Green–Left Coalition

The Green–Left Coalition (Croatian: Zeleno–lijeva koalicija) is a centre-left to left-wing, green left political alliance in Croatia represented by six MPs. It is composed of the We can! - political platform, New Left, Sustainable Development of Croatia, as well some City of Zagreb localist political parties and platforms, such as Zagreb is OURS!, and For the City (Za grad) movements. It promotes democratic socialism, green politics, and progressivism on social issues.

Green–Left Coalition
Zeleno–lijeva koalicija
LeaderCollective leadership
Founded2017 (as the Left Bloc)
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Green politics
Political positionCentre-left to left-wing
European affiliationEuropean Greens
Colours  Red   Green
Croatian Parliament
6 / 151
European Parliament
0 / 12
Zagreb Assembly
23 / 47


The coalition was formed in 2017 for the Zagreb local elections as the Left Bloc (Croatian: Lijevi blok), where it won 4 out of 51 seats in the Zagreb local Assembly, and profiling itself as the most vocal opposition to mayor Milan Bandić and his local majority coalition with right-wing political subjects.[1][2]

All seven MPs of the Green-Left Coalition, elected at the 2020 Croatian parliamentary election.

For the 2019 European Parliament election[3][4] and upcoming July 2020 national parliamentary election in Croatia, members of the political alliance continue to collaborate. For the 2020 parliamentary election, the coalition changed its name into the current one. In the upcoming elections the coalition began rising in the polls from the start of campaign and receiving media coverage on daily basis. In June 2020 independent MP Bojan Glavašević joined the We can! - political platform and the coalition parliamentary election list.[5]

Front-men of punk-rock Hladno Pivo, one of the most popular rock bands in country Mile Kekin and his wife Ivana (clinical psychologist) also joined the party list as socialists who were concerned with a lack of social policies in the established center-left SDP.[6] Kekin also authored the song that was used for the coalition promotions titled "Happy People".[7] Prominent theater maker and performer Mario Kovač also joined as the lead candidate of the list for diaspora (again through a performance action). The coalition's participation in the elections was also supported by a number of public figures, including musicians Damir Urban, Ljiljana Nikolovska and Davor Tolja,[8] journalists Vedrana Rudan, Tomislav Jakić and Viktor Ivančić, multimedia artist Slaven Tolj, as well Bosnian conceptual artist and left-wing activist Damir Nikšić. To add to this, in the last week towards the elections new public figures used video to express support like actor and activist Jane Fonda[9] or voting commitments from numerous individuals.[10] The coalition also received support from the Democratic Socialists of America, the Party of the European Left, GUE/NGL and the European Greens, as well as political organizations from neighboring countries, such as The Left from Slovenia, United Reform Action from Montenegro, Social Democratic Union and Do not let Belgrade d(r)own from Serbia. The Coalition came fifth in the election, winning around 7% of the votes, and being granted 7 parliamentary seats in the 151-seat Croatian parliament.[11] They celebrated their results at the MSU in Zagreb.[12] During December 2020 Tomislav Tomašević of announced that Workers' Front is no longer member of coalition due the conflict with other parties.[13]


Member party Main ideology Position Croatian
Zagreb City
We Can! Social progressivism
Green municipalism
4 / 151
0 / 12
19 / 47
New Left Social democracy
Democratic socialism
to left-wing
1 / 151
0 / 12
3 / 47
Zagreb is OURS! Green municipalism
0 / 151
0 / 12
19 / 47
For the City[14] Municipalism
0 / 151
0 / 12
0 / 51
ORaH Green politics
Social progressivism
to left-wing
0 / 151
0 / 12
1 / 47

Former membersEdit

Party name Abbrev. Main ideology Political position Leader Member
Workers' Front RF Democratic socialism
Social progressivism
Left-wing to far-left Collective leadership 2017–2020[15]

Electoral performanceEdit

Parliament of CroatiaEdit

Year Popular vote % of popular vote Overall seats won Seat change Government
2020 116,480 6.99%
7 / 151
  7 opposition

Zagreb City AssemblyEdit

Year Popular vote % of popular vote Overall seats won Seat change Government
2017 24,706 7.64%
4 / 51
  4 opposition
2021 130,850 40.83%
23 / 47
  19 government

European ParliamentEdit

Year Popular votes % of popular votes Overall seats won Seat change Affiliation
2019 21,975 2.03%
0 / 12


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