Great Pamir

The Great Pamir or Big Pamir (Wakhi: Past Pamir; Kyrgyz: Chang Pamir; Persian: پامیر کلان‎, romanizedPāmīr-e Kalān)[1][2] is a broad U-shaped grassy valley or pamir in the eastern part of the Wakhan in north-eastern Afghanistan and the adjacent part of Tajikistan, in the Pamir Mountains. The valley is 60 km long,[3] and is bounded to the north by the Southern Alichur Range and to the south by the Nicholas Range and the Wakhan Range.

Zorkol lake lies at the northern edge of the Great Pamir.

The Great Pamir is used by Wakhi and Kyrgyz herders for summer pasture.[4] Side valleys support populations of Marco Polo sheep, snow leopard, ibex, and brown bear.[3]


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Coordinates: 37°24′N 73°37′E / 37.400°N 73.617°E / 37.400; 73.617