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Great Britain commemorative stamps 2010–19

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This is a list of Great Britain commemorative stamps 2010–2019



Issue number Issue date Issue title Details of stamps in issue Designer(s)
2010-01-07 Classic Album Covers 1st Class – The Division Bell by Pink Floyd; A Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay; Power, Corruption & Lies by New Order; Let It Bleed by The Rolling Stones; London Calling by The Clash; Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield; IV by Led Zeppelin; Screamadelica by Primal Scream; The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars by David Bowie; Parklife by Blur. Studio Dempsey
2010-01-26 Smilers 2010 Consumer x4; Business x6
2010-02-02 Girlguiding UK 1st Class – Rainbows; 56p - Brownies; 81p - Guides; 90p - Senior Section Together Design
2010-02-25 The Royal Society 1st Class - Robert Boyle, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Edward Jenner, Charles Babbage, Alfred Russel Wallace, Joseph Lister, Ernest Rutherford, Dorothy Hodgkin, Sir Nicholas Shackleton Hat-trick Design
2010-03-11 Battersea Dogs and Cats Home 1st Class - Pixie, Button, Herbie, Mr Tumnus,Tafka, Boris Casey, Tigger, Leonard, Tia CDT Design
2010-03-23 House of Stewart 1st Class – James I (1406–1437), James II (1437–1460), James III (1460–1488); 62p – James IV (1488–1513), James V (1513–1542);81p – Mary (1542–1567), James VI (1567–1625) Atelier Works
2010-04-13 Mammals (Action for Species 4) Humpback whale, wildcat, brown long-eared bat, polecat, sperm whale, water vole, greater horseshoe bat, otter, dormouse, hedgehog
2010-05-06 London 2010 Festival of Stamps Accession of King George V - 1st Class and £1

The King's Stamps - 1st Class (Red One Penny and Brown Penny Halfpenny British Empire Exhibition from 1924)
The King's Stamps - £1 (Green One Pound Seahorses and Blue Ten Shillings Seahorses first issued in 1913)

Sedley Place
2010-05-13 Britain Alone 1st Class – Churchill, Land Girls; 60p – Home Guard, Evacuees; 67p – Air Raid Wardens, Women in Factories; 97p – Royal Broadcast, Fire Service

Miniature Sheet: 1st Class – Evacuation of British soldiers from the beach at Dunkirk; 60p – The Little Fleet; 88p – British soldiers on board a Royal Navy destroyer; 97p – Two Boats from Dunkirk

