Grey's Anatomy (season 17)

The seventeenth season of the American television medical drama Grey's Anatomy was ordered on May 10, 2019, by American Broadcasting Company (ABC).[1] It premiered on November 12, 2020.[2] The season is produced by ABC Signature, in association with Shondaland Production Company and Entertainment One Television; the showrunner is Krista Vernoff.

Grey's Anatomy
Season 17
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DVD cover art for the seventeenth season of Grey's Anatomy
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes17
Original networkABC
Original releaseNovember 12, 2020 (2020-11-12) –
June 3, 2021 (2021-06-03)
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The series returned after seven months, the longest hiatus between seasons, after production of season 16 was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[3][4] The season has 17 episodes, making it one of the show's shortest like season four; only the first season had fewer episodes.[5]

This season also marked the return of former series regulars Patrick Dempsey, T. R. Knight, Chyler Leigh, Eric Dane, and Sarah Drew. This is the final season to feature Giacomo Gianniotti, Jesse Williams, and Greg Germann as series regulars.

On May 10, 2021, ABC renewed Grey's Anatomy for an eighteenth season.[6][7]


The number in the "No. overall" column refers to the episode's number within the overall series, whereas the number in the "No. in season" column refers to the episode's number within this particular season. "U.S. viewers in millions" refers to the number of Americans in millions who watched the episodes live. Each episode of this season is named after a song.[8]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date [9]U.S. viewers
3641"All Tomorrow's Parties"Debbie AllenAndy Reaser & Lynne E. LittNovember 12, 2020 (2020-11-12)5.93[10]
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the doctors at Grey Sloan find themselves in uncharted territory as they work to save lives without any end in sight. Meredith, who leads the front-line workers, becomes increasingly frustrated as her patients continue dying from the virus. Fully recovered, Richard returns to work and is greeted by Bailey, who shows him the new safety protocols. Following an intervention from his co-workers, Andrew undergoes therapy for his mania and begins as an attending for the hospital. Two different fathers who both have children in the hospital get into a fight, while Andrew's child-trafficking patient returns in bad condition.
This episode continues a crossover event that begins on Station 19 season 4 episode 1 and concludes on Grey's Anatomy season 17 episode 2.
3652"The Center Won't Hold"Debbie AllenAndy Reaser & Jase Miles-PerezNovember 12, 2020 (2020-11-12)5.93[10]
Jo and Jackson fumble around each other at work due to a failed sexual encounter, while Maggie's relationship with Winston deepens. After Owen gives Teddy a chance to tell him the truth about her affair with Koracick, he plays her the voicemail and ends their relationship. Amelia and Link adjust to parenting their newborn son, and Schmitt after failing to talk to Nico, gets his stress relieved by him. After Meredith faints in the parking lot at the end of her shift, she sees a vision of herself on a beach, where she sees Derek.
This episode concludes a crossover event that begins on Station 19 season 4 episode 1 and continues on Grey's Anatomy season 17 episode 1.
3663"My Happy Ending"Kevin McKiddMeg MarinisNovember 19, 2020 (2020-11-19)5.96[11]
Meredith is admitted to the hospital with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis; as her respiratory system continues to deteriorate, she flashes in and out of her vision on the beach, where she talks to Derek. Tom is assigned to train a new set of interns, but when he neglects his duty to do so, Richard takes over. Teddy works on Meredith's case, though Maggie is afraid Teddy's personal issues will distract her from performing her job well; Teddy later tries to apologize to Koracick, who finds out that he is also COVID positive. Jo treats a pregnant woman whose baby is attached to her liver, while Jackson and Link perform surgery on a sex therapist. After Bailey asks Meredith to update her advanced healthcare directive, Meredith looks to Richard for help. Amelia and Maggie both struggle with Meredith's failing health and turn to their respective boyfriends for support.
