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Green Lantern: Earth One is an original graphic novel published by DC Comics as part of the Earth One line. The series is written by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko, with art by Hardman. Volume One of the series was released on March 20, 2018.

Green Lantern: Earth One
Green Lantern Earth One.jpg
Publication information
PublisherEarth One (DC Comics)
Publication date(Volume 1)
March 20, 2018
Main character(s)Green Lantern
Creative team
Writer(s)Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko
Artist(s)Gabriel Hardman


Publication historyEdit

Green Lantern: Earth One Volume One is the fifth original graphic novel to be announced by DC Comics as part of the Earth One line of graphic novels established in 2009.[1] It follows the releases of Superman: Earth One, Batman: Earth One, Teen Titans: Earth One and Wonder Woman: Earth One.


Volume OneEdit

In the not too distant future, companies like Ferris Galactic engage in deep space mining operations, looking for materials, while contractually getting bonuses for any discoveries during their salvages. As Ferris orders the crew of the Ferris 6 to come home, due to a rival company beating them, ex-pilot turned mining worker Hal Jordan discovers something. Along with crewman Volkov, Hal discovers an alien spaceship buried within an asteroid; inside, they discover a deactivated robot, a dead alien body, a power battery the shape of a Lantern, and a ring. The support gives way, causing them to escape with the battery and ring. Back in their ship, as Hal reports their findings to the rest of the crew, Volkov tries on the ring and an energy blast is triggered, damaging the hull and killing Volkov. Hal takes the ring, shocked over what it does, and survives in space using his willpower to control the ring. The crew, fearful over possible radiation exposure, forbids Hal to enter their ship. Just then, the robot is reactivated, and attacks Hal. Almost dying, Hal uses all of his energy from the ring to destroy the robot; in turn, Hal is blasted further away into outer space.

Hal wakes up on an alien planet named Bolovax Vik, and meets with resistant Kilowog. Kilowog explains the use of the both the ring and power battery, and reveals they belong to the Green Lantern Corps. He tells the history of the Corps, that they were a peace keeping space force until they were all hunted and mostly destroyed by the same robots Hal fought, known as the Manhunters. Kilowog also reveals that he carries a ring, passed down by generations, and reveals to the inexperienced Hal that he wishes for him to train him to become a Green Lantern. However, Hal reveals to a disbelieving Kilowog that he does not know anything, and beating a Manhunter was just luck. Kilowog decides to team with Hal to learn how to use the ring, from flying to defensive attacks, but their actions are caught by the Bolovax Homeguard, whose General orders Hal to taken into custody, due to their dangerous actions. It is still too late, as the Manhunters, who have been tracking Hal and Kilowog, attack his lab, and then the Homeguard to get to them. Hal tries to fight, but with Kilowog almost getting killed, he takes him and flees. Kilowog is upset, as leaving a fight is seen as cowardice. As Hal tries to figure out how to get back, he gets an idea to find whoever Lantern that is still alive to fight the Manhunters.

They both head off, searching planet after planet, risking their depleting power rings, to find any old Lanterns, with no luck in sight until they reach a planet where they are attacked by a Green Lantern named Arisia Rrab. She demands they leave, refusing their help, and pointing out how naive Hal is. They reach another person, Veca Trana, whose late partner was a Green Lantern, who reveals the shocking truth that the Guardians of the Universe, who created the Corps, were the ones who created the Manhunters in their intention to the destroy the Green Lanterns. With their pursuit fruitless, they decide to get drunk at a space station. There, Hal reveals how hard it is for him to trust people; he is reminded of when he used to work for NASA to develop an orbiting platform called Arrowhead, which was then used to attack its own people. Because Hal trusted the wrong people, the same who performed that massacre, and he did not speak up, he ran away. Just then, Hal is alerted by panicked aliens the approaching Manhunters, only to get knocked out.

Hal awakes to find himself, along with many others, to be used by slave labor by the Manhunters. Hal keeps his cool, being obedient, and not attacking them. Things get weird when he realizes that the ring is being charged by unknown means. When a big alien threatens him, Hal accidentally blasts him with his ring. He hides with another slave, who reveals that this planet is Oa. Miles away from the Central Battery, Hal wants to help others on the planet too, but the slave reveals it's everyone for themselves. She ends up stealing the ring, but fails to breach the barrier housing the Central Battery. Just as Hal arrives and gets his ring back, the Manhunters blast her. Hal gets inside and discovers the Central Battery. Using his ring, he meets with the last Guardian who tells him to free the Central Battery to contact the other Lanterns, and use the Central Battery to destroy Oa, the Manhunters, and everyone else. Hal doesn't want to do that, but has no choice. With his ring fully charged, Hal easily destroys the approaching Manhunters, but the numbers are too much for him that he escapes again. Being reminded of his cowardice, he decides to harness his bravery and sends a distress call to all surviving Lanterns to return to Oa.

Hal goes ahead to attack the other Manhunters, and just when he is about to die, Kilowog and the other Green Lanterns, including Arisia and Veca Trana, arrive. All of them destroy the barrier, freeing the Central Battery. They begin to debate what's next, some agreeing with the plan to use the Central Battery to destroy Oa, including the innocent slaves, but Hal wants a better course of action. With the entire army of Manunters coming, they decide on a new plan: they still use the Central Battery, but they control the blast's direction, and with that, the Manhunters are destroyed. They head out to save the slaves, but with the death of Veca, Hal elects a random person to become the first new Green Lantern since Hal. They then fight together as a team, electing Arisia as the Corps' leader due to her experience, and then proceed to successfully destroy the Manhunter's grasp on the universe.

The Guardian reveals his disgust at Hal not doing what he said, claiming that the Green Lantern Corps always knew best, but they don't. In his secret location, he reveals his new Yellow Lantern Corps.

Hal returns to Earth, meeting with his Captain, Amy Seaton, who is surprised to see him alive. Hal reveals there is more out there, and now they have the tools to take care of the job, as he reveals himself as a Green Lantern.



IGN gave the title a positive review, stating that "In a lot of ways, Green Lantern: Earth One is DC's most successful addition to the line yet. It shows a willingness to subvert expectations and reinvent a character who's remained very locked in one particular course for the past 14 years. The familiar problems remain in terms of pacing and structure, but this is clearly a story that deserves to be continued." [2]


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