Why Not Associates
2010-06-15 House of Stuart
2010-07-27 The London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games II 1st Class – Rowing, Shooting, Modern Pentathlon, Taekwondo, Cycling, Table Tennis, Hockey, Football, Goalball, Boxing Studio David Hillman
2010-08-19 Great British Railways 1 1st Class – LMS Coronation Class, BR Class 9F; 67p – GWR King Class, LNER Class A1; 97p – LMS NCC Class WT, SR King Arthur Class Delaney Design Consultants
2010-09-16 Medical Breakthroughs 1st Class – Heart-regulating beta-blockers synthesised by Sir James Black, 1962; 58p – Antibiotic properties of penicillin discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming, 1928; 60p – Total hip replacement operation pioneered by Sir John Charnley, 1962; 67p – Artificial lens implant surgery pioneered by Sir Harold Ridley, 1949; 88p – Malaria parasite transmitted by mosquitoes proved by Sir Ronald Ross, 1897; 97p – Computed tomography scanner invented by Sir Godfrey Hounsfield, 1971 Howard Brown
2010-10-12 Winnie-the-Pooh 1st Class – Winnie-the-Pooh, Piglet and Christopher Robin; 58p – Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet; 60p – Winnie-the-Pooh and Rabbit; 67p – Winnie-the-Pooh and Eeyore; 88p – Winnie-the-Pooh and friends; 97p – Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger Magpie Studio
2010-11-02 Christmas 2010 2nd Class – Wallace and Gromit carol singing; 1st Class – Gromit posting Christmas cards; 2nd Class Large – Wallace and Gromit carol singing; 1st Class Large – Gromit posting Christmas cards; 60p – Wallace dressing the Christmas tree; 97p – Gromit with Christmas pudding; £1.46 – Gromit's Christmas pullover Aardman Animations Ltd and Royal Mail
451 2011-01-11 FAB: The Genius of Gerry Anderson 1st Class – Joe 90, Captain Scarlet, Thunderbirds; 97p – Stingray, Fireball XL5, Supercar GBH
2011-01-24 Post & Go Stamps - Birds of Britain II 1st Class X 6: Blackbird, Chaffinch, Collared Dove, Long-tailed Tit, Greenfinch, Magpie Royal Mail Group Ltd
452 2011-02-01 Classic Locomotives of England 1st Class – BR Dean Goods No. 2532; 60p – Peckett R2 Thor; 88p – L & YR 1093 No. 1100; 97p – BR WD No. 90662 Delaney Design Consultants
453 2011-02-24 Musicals 1st Class – Oliver!, Blood Brothers, We Will Rock You, Monty Python's Spamalot; 97p – The Rocky Horror Show, Me and My Girl, Return to the Forbidden Planet, Billy Elliot Webb and Webb
454 2011-03-08 Magical Realms 1st Class – Rincewind, Nanny Ogg, Dumbledore, Voldemort; 60p – Merlin, Morgan le Fay; 97p – Aslan, The White Witch So Design Consultants
454 2011-03-22 World Wildlife Fund 1st Class – African elephant, mountain gorilla, Siberian tiger, polar bear, Amur leopard, Iberian lynx, red panda, black rhinoceros, African wild dog, golden lion tamarin, spider monkey; 60p – hyacinth macaw; 88p – poison dart frog; 97p – jaguar Rose Design Consultants
455 2011-04-12 The Royal Shakespeare Company 1st Class – Hamlet; 66p – The Tempest; 68p – Henry VI; 76p – King Lear; £1.00 – A Midsummer Night's Dream; £1.10p – Romeo and Juliet
Miniature sheet: 1st Class – Royal Shakespeare Theatre; 68p – Swan Theatre; 76p – The Courtyard Theatre; £1.00 – The Other Place
Hat-trick design
M20 2011-04-21 The Royal Wedding Miniature sheet which features Prince William's coat of arms. 1st Class and £1.10
456 2011-05-05 Morris & Co 2 X 1st: Cray - William Morris, Cherries - Philip Webb, 76p X 2: Seaweed - John Henry Dearle, Peony - Kate Faulkner, £1.10 X 2: Acanthus - William Morris and William De Morgan, The Merchant's Daughter - Edward Burne-Jones
2011-05-19 Post & Go Stamps: Birds of Britain III 6 X 1st Class: Mallard, Greylag Goose, Kingfisher, Moorhen, Mute Swan, Great Crested Grebe Kate Stephens
457 2011-06-14 Thomas the Tank Engine 1st Class: Thomas the Tank Engine; 66p: James; 68p: Percy; 76p: Daisy; £1.00: Toby; £1.10: Gordon;

Miniature Sheet: 1st Class: Thomas and Bertie the Bus; 68p: James; 76p: Percy; £1.00: Henry.

458 2011-07-27 London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games 3 1st Class - Paralympic Games: Sailing; Athletics: Field; Volleyball; Wrestling; Wheelchair Rugby; Wheelchair Tennis; Fencing; Gymnastics; Triathlon; Handball Studio David Hillman
459 2011-08-23 The Crown Jewels 1st Class – The Sovereign's Sceptre with Cross; St Edward's Crown; 68p - Rod and Sceptre with Doves; Queen Mary's Crown;

76p – The Sovereign's Orb; Jewelled Sword of Offering; £1.10 – Imperial State Crown; Coronation Spoon

460 2011-09-09 Aerial Post 1st Class: Hamel receives first mail bag; 68p: Hamel ready to leave Hendon; £1.00: Greswell's Bleriot at Windsor; £1.10: Airmail delivered at Windsor.
461 2011-09-15 The House of Hanover The House of Hanover: 1st Class X 2: George I (1714 - 1727), George II (1727 – 1760); 76p X 2: George III (1760 – 1820), George IV (1820 – 1830); £1.10 X 2: William IV (1830 – 1837), Victoria (1837 – 1901).

