Greece in the Eurovision Dance Contest

Greece took take part in the first Eurovision Dance Contest in 2007. The couple representing the country were Ourania Kolliou and Spiros Pavlidis who were chosen internally. They performed Jive and Showdance dances at the contest. Because of the Greek forest fires, the event was not screened live in Greece and the back-up jury was used to award points rather than televoting. Greece came thirteenth after receiving 31 points from 11 countries.

Member stationERT
National selection eventsInternal selection
Participation summary
First appearance2007
Best result7th, 2008
Worst result13th, 2007
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Greece was once again present at the contest in 2008. Jason Roditis & Tonja Kosovich performed Latin dances and came in 7th with 72 points.[1] The Third Eurovision Dance Contest has been cancelled indefinitely.[2]


Azerbaijan and Greece have announced professional dance couples as their representatives at Eurovision Dance Contest 2008. According to the regulations of the contest,[3] professional couples are not allowed to take part in the competition. The EBU has explained this by specifying that the couple must be composed of one professional (defined as a dancer who earns his or her living through dance and dance-related activities), and one non-professional known in a field other than dance. The non-professional is not required to be a celebrity, as long as he or she is known in his field, and it is also not a requirement that the non-professional has no dance experience. Since the representatives for Azerbaijan and Greece both consist of two professional dancers, however, it is not clear how this explains the validity of their entries.[4]


Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Year Couple Dances Place Points
2007 Ourania Kolliou and Spiros Pavlidis Jive and Showdance 13 31
2008 Jason Roditis and Tonja Kosovich Latin dances 7 72

Voting HistoryEdit

Greece has received the most points from...

Rank Country Points
1   United Kingdom 8
=   Portugal 8
3   Russia 7
4   Austria 6
5   Finland 5
=   Germany 5
=   Sweden 5

Greece has given the most points to...

Rank Country Points
1   Portugal 15
2   Ukraine 13
3   Russia 12
=   Netherlands 12
5   Finland 10
=   Poland 10

Commentators and spokespersonsEdit

Year(s) Television commentator Dual television commentator Spokesperson
2007 Maria Kozakou Iordanis Pavlidis George Amyras
2008 Voula Santorineou Rika Vagianni

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