3674"You'll Never Walk Alone"Allison Liddi-BrownJulie WongDecember 3, 2020 (2020-12-03)5.84[12]
As Meredith's conditions worsens, leaving her asleep most of the day, she finds herself on the beach with George. They reflect on their lives, his death, and how George changed Meredith's life. Meanwhile, per Andrew's suggestion, Richard contemplates including Meredith in an antibody trial run by a doctor in Manhattan. After a talk with Bailey, he consents. Tom is forced to remain quarantined at home when another test comes back positive; while initially asymptomatic, he develops a serious fever by the end of the day and hides from Teddy when she comes to offer him socially-distanced company. Amelia and Link clash over their vastly different ways of dealing with sadness and uncertainty. When an Asian-American patient Owen treated earlier is admitted with a worsened condition, Nico and Bailey make Owen address the racial bias in the practice of medicine. Meanwhile, Jo and Jackson give their friendship another chance, which leads to them becoming friends with benefits, and Maggie finds herself in an awkward situation when Winston's frustrations with his father surface during an online family dinner.
3685"Fight the Power"Michael WatkinsZoanne ClackDecember 10, 2020 (2020-12-10)5.69[13]
When an assisted living home is hit with a COVID surge, Bailey's mom, who also suffers from Alzheimer's, is rushed to the hospital with an advanced case of COVID. Bailey learns that her mom is not expected to survive and, after seeking out comfort from Maggie and a bed-ridden Meredith, Bailey prepares to say goodbye. Koracick is also admitted to Grey Sloan with COVID, and with his condition rapidly deteriorating, Amelia steps in to operate on him while a worried Teddy stands idly by. Meanwhile, Jo considers a change in specialties after she is recruited to deliver a baby, and Jackson and Richard ponder over how the pandemic has affected minorities differently.
3696"No Time for Despair"Pete ChatmonFelicia PrideDecember 17, 2020 (2020-12-17)5.66[14]
Meredith awakes as her condition improves and bonds with Koracick, but when a nearby patient is coding and she gets up to perform CPR, she passes out. Richard activates surge protocol at the hospital and turns the cafeteria into a COVID room. Andrew helps Bailey get through her mother's death. He later sees the kidnapper of the girl he saved leaving the hospital and convinces Carina to follow her. Teddy shares with Owen the story of her friend Allison, and lashes out at Helm as the escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic continues. At the end, Winston shows up at Maggie's hotel room door as Meredith's condition worsens and she is placed on a ventilator, waking up in the beach scene again.
This episode concludes a crossover event that begins on Station 19 season 4 episode 5.
3707"Helplessly Hoping"Nicole RubioElisabeth R. FinchMarch 11, 2021 (2021-03-11)5.11[15]
The Grey Sloan Memorial staff desperately try to save Andrew after he is stabbed while trying to confront Opal, the child trafficker from the previous season. Though Andrew is initially in the clear, he later crashes again and dies in surgery. Jo and Hayes argue over allowing a patient to see her premature baby, and Schmitt vents to Nico about his guilt over unknowingly treating Opal. Winston and Maggie's romantic getaway gets interrupted by Jackson, while Amelia and Link discuss whether they should tell Zola about Meredith's deteriorating health. Richard tries to get back into surgery, and Teddy and Owen butt heads outside of the operating room.
This episode concludes a crossover event that begins on Station 19 season 4 episode 6.
3718"It's All Too Much"Debbie AllenAdrian WennerMarch 18, 2021 (2021-03-18)4.97[16]
