Greg LaRocque

Greg LaRocque (born February 24, 1954)[1] is an American comics artist best known for his work on the Legion of Super-Heroes and The Flash.

Greg LaRocque
Born (1954-02-24) February 24, 1954 (age 67)
Baltimore, Maryland
Notable works
The Avengers
The Flash vol. 2
Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 3
Power Man and Iron Fist

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, LaRocque worked as an assistant teacher at the Professional Institute of Art while still a teenager. He started his art career in the advertising field.[2]

Comics careerEdit

Greg LaRocque began his comics career at DC Comics and his first published work was the story "That Which Conquers All" in Mystery in Space #115 (Jan. 1981). This was followed by a series of OMAC back-up stories in The Warlord #42–47 (Feb.–July 1981). His first work for Marvel Comics appeared in Power Man and Iron Fist #73 (Sept. 1981).[3] He drew several issues of Marvel Team-Up including the last issue of the series.[4] He and writer Louise Simonson then launched a new Spider-Man title, Web of Spider-Man, in April 1985.[5] After returning to DC Comics, LaRocque became prominent for his work illustrating the Legion of Super-Heroes. He stated in a 2013 interview that "I decided to leave Marvel for personal reasons, and the first person I called was [editor] Karen Berger. She handed me the next available Legion script, and the day I handed in the work she offered me the book."[6] He drew The Flash with writer William Messner-Loebs from issue #15 (Aug. 1988) through #79 (Aug. 1993). A career highlight was redesigning the Flash's costume to its current incarnation.[2] LaRocque and Messner-Loebs introduced Linda Park as a supporting character in the series in The Flash vol. 2 #28 (July 1989)[7] and reintroduced the Pied Piper as a reformed villain and established the character as gay, in issue #53 (Aug. 1991).[8]

Exiled Studio released LaRocque's creator owned material in the three-issue mini-series The Exiled, followed by CryBaby, Exiled Studio's first color comic book. The CryBaby story arc was concluded in the 80-page graphic novel Extinction. LaRocque's The Dreaming graphic novel was published by Exiled Studio in 2009.[9]

LaRocque's work among the independent companies includes London Night Studios, Peregrine Entertainment, Realm Press, Catfish Comics, and Avatar Press. In 2010 he helped launch the revival of Dave Cockrum's Futurians with a cover for David Miller Studio. LaRocque's fantasy art was exhibited at Gallery Provocateur in Chicago[10] to coincide with his appearance at the 2010 Chicago ComicCon. He returned to DC Comics in 2011 to draw the DC Retroactive: The Flash - The '80s one-shot.[3][11]


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Exiled StudioEdit

  • The Exiled #1 (1998)

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