Greek football league system

The Greek football league system consists of two professional leagues, one nationwide non-professional league and several regional non-professional leagues.

Cup eligibility


Greek Football Professional Cup: Levels 1 to 2
Greek Football Amateur Cup: Level 3

Promotion and relegation


Super League 1: Bottom two clubs are relegated to the Super League 2.

Super League 2: Winners of two groups are promoted to Super League 1. Bottom six clubs of two groups are relegated to the Gamma Ethniki.

Gamma Ethniki: The champions of each group are promoted to the Super League 2. Twenty seven teams in total are relegated to the Local Championships.

Local championships: The top team in each regional league qualifies for the promotional play-offs. Three top teams of each of 8 promotional play-offs' groups (24 total) are promoted to Gamma Ethniki.

Starting in 2023–24 season, Gamma Ethniki will be divided in 4 groups with 18 teams each, winners of each group will promote to professional league, Super League 2 and the bottom 6 teams will be relegated to Local Championship.

As of 2024–25 season, Super League 2 will have 20 clubs in a single group, top two will be promoted to Super League 1 and bottom 4 teams will lose professional status and be relegated to non-professional league, Gamma Ethniki.

League Pyramid



League(s) / Division(s)


Super League 1
14 clubs

↓↑ 2 teams


Super League 2
20 clubs

↓ 4 clubs ↑ 4 Clubs


Gamma Ethniki
72 clubs divided in 4 groups

Group 1
18 clubs
Group 2
18 clubs
Group 3
18 clubs
Group 4
18 clubs
↓ 27 clubs ↑ 24 Clubs


Local Football Clubs' Associations Championship top-level
53 FCA Championship winners and 3 runners-up (Athens, Piraeus and Macedonia) of local championships qualify for promotion playoffs, divided in 8 Groups of 7 teams each.

On 16 July 2006 the Alpha Ethniki was replaced as the highest league in the Greek football system by the Super League Greece 1.[1]

In 1962-2019, the Football League was the second level of the league system, until 2010 as Beta Ethniki. After the formation of Superliga 2, in 2019/20 and 2020/21, the Football League was the third tier and Gamma Ethniki was the fourth tier. In 2010-2013 Gamma Ethniki as Football League 2.

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