The hospital staff struggles to come to terms with the death of Andrew DeLuca, with Teddy taking the hardest hit as she sees visions of him around the hospital. At a memorial for Andrew, while each doctor pays tribute to him in a farewell video, Owen finds Teddy mentally unresponsive and takes her home. Bailey desperately tries to find a way that Andrew could have been saved, despite the team doing everything they possibly could. After Richard recognizes Bailey's behavior as her coping mechanism for her own mother's death, Bailey decides to take time off to rest and grieve properly. Maggie and Winston treat a patient with haphephobia, while Link turns to alcohol to deal with the stress of caring for his son and Meredith's children. Meanwhile, Meredith remains on the ventilator even after Teddy attempts to take her off. Meredith sees Derek on the beach and wants to stay with him, but Hayes urges her to fight and return to the real world.
3729"In My Life"Kevin McKiddTameson DuffyMarch 25, 2021 (2021-03-25)4.99[17]
Unable to deal with the death of Andrew DeLuca, Teddy falls into a catatonic state and is cared for by Owen. While Amelia comes over to convince Owen to forgive Teddy for her infidelity and get her some psychiatric help, Teddy remains trapped in her dreams, where she is haunted by past failed relationships. Still not completely over the death of her former lover, Allison, Teddy must confront what Amelia suspects is lingering post-traumatic stress disorder.
37310"Breathe"Linda KleinMark DriscollApril 1, 2021 (2021-04-01)4.55[18]
With the hospital running out of ventilators, Owen, having taken over Meredith's case from Teddy, is hesitant to try to take Meredith off her ventilator. Maggie and Jackson are forced to make a tough call about the last available ventilator when both a mother and her daughter rapidly decline. They decide to use the ventilator for the girl just as Levi intubates the mother, a family friend of his, to get her hooked up to the ventilator, forcing him to manually ventilate her as they await a solution. Inspired by Winston, Maggie devises a way to let patients share a ventilator. Elsewhere, Jo and Catherine team up when Cormac's sister-in-law, who lives with multiple sclerosis, is admitted with a kidney stone. Amelia and Teddy spend the day together with the kids as Owen doesn't trust Teddy to look after them by herself; however, after successfully taking Meredith off the ventilator, Owen gives Teddy credit for her work on the case. Meredith, meanwhile, spends the day on her beach with Mark and Lexie, who convince her that life and all of its aspects are worth living, and Winston asks Maggie to marry him.
37411"Sorry Doesn't Always Make It Right"Giacomo GianniottiJulie WongApril 8, 2021 (2021-04-08)4.83[19]
A newly married couple involved in a car crash on the day of their honeymoon gives the doctors of Grey Sloan a run for their money when the husband realizes he rushed into marriage too quickly. Hayes works with Maggie on an infant's defective heart and tries to convince her to perform a risky surgery. Jackson clashes with Mama Ortiz, who points out that Jackson booking hotels for COVID-positive patients with his own money is taking away affordable living spaces from low-income residents. Meredith finally wakes up and tells Richard that she overheard Jo considering switching specialties, while Bailey's conversation with a patient prompts Owen to forgive Teddy. Meanwhile, when Link's parents surprise him and Amelia by taking the kids on a road trip for the day, Amelia and Link use the empty house to discuss potentially getting married in light of Amelia's continuous struggle with sobriety.
This episode concludes a crossover event that begins on Station 19 season 4 episode 10.
37512"Sign O' the Times"Michael MedicoJase Miles-PerezApril 15, 2021 (2021-04-15)4.98[20]
Amid the Seattle protests following the killing of George Floyd, Richard and Hayes go to protest. Hayes is attacked by a Neo-Nazi counter-protester at the protests and worries about the safety of his sons. Jackson questions his mother about free COVID testing, but she avoids his question. Bailey treats a man who, despite testing positive for COVID, refuses treatment because he believes the pandemic is a scam. Meanwhile, Maggie worries about Winston as he drives cross-country to live with her in Seattle following their engagement, and Schmitt accompanies Meredith (who is still mostly sleeping) to the hyperbaric chamber along with another doctor and his patient.
37613"Good as Hell"Michael WatkinsZoanne ClackApril 22, 2021 (2021-04-22)4.81[21]
