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Green Party of South Africa

The Green Party of South Africa (GPSA) is a small political party in the Western Cape province. It has similar policies to Green parties around the world, and is a member of the Federation of Green Parties of Africa.

Green Party of South Africa
HeadquartersNoordhoek, Cape Town, South Africa
Political positionCentre
International affiliationFederation of Green Parties of Africa


History of Green politics in South AfricaEdit

The Ecology Party was established in November 1989, but disbanded after recruiting only 1 800 members.[1]

Ian Brownlie launched the Green Party (GRP) in July 1992, but it too disbanded after failing to win a seat in the 1994 Western Cape provincial elections under the leadership of Nathan Grant.[1]

Judy Sole founded the Government by the People Green Party (GPGP) in 1999, and the party has contested elections as the Green Party of South Africa since the 2000 local elections. In 2018 the leadership of the party was restructured, to form a round-table like structure. A steering team was formed consisting of Anisha Garib,Judy Sole and Conrad Beyers. A new constitution including a 10 point manifesto was adopted by the GPSA which is inline with green movements on a global scale.

Election resultsEdit

Year National Western Cape
City of Cape Town References
Ward Proportional
1994 2 611 0.1% [2]
1999 9 193 0.06% 2 453 0.15% [3][4]
2000 477 0.07% 1 973 0.28% [5]
2004 3 317 0.21% [6]

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