscopus of Kakheti in eastern Georgia from 786 to 827.

Prince of Kakheti
Reign786 – 827
ReligionEastern Orthodox Church

He seized control of Kakheti, Kukheti, and Gardabani following the demise of the Kakhetian branch of the Chosroid dynasty of Iberia during the Arab wars of conquest of the Caucasus. He adopted the title of "Chorepiscopus of Kakheti" and, aided by the Tsanars, Mtiuletians, and the Arab emir of Tiflis, invaded Inner Iberia (Shida Kartli), but was repulsed by Ashot I Kuropalates, a prince of the resurgent Bagratid dynasty, and Theodosius II of Abkhazia, east of the Ksani river.

He was succeeded by Vache Kvabulidze as chorepiscopus of Kakheti.


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