Gregorio della Suburra

Gregorio della Suburra (died 1162/63) was an Italian cardinal, created by Pope Innocent II in 1140 as priest of the title of S. Maria in Trastevere. He was nephew of Pope Anastasius IV, who promoted him to suburbicarian see of Sabina in September 1154.[1] After the double papal election in September 1159 he supported the obedience of Pope Alexander III.[2] He became Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals in 1159, after the deposition of Cardinal Icmar of Tusculum, who had consecrated Antipope Victor IV (1159-1164) and joined his obedience. He was papal vicar at Rome in 1160.[3] His name appears for the last time in the papal bull dated 20 September 1162.


  1. ^ B. Zenker, p. 48, has proven that he was not created only by his uncle Anastasius IV as cardinal-bishop of Sabina, as was affirmed in older historiography (e.g. Brixius, p. 57), but is identical to cardinal-priest Gregorio of S. Maria in Trastevere created by Innocent II. This identification appears from the text of the treaty between Pope Adrian IV and Emperor Frederick I, signed in 1155. Brixius, p. 112 note 136 says that his relationship with Anastasius IV is not proven
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