As Teddy, Richard, and Winston continue to search for more ideas to wake Meredith up, Derek tries to convince a very stubborn Meredith to leave the beach and return to her loved ones. Though Meredith is reluctant to say goodbye to Derek again, she finally wakes up when Zola visits her in the hospital in front of the rest of the doctors. Meanwhile, Link gets annoyed when Amelia intercepts his case and takes it for herself, and Jo tries to persuade Bailey to let her switch specialties. Owen breaks down after losing a patient, while Schmitt and Bailey treat a woman who has quit her corporate job in favor of a more free lifestyle. Teddy unsuccessfully tries to reconcile with Owen, and Nico asks Schmitt to move in with him, prompting a surprised Schmitt to walk away without an answer.
37714"Look Up Child"Debbie AllenElisabeth R. Finch & Felicia PrideMay 6, 2021 (2021-05-06)4.93[22]
In need of some advice, Jackson visits his estranged father, who sets him on a new path in his career. Following their conversation, Jackson proposes to April that they move to Boston with Harriet to run the Catherine Fox Foundation. Though April is initially hesitant, she eventually agrees, having split up from Matthew and ready for new beginnings.
37815"Tradition"Kevin McKiddJess RighthandMay 20, 2021 (2021-05-20)4.58[23]
Just ahead of his move to Boston, Jackson informs the staff of his impending departure and spends the day giving individual goodbyes. Meredith finally prepares to be discharged from the hospital, but Richard and Bailey first must figure out how to break the news about Andrew's passing. While Amelia scrambles to get the house ready before Meredith gets home, Link learns from Owen and Winston that he and Amelia might not be moving out as soon as Link thought. Koracick treats a Native American man, prompting him to realize the privilege he has; wanting to do more with his life, Koracick decides to go to Boston with Jackson. Jo embarks on her first day of OB/GYN with Carina, and Schmitt confronts Helm about her lackluster performance in surgery. Winston and Maggie ask Richard to officiate their wedding, and Teddy and Owen begin sleeping together again.
37916"I'm Still Standing"Michael WatkinsMeg Marinis & Andy ReaserMay 27, 2021 (2021-05-27)4.33[24]
Meredith begins her recovery process over the course of a month, and after she voices her concerns to Bailey about the possibility that she'll never be able to operate again, Bailey proposes that Meredith take over the residency program, which Meredith accepts. At the hospital, while Owen and Amelia treat a young car crash patient, Amelia confesses that Link wants more children but that she does not. Hayes and Jo continue to work on Luna, and though Jo hopes to adopt Luna, her application is denied due to an issue with Jo's background check. Maggie, Richard, and Helm try to diagnose a woman who is experiencing strange symptoms following her heart transplant, until they learn that the woman has been faking it because she wants to stay at the hospital. Meanwhile, Maggie and Winston argue over wedding plans, and Schmitt makes up with Nico following Schmitt's acceptance into the COVID vaccine trial.
38017"Someone Saved My Life Tonight"Kevin McKiddAndy Reaser & Meg MarinisJune 3, 2021 (2021-06-03)4.76[25]
Leading up to Maggie and Winston's wedding, the doctors of Grey Sloan recount the events of the last eight months, starting from August 2020. On Meredith's first day as Director of the Residency Program, she butts heads with Bailey; at the same time, Meredith also treats a nurse who is suffering through the physical aftermath of COVID. While Amelia continues to struggle with her and Link's different views on marriage and more children, Link prepares to propose. Determined to adopt Luna, Jo enlists Link to be Luna's temporary foster parent until Jo can legally take Luna home. By the new year, Teddy has accepted Owen's re-proposal, the entire staff of Grey Sloan has been vaccinated, and Jo has sold her shares of the hospital to Koracick. Months later in present day April 2021, Maggie and Winston finally get married. After the wedding, Amelia turns down Link's proposal, Meredith and Hayes appear to be getting closer, and Jo buys Jackson's old penthouse for her and Luna to move into. Link shows up at Jo's place, looking for a place to stay following the rejection from Amelia.