The Age of Hanoverians: 1st: Robert Walpole – 1721 First Prime Minister; 68p: Robert Adam – 1763 Kedleston Hall; 76p: Penny Black – 1840 Uniform Postage; £1.00: Queen Victoria 1897 Diamond Jubilee.

2011-09-16 Birds of Britain IV Post & Go Stamps 1st Class X 6: Puffin, Gannet, Oystercatcher, Ringed Plover, Cormorant, Arctic Tern.
462 2011-10-13 UK A–Z Part 1 1st Class X 12: Angel of the North, Blackpool Tower, Carrick-a-Rede, Downing Street, Edinburgh Castle, Forth Railway Bridge, Glastonbury Tor, Harlech Castle], Ironbridge, Jodrell Bank, Kursaal, Lindisfarne Priory.
463 2011-11-08 Christmas 2011 2nd Class X 1: Joseph visited by the Angel; 1st Class X 1: Madonna and Child; 2nd Large X 1: Joseph visited by the Angel; 1st Large X 1: Madonna and Child; 68p X 1: Baby Jesus in the manger; £1.10 X 1: Shepherds visited by the Angel; £1.65 X 1: Wise men and star.
92 2012.01.05 London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Definitives 4 Stamps: 2 X 1st Class: Olympic Definitive, Paralympic Definitive, 2 X Worldwide: Olympic Definitive, Paralympic Definitive Royal Mail Group
465 2012.01.10 Roald Dahl 6 Stamps: 1st Class: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 66p: Fantastic Mr. Fox, 68p: James and the Giant Peach, 76p: Matilda, £1.00: The Twits, £1.10: The Witches

4 Stamps: 1st Class: The BFG and Sophie, 68p: The BFG and Sophie Wake the Giants, 76p: Sophie on the Queen's Window-Sill, £1.00: The BFG and Sophie at the Writing Desk

