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Grenadiers' and Rifles Guard Regiment

The Grenadiers and Rifles Guards Regiment (Dutch: Garderegiment Grenadiers en Jagers) is a regiment of the Royal Netherlands Army; along with the Garderegiment Fuseliers Prinses Irene it is one of the two Dutch Guard regiments.

Garde Grenadiers en Jagers
Staatsbezoek Koning Boudewijn , erewacht Dam, Bestanddeelnr 910-5046.jpg
Garderegiment Jagers during the state visit of King Baudouin in 1959
Active1829 - present
Country Netherlands
Branch Royal Netherlands Army
TypeFoot Guards
Role1st Battalion - Air assault
1 staff company
SizeOne battalion
One HQ staff company
Part of11 Luchtmobiele (Airmobile) Brigade
Garrison/HQOranjekazerne, Schaarsbergen
Nickname(s)Kingscoy (Kings company)
Motto(s)Grenadiers: Grenadiers vooraan!
Rifles: Allez Chasse!
MarchGrenadiers March
EngagementsTen Days Campaign
Battle of the Netherlands
Ypenburg en Ockenburg 1940
Operatie Product
Operatie Kraai
Bosnian War
Cyprus (1998-1999)
Kosovo War
Republic of Macedonia (2001)
War in Afghanistan (2001–2003, 2006-present)
Iraq conflict (2003–present)
Lieutenant colonel Ron Sensen

The regiment was formed in 1995 by the amalgamation of two antecedent regiments, the Garderegiment Grenadiers and the Garderegiment Jagers.


The two antecedent regiments were formed in 1829 following the withdrawal of the regiments of Swiss mercenaries from Dutch service. Willem I ordered that two regiments would be formed to replace the Swiss, to serve as his guards. Both served with distinction, especially during the Second World War in the defence of The Hague.

The regiment's single battalion currently serves in the airmobile role as part of 11 Luchtmobiele (Airmobile) Brigade. It is organised with an HQ Company (Stafcompagnie), a heavy weapons company (Zwarewapenscompagnie) and three infantry companies (Infanteriecompagnie). The three infantry companies and the anti-tank company perpetuate the two antecedent regiments, with 'A' (Koningscompagnie) and 'D' (Wolvencompagnie) companies being classed as Grenadiers and 'B' (Stiercompagnie) and 'C' (Tijgercompagnie) Companies being classed as Jagers (Rifles).

The standard of the Garderegiment Grenadiers in 1992

Serving the Guards in musical support, given the few numbers of military bands in service, are the Central Royal Military Band of the Netherlands Army "Johan Willem Friso" and the Traditional Grenadier Bugle Band of the Grenadiers' and Rifles Guard Regiment (Grenadiers) and the Veterans Fanfare band and Bugles and Fanfare orchestra of the Grenadiers and Rifles (Rifles). These are the only bands in service in the Guards units of the RNA as the Band and Corps of Drums of the Garderegiment Fuseliers Prinses Irene remain disbanded.

Battle honoursEdit

    • Tiendaagse Veldtocht 1831
    • Ypenburg en Ockenburg 1940
    • West-Java 1946 - 1949
    • East Java 1947 - 1949
  • Metalen Kruis
Grenadiers and Jagers march through The Hague on Prinsjesdag, 2013.

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