Greg (cartoonist)

Michel Régnier (5 May 1931 – 29 October 1999), best known by his pseudonym Greg, was a Belgian cartoonist[2] best known for Achille Talon, and later became editor of Tintin magazine.

BornMichel Régnier
(1931-05-05)5 May 1931
Ixelles, Belgium
Died29 October 1999(1999-10-29) (aged 68)
Neuilly-sur-Seine,[1] France
NationalityBelgian, French
Area(s)artist, writer
Pseudonym(s)Louis Albert
Notable works
Luc Orient
Bruno Brazil
Bernard Prince
Achille Talon
Rock Derby
Zig et Puce
Awardsfull list


Regnier was born in Ixelles, Belgium in 1931.[3] His first series, Les Aventures de Nestor et Boniface, appeared in the Belgian magazine Vers l'Avenir when he was sixteen. He moved to the comic magazine Héroic Albums, going on to work for the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou in 1954. In 1955 he launched his own magazine, Paddy, but eventually discontinued it.

The series for which Greg is best known, Achille Talon, began in 1963 in Pilote magazine, also the source of comics such as Asterix.[4] This series, which he both wrote and illustrated, presents the comic misadventures of the eponymous mild-mannered polysyllabic bourgeois. In all 42 albums appeared, the first years with short gags, later with full-length (i.e. 44 pages) stories. The series was continued by Widenlocher after the death of Greg. An English translation titled Walter Melon was unsuccessful. In 1996, an animated series of 52 episodes of 26 minutes each was produced. This series was also shown in English as Walter Melon. Other series Greg provided artwork for in the early 60s were the boxing series Rock Derby and the revival of Alain Saint-Ogan's classic series Zig et Puce.[5]

Regnier became editor-in-chief of Tintin magazine in 1966 and remained so until 1974.[4] In this period, he moved the magazine away from the classic Ligne claire of Hergé and Edgar Pierre Jacobs, because the main authors published new stories less frequently, and because the magazine suffered from the success of new French magazines like Pilote. Greg introduced a more adult genre, with less perfect heroes and more violence. He created some of his most famous series like Bruno Brazil and Bernard Prince in this period, and introduced artists like Hermann to the magazine.

In 1975 he became literary director for the French publisher Dargaud and launched Achille Talon magazine. Having moved to Paris, he became a French citizen, and officially took a new name, Michel Greg.[6] In the late 1970s he moved to the U.S. as a representative for Dargaud, working on several television projects and promoting European comics.[4] He returned to France in the mid-1980s where he continued scripting comics and also wrote novels for the Hardy et Lesage collection of Fleuve Noir.

As "Greg", Regnier was one of the most prolific creators of Franco-Belgian comics, working in all genres and collaborating with many other European artists and scriptwriters. Well known for working with artist Hermann, Greg also worked with André Franquin, Eddy Paape (Luc Orient), Dany, Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny, and many others. It is estimated that he contributed as a writer and an artist to some 250 comic albums.

Hergé asked him to remake two of The Adventures of TintinThe Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners of the Sun – into a script for one long animated movie, Tintin and the Temple of the Sun. He also wrote the script for Tintin and the Lake of Sharks. Greg was asked to write two stories for the Tintin comics as well, including Le Thermozéro, but in the end Hergé, wanting to keep all creative control, did not use them.[4]

Michel Regnier died in 1999 in Paris, France.


Only those series for which albums have appeared are mentioned here. Furthermore, Greg has made many series in the 1950s, especially in La Libre Belgique, of which no albums have appeared. Titles are ordered by the first year in which an album appeared, not the first year the comic appeared in a magazine or newspaper.

Series Years Volumes Artwork Editor Remarks
Chick Bill 1957–1968 19 Tibet Le Lombard and Dargaud Most of his work on this series is uncredited
Modeste et Pompon 1958–1973 3 André Franquin Le Lombard and Dargaud Other gags written by René Goscinny and Franquin etc.
Spirou et Fantasio 1960–1974 6 André Franquin Dupuis Additional stories by Jidéhem and Jean Roba
Corentin 1963 1 Paul Cuvelier Le Lombard and Dargaud
Flamme d'argent 1965–1968 2 Paul Cuvelier Le Lombard and Dargaud
Zig et Puce 1965–1995 6 Greg Le Lombard, Dargaud, and Glénat Reprise of the classic series by Alain Saint-Ogan
Line 1966–1979 4 Paul Cuvelier Le Lombard, Dargaud, and Bédéscope [fr]
Achille Talon 1966–1996 42 Greg Dargaud
Bernard Prince 1969–1992 17 Hermann, Dany, and Edouard Aidans [fr] Le Lombard, Dargaud, and Blanco
Luc Orient 1969–1994 18 Eddy Paape Le Lombard and Dargaud
Bruno Brazil 1969–1995 11 William Vance Le Lombard and Dargaud
Clifton 1969–1971 3 Jo-El Azara and Turk Le Lombard and Dargaud Additional storywriting by Bob de Groot
Olivier Rameau 1970–1987 11 Dany Le Lombard and Dargaud
Comanche [fr] 1972–1998 15 Hermann and Rouge Le Lombard, Dargaud, and Strip Art
Alice au pays des merveilles 1973 1 Dupa, Dany, Turk and De Groot Le Lombard and Dargaud Adaptation of Alice in Wonderland
The Adventures of Tintin 1973 1 Animation stills Casterman An adaptation of a script for an animated movie, written by Greg
Chlorophylle 1973–1974 2 Dupa Le Lombard and Dargaud
Constant Souci et le mystère de l'homme aux trèfles 1974 1 Greg Glénat
Tommy Banco 1974 1 Eddy Paape Le Lombard and Dargaud
Les Panthères 1974–1975 3 Edouard Aidans Le Lombard and Dargaud
Rock Derby 1974–1980 7 Greg Le Lombard, Dargaud and Magic-Strip
Les naufragés d'Arroyoka 1975 1 Claude Auclair Le Lombard and Dargaud
Jo Nuage et Kay McCloud 1976 1 Dany Dargaud
Cobalt 1976–1981 2 Fahrer Le Lombard and Dargaud
Frère Boudin 1977–1978 2 Claude Marin Dargaud
Les As 1978–1986 16 Studio Greg Dargaud The only series officially credited to Studio Greg
Go West 1979 1 Derib Dargaud
Domino 1979 1 Chéret Le Lombard and Dargaud
Les Bolides d'argent 1981 1 Mitteï [fr] Bédésup
Spaghetti 1982 1 Dino Attanasio Dargaud
Mouminet et Alphonse 1984 1 Tibet Magic-Strip
Babiole et Zou 1985 1 Greg Le Lombard Created in 1962
Le club des Peur-de-Rien 1985–1986 2 Tibet Le Lombard and Dargaud
Papa Talon 1988 1 Hachel MC Productions A spin-off from Achille Talon
Colby 1991–1997 3 Michel Blanc-Dumont Dargaud
Johnny Congo 1992–1993 2 Eddy Paape Claude Lefrancq



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