Magpie Studio
LS80 2012.01.20 Year of the Dragon Smiler Sheet 20 Stamps: 1st Class X 20: A collection of different designs Royal Mail
2012.02.02 Kings & Queens - House of Windsor 1st Class: Edward VII (1901 - 1910), 68p: George V (1910-1936), 76p: Edward VIII (1936), £1.00, George VI (1936-1952), £1.10, Elizabeth II (1952 to present), 1st Class: Scott Expedition 1912, 68p: Second World War 1929-1945, 76p: Football Champions 1966, £1.00: Channel Tunnel Atelier Works
2012.02.06 Diamond Jubilee definitive 1st Class X 6: Dorothy Wilding definitive, Robert Austin banknote portrait, Harry Eccleston banknote portrait, Mary Gillick coinage portrait, Arnold Machin coinage portrait, Diamond Jubilee Machin
2012.02.23 Britons of Distinction 1st Class X 10: Sir Basil Spence, Frederick Delius, Mary ‘May’ Morris, Odette Hallowes, Thomas Newcomen, Kathleen Ferrier, Augustus Pugin, Montague Rhodes James, Alan Turing, Joan Mary Fry
2012.02.24 Post & Go - British Farm Animals I - Sheep 1st Class X 6: Welsh Mountain Badger Face, Dalesbred, Jacob, Suffolk, Soay, Leicester Longwool
2012.03.08 Classic Locomotives of Scotland 1st Class X 1: BR D34 Nos. 62471 and 62496; 68p X 1: BR D40 No. 62276, £1 X 1: Andrew Barclay No. 807, £1.10 X 1: BR 4P No. 54767
2012.03.20 World of Comics 1st Class X 10: The Dandy, The Beano, The Eagle, The Topper, Tiger, Bunty, Buster, Valiant, Twinkle, 2000 AD
2012.04.10 Titanic 1st Class X 10: Various
470 2012.04.10 UK A-Z (part 2) 1st Class X 14: Manchester Town Hall, Narrow Water Castle, Old Bailey, Portmeirion, The Queens College Oxford, Roman Baths, Stirling Castle, Tyne Bridge, Urquhart Castle, Victoria and Albert Museum, White Cliffs of Dover, Station X Bletchley Park, York Minster, ZSL London Zoo
2012.04.24 Post & Go: British Farm Animals II - Pigs 1st Class X 6: Berkshire, Oxford Sandy and Black, Tamworth, Gloucestershire Old Spots, Welsh, British Saddleback
2012.05.15 Great British Fashion
May 24 Faststamps: Union Flag
May 31 The Queen's Diamond Jubilee
Jun 19 Charles Dickens
Jul 27 London 2012 Olympics: Welcome
Aug 29 London 2012 Paralympics: Welcome
Sep 27 London 2012 Olympics: Memories
Sep 28 Faststamps: Cattle
Oct 16 Space Science
Nov 8 Christmas
480 2013-01-09 150th anniversary of the London Underground The stamps were issued illustrated the Metropolitan Railway (2nd Class), the deep-tube tunnels (2nd Class), Edwardian commuters (1st Class), Boston Manor station (1st Class), 1938 tube stock (£1.28) and Canary Wharf station (£1.28). A miniature sheet reproduced classic London Underground posters.[1]
481 2013-02-21 Jane Austen Issue to mark the bicentenary of the publication of Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice.[2][3]
P&G 11 2013-02-22 Post and Go - Freshwater Life 1 : Ponds Stamp Set A three-issue Post & Go series with first set showing pond life, the second life in lakes and the third river creatures. The Ponds set featured three common species, the three-spined stickleback, emperor dragonfly and smooth newt, and three endangered species: lesser silver water beetle, fairy shrimp and glutinous snail. The stamps were designed by Kate Stephens and the illustrations were by Chris Wormell.[4]
482 2013-03-26 Doctor Who (50th anniversary) 11 x 1st class - First Doctor (William Hartnell), Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton), Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee), Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker), Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison), Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker), Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann), Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston), Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith); minisheet containing 1 x 1st class definitive - TARDIS, and 4 x 2nd class monsters - Dalek, Ood, Weeping Angel and Cyberman.
483 2013-04-16 Great Britons 1st Class - Norman Parkinson, Vivien Leigh, Peter Cushing, David Lloyd George, Elizabeth David, John Archer, Benjamin Britten, Mary Leakey, Bill Shankly, Richard Dimbleby Bradbury
484 2013-05-09 Football Heroes 1st Class X 11: Jimmy Greaves, John Charles, Gordon Banks, George Best, John Barnes, Kevin Keegan, Denis Law, Bobby Moore, Bryan Robson, Dave Mackay, Bobby Charlton. Bradbury
485 2013-05-30 Her Majesty the Queen (six decades of royal portraits) 2nd Class: Portrait by Terence Cuneo 1953, 1st Class: Portrait by Nicky Philipps 2013, 78p: Portrait by Andrew Festing 1999, 88p: Portrait by Pietro Annigoni 1955, £1.28: Portrait by Sergei Pavlenko 2000, £1.88: Portrait by Richard Stone 1992*[5] Benhem
486 2013-06-18 Classic Locomotives of Northern Ireland 1st Class: UTA W Class No. 103, 78p: UTA SG3 Class No. 35, 88p: Peckett No. 2, £1.28: CDRJC Class 5 No. 4 Benhem
487 2013-07-11 Butterflies 1st class X 10: comma, orange tip, small copper, chalkhill blue, swallowtail, purple emperor, marsh fritillary, brimstone, red admiral, marbled white. Benhen
M21 2013-08-08 Andy Murray 1st X 2 and £1.28 X 2 Bradbury
488 2013-08-13 British Auto Legends 1st Class X 3: Jaguar E-Type, Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, Aston Martin DB5, £1.28 X 3: MG MGB, Morgan Plus 8, Lotus Esprit.

Miniature Sheet 1st Class X 4: Royal Mail Morris Minor Van, Austin Black Cab, Ford Anglia Police Panda Car, Land Rover Defender Coastguard.