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On July 21, 2020, Grey's Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff announced in an interview that the season would address the COVID-19 pandemic,[33] with the season premiere set some weeks into the pandemic.[34] In order to comply with COVID-19 protocols, Vernoff expressed that actors and crew are tested three times a week, while actors must wear masks between takes and during rehearsals. Cameras' lenses were changed in order to make people standing far apart look close together, speaking in the hair and makeup trailer is not allowed, and fewer scenes were written in each script to adjust to the schedules per episode.[34]

Filming for season 17 started September 8, 2020,[35] while the season premiered on November 12, 2020 with a 2-hour crossover episode with spin-off Station 19.[34] The season received a 17-episode order, making it the shortest since the fourth season.[5]

On May 10, 2021, ABC renewed the series for an eighteenth season to air during the 2021–22 television season.[6]


Ellen Pompeo signed a one-year contract to return as Dr. Meredith Grey, the titular character; making a reported US$575,000 per episode and also receiving producing credits on both Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 along with a signing bonus receiving around $20 million total for her work.[36] On July 30, 2020, it was announced that Richard Flood and Anthony Hill had been promoted to series regulars.[37] Flood recurred in the previous season as Dr. Cormac Hayes while Hill made a guest appearance in the nineteenth episode of the sixteenth season as Dr. Winston Ndugu.[38] A number of previous series regulars appeared in the season during a storyline revolving around Meredith Grey battling COVID-19 while imagining herself on a beach.[39] Patrick Dempsey was the first actor to return to the series as Dr. Derek Shepherd; Dempsey's last appearance was in the eleventh season finale, "You're My Home".[40] He recurred throughout the season appearing in four episodes total.[41] T.R. Knight also returned as Dr. George O'Malley in "You'll Never Walk Alone"; Knight last appeared in "Now or Never" in the fifth season.[42] Giacomo Gianniotti who portrayed Dr. Andrew DeLuca exited the series as a main character after being killed off in "Helplessly Hoping" although he later appeared in two other episodes as a vision to Kim Raver's Dr. Teddy Altman.[43] Chyler Leigh and Eric Dane both appeared in "Breathe" as Dr. Lexie Grey and Dr. Mark Sloan, respectively, with Dane's return kept secret until the appearance.[44][45] Prior to their return Leigh and Dane last appeared in the eighth season finale "Flight" and "Remember the Time", the second episode of the ninth season.[46] On May 6, 2021, it was reported that Jesse Williams, who joined the series in the sixth season as Dr. Jackson Avery, would be departing as a series regular following the fifteenth episode, "Tradition".[47] As part of his departure former series regular Sarah Drew returned as Dr. April Kepner in Williams' penultimate episode, "Look Up Child", after last appearing in the fourteenth season episode "All of Me".[48] Greg Germann who has portrayed Dr. Tom Koracick since the fourteenth season also departed in "Tradition", being written out in the same storyline as Williams character.[49] Germann is expected to return as a guest star in later seasons.[50]

Stefania Spampinato continued to recur in the season as Dr. Carina DeLuca after being upped to a series regular on spin-off series Station 19.[51][52] Debbie Allen and Jason George also continued to appear in recurring roles as Dr. Catherine Fox and Dr. Ben Warren, respectively; with George also being a series regular on Station 19.[53][54] In addition Barrett Doss, Jay Hayden, Grey Damon, Danielle Savre, and Okieriete Onaodowan made guest appearances as their Station 19 characters in crossover events.[55] Mackenzie Marsh was cast in a recurring role for the season to play Val Ashton.[56] Eric Roberts reprised his role as Robert Avery in "Look Up Child".[57] Lisa Vidal and Meliisa DuPrey as part of Grey Sloan's new intern class portraying a mother-daughter pair named Alma and Sara Ortiz.[58][59]


The largest storyline of the season centered around the doctors in the series battling the COVID-19 pandemic.[60] Krista Vernoff, the showrunner of both Grey's Anatomy and Station 19, initially considered beginning the season prior to the pandemic or not including it at all but ultimately decided to begin it in the peak of it stating:

To be the biggest medical show and ignore the biggest medical story of the century felt irresponsible to the medical community, it just felt like we had to tell this story. The conversation became: How do we tell this painful and brutal story that has hit our medical community so intensely and permanently changed medicine? And create some escapism? And create romance, comedy and joy and fun? That’s the challenge this season.

— Krista Vernoff on writing for the season.[60]

To properly tell the story pandemic the writers opted to begin the season in April 2020, with time slowly progressing throughout the season, instead of telling the story from a present-day standpoint, as done in previous seasons.[61] A medical doctor who serves as a consultant, writer, and executive producer on the series and previously worked for the Center for Disease Control said that the goal of the season was to accurately show the infection rate and transfer of COVID-19.[62] A sub-storyline centered around the pandemic was Meredith Grey contracting the coronavirus early in the season.[63] Grey drifted in and out of consciousness throughout the season imagining herself on a beach scene seeing past and present characters of the series.[64] Other central characters were also written to have the corona virus including Greg Germann's Tom Koracick and the mother of Dr. Miranda Bailey, portrayed by Chandra Wilson, who was in a nursing home.[65][66] Wilson stated that nursing homes were affected largely by the coronavirus at the beginning of the pandemic so that when the script was given to her she knew that the experience needed to be told.[67]

The second half of the season picked up in May 2020.[68] These storylines in the season encompassed both Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 through fictional crossover events.[69] The most notable of these, wraps up the story featuring the mental health of Gianniotti's Andrew DeLuca that was introduced in the sixteenth season regarding a patient that had been sexually abused and human trafficked.[70] The storyline was finished by the death of DeLuca as a result of a stabbing that occurred in Station 19.[71] Sources close to the production of the series reported that the sixteenth season was supposed to include a character death however, plans were scrapped when the season was cut short due to the pandemic; Vernoff said that the death would not have been DeLuca because she wanted to show that people could experience a mental health crisis and be functional on the other side.[68]

My reaction to [the story idea] was, “What?! Fuck! No! Really!? This is what I’m doing?! No!” Many times after I pitched it to the writers and we designed the season around this story, I started to chicken out and second-guess myself. “Can we save him?! Can he live?! He can’t.” We’ve done a lot of near-deaths and saved them since I took over the show. So now people are expecting that. This was the story. It was as shocking to me as it was to you.

