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Green Eyes is a 1977 American television film directed by John Erman and written by Eugene Logan and David Seltzer.[1] It is a "touching and moving story"[2] about an Vietnam veteran Lloyd Dubeck (Paul Winfield) who went through a soul searching journey.

Green Eyes
Written byEugene Logan and David Seltzer
Directed byJohn Erman
StarringPaul Winfield
Theme music composerFred Karlin
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Executive producer(s)Philip Capice
Lee Rich
Producer(s)John Erman
David Seltzer
Ben Cunningham (assistant producer)
Christopher Seitz (associate producer)
Production location(s)Philippines
CinematographyTerry K. Meade
Editor(s)John W. Wheeler
Running time100 minutes
Production company(s)Lorimar Productions
Original networkABC
Original releaseJanuary 3, 1977

The film was produced by Lorimar Productions and broadcast on ABC.[3]

The film won a Peabody Award and a Humanitas Prize in 1977.[2]


Lloyd Dubeck (Paul Winfield), "a Vietnam veteran wounded both physically and psychologically. Released from a VA hospital, walking with a cane, he can’t find work and can’t seem to fit in. Dubeck finds a renewed sense of purpose by returning to Saigon to search for a Vietnamese woman he had loved and a child he fathered but never got to see. All he knows, thanks to a single letter from her, is that it’s a boy with green eyes".[2]

During his journey, he met a boy named Trung (Lemi) who tricked him and stole all his money at their first encounter, but later accompanied him to find his ex lover Em Thug (Victoria Racimo). They also formed a friendship, which led to a bond they would never forget. Going through several orphanages in Saigon and seeing thousands of Vietnam street children, Dubeck changed his view and idea about the world and felt sympathetic towards the children, even though they were not his son. This experience also caused him to befriend a women named Margeret Sheen (Rita Tushingham)[4] who worked for an orphanage.

Eventually, after he found that his son with Em Thug was dead, and Em Thug already moved on and had a baby with another American pilot, he decided to go back to the U.S. alone. At the last moment, he realized whom he really regarded as his son – Trung – and took Trung back to the US with him.


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