489 2013-09-19 Merchant Navy 1st Class X 3: East Indiaman Atlas (1813), Britannia (1840), Cutty Sark (1870), £1.28 X 3: Clan Matheson (1919), Queen Elizabeth (1940), Lord Hinton (1986). Benhem
490 2013-10-10 Dinosaurs 1st Class X 10: Polacanthus, Ichthyosaurus, Iguanodon, Ornithocheirus, Baryonyx, Dimorphodon, Hypsilophodon, Cetiosaurus, Megalosaurus, Plesiosaurus. Royal Mail
491 2013-11-05 Christmas 2nd Class: Madonna and Child, 2nd Class Large: Madonna and Child, 1st Class: Virgin and Child, 1st Class Large: Virgin and Child, 88p: Praying to the Virgin, £1.28: La Vierge au Lys, £1.88: Theotokos, Mother of God. Royal Mail
493 2014-01-07 Classic Children's TV 12 1st Class Stamps: Andy Pandy, Ivor The Engine, Dougal from The Magic Roundabout, Windy Miller from Camberwick Green, Mr Benn, Great Uncle Bulgaria from The Wombles, Bagpuss, Paddington Bear, Postman Pat, Bob The Builder, Peppa Pig, Shaun The Sheep Interbang
494 2014-02-04 Working Horses 6 Stamps: 1st Class: Riding for the Disabled Association, Ceremonial horses of the Kings Troop, 88p: Dray Horses pulling a dray from Hook Norton Brewery, Royal Mews Carriage Horses, £1.28: pair of police horses; a forestry horse. Michael Denny and Harold Battern
495 2014-02-20 Classic Locomotives of Wales 4 Stamps: 1st Class: – LMS No. 7720 leaves the Britannia Bridge with a Bangor-to-Holyhead local train c. 1930, 78p: Hunslet No. 589 Blanche rounds the curve off 'The Cob' passing Pen Cob Halt on the Ffestiniog Railway 1964, 88p: W&LLR No. 822 The Earl waits on Union Street Welshpool while a car is moved from the line, £1.28: BR No. 5652 heads a coal train at Cwmbargoed Merthyr Tydfil 1959 Delaney Design Consultants
496 2014-03-25 Remarkable Lives 10 1st Class Stamps: Roy Plomley, Barbara Ward, Joe Mercer, Kenneth More, Dylan Thomas, Sir Alex Guinness, Noorunissa Inayat Khan, Max Perutz, Joan Littlewood, Abram Games Purpose
497 2014-04-15 Buckingham Palace 6 1st Class Stamps: Buckingham Palace 2014, 1862, 1846, Buckingham House 1819, 1714, 1700 Howard Brown
498 2014-05-13 Great British Film 1st Class: A Matter of Life and Death, Lawrence of Arabia, 2001 A Space Odyssey, £1.28: Chariots of Fire, Secrets & Lies and Bend It Like Beckham Johnson Banks
499 2014-06-05 Sustainable Fish 10 1st Class: herring, red gurnard, dab, pouting, Cornish sardine, common skate, spiny dogfish, wolffish, sturgeon, conger eel Kate Stephens
500 2014-07-17 Glasgow 2014 (XX Commonwealth Games) 2nd Class: Judo, 1st Class: Swimming, 97p: Marathon, £1.28: Squash, £1.47: Netball, £2.15: Para-Sport Track Cycling Howard Brown
501 2014-07-28 The Great War 1914 1st class stamps: Poppy, 'For the Fallen', Private William Cecil Tickle, £1.47 stamps: A Star Shell, The Response, Newcastle (memorial), Princess Mary's Gift Fund Box[6][7] Hat-trick Design
502 2014-09-18 Piers Proms and Pavilions: Seaside Architecture 1st class: Eastbourne Bandstand,Tinside Lido Plymouth, 97p: Bangor Pier, Southwold Lighthouse, £1.28: Casino Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Bexhill-on-Sea Shelter Why Not Associates
503 2014-10-14 British Prime Ministers 1st class: Margaret Thatcher, Harold Wilson, Clement Attlee, Winston Churchill, 97p: William Gladstone, Robert Peel, Charles Grey, William Pitt the Younger Together
504 2014-11-04 Christmas 2014 2nd class and 2nd Large, 1st class and 1st Large, £1.28, £1.47, £2.15 Andrew Bannecker
506 2015.01.06 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland The White Rabbit, Drink Me, The Cheshire Cat, The Queen of Hearts, Alice's Evidence, Down the Rabbit Hole, The White Rabbit's House, A Mad Tea Party, The Game of Croquet, A Pack of Cards. Godfrey Design
M23 2015.01.20 Smilers Refresh 2015 1st Class: Well Done, 1st Class: Mum, 1st Class: New Baby, 1st Class: Wedding, