Greta Schröder

Greta Schröder (27 June 1892 – 8 June 1980)[1] was a German actress.[2] She is best known for the role of Thomas Hutter's wife and Count Orlok's victim in Nosferatu (1922). In the fictionalized 2000 film Shadow of the Vampire, she is portrayed as having been a famous actress during the making of Nosferatu, but in fact she was little known. The bulk of her career was during the 1920s, and she continued to act well into the 1950s, but by the 1930s her roles had diminished to only occasional appearances. Following a failed marriage with struggling actor Ernst Matray, she was married to actor and film director Paul Wegener.

Greta Schröder
Greta Schröder in 1919
Margarethe Schröder

27 June 1892
Died8 June 1980 (aged 87)
Other namesGreta Schröder-Matray
Grete Wegener
Greta Schröder-Wegener
Ernst Matray
(m. 1912; div. 1921)

(m. 1924, divorced)

According to the Austrian writer Kay Weniger, Greta Schröder died in 1980,[1][3] though some sources mention 1967.[4]




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