— Krista Vernoff on the death of Gianniotti's character.[68]

The season also touched on other issues such as police brutality, racial profiling, and the murder of George Floyd.[72] The episode centering around George Floyd included the internal conflict of characters deciding whether or not to participate in protests.[72] The exit of Williams' and Germann's characters, Avery and Koracick, respectively, was explained by their characters leaving Seattle and traveling to Boston in aim to "combat the inequalities in medicine as leaders of the Avery Foundation."[73] Germann's character stated before leaving "I want to be an ally, I want to spend whatever time I’ve got left making this lousy, stinking place better, I’ll operate, I’ll administrate, I’ll do anything. I don’t want money, I don’t want a title, just let me help." and explaining that while he was in the hospital with the coronavirus that he had six roommates and was the only white person.[74] Later storylines in the season centered around COVID-19 vaccine trials and the struggles of child adoption.[75][76] The final two episodes featured periodic time jumps allowing the final episode to end in April 2021.[77]


Critical responseEdit

On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes the season holds an average rating of 8 out of 10 based on three critic reviews.[78] Ani Bundel with NBC Think stated that "True to form, Season 17 features one of the most coronavirus-centric TV plots we’ve seen since studios started filming again."[79] Bundel also noted that the season seemed to accurately represent the medical community.[79] TVLine's Charlie Mason mentioned that the rules of Meredith's beach were confusing because she was able to see people that were both dead and alive also saying that although it seemed nice at first, it eventually lost its appeal.[80] Meanwhile, Screen Rant said that the return of Patrick Dempsey to the series was a "major mistake;"[81] however, The A.V. Club stated that all of the former series regulars that returned during the season helped bring nostalgia to the series, particularly mentioning Sarah Drew giving Williams' character a believable exit.[82] Rebecca Nicholson from The Guardian rated the season 3 out of 5 saying that the show properly made what is considered the new normal, normal.[83]

Viewing figuresEdit

Viewership and ratings per episode of Grey's Anatomy
No. Title Air date Timeslot (ET) Rating
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1–2 "All Tomorrow's Parties"
"The Center Won't Hold"
November 12, 2020 Thursday
9:00 p.m.
1.3 5.93[10] 1.2 3.78 2.6 9.74[84]
3 "My Happy Ending" November 19, 2020 1.3 5.96[11] 1.0 N/A 2.3[85] N/A
4 "You'll Never Walk Alone" December 3, 2020 1.2 5.84[12] 0.9 2.99 2.2 8.86[86]
5 "Fight the Power" December 10, 2020 1.2 5.69[13] 0.8 2.62 2.0 8.31[87]
6 "No Time for Despair" December 17, 2020 1.1 5.66[14] N/A N/A N/A N/A
7 "Helplessly Hoping" March 11, 2021 Thursday
9:25 p.m.
0.9 5.11[15] 0.8 3.14 1.7 8.26[88]
8 "It's All Too Much" March 18, 2021 Thursday
9:00 p.m.
1.0 4.97[16] N/A N/A N/A N/A
9 "In My Life" March 25, 2021 0.9 4.99[17] N/A N/A N/A N/A
10 "Breathe" April 1, 2021 0.9 4.55[18] 0.7 2.29 1.6 6.84[89][a]
11 "Sorry Doesn't Always Make It Right" April 8, 2021 0.9 4.83[19] 0.8 2.79 1.7 7.62[90]
12 "Sign O' the Times" April 15, 2021 0.9 4.98[20] N/A N/A N/A N/A
13 "Good as Hell" April 22, 2021 0.9 4.81[21] 0.8 2.72 1.7 7.53[91]
14 "Look Up Child" May 6, 2021 1.0 4.93[22] 0.8 2.75 1.8 7.68[92]
15 "Tradition" May 20, 2021 0.8 4.58[23] 0.7 2.60 1.6 7.19[23]
16 "I'm Still Standing" May 27, 2021 0.7 4.33[24] 0.8 2.60 1.5 6.93[24]
17 "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" June 3, 2021 0.8 4.76[93] 0.7 2.53 1.5 7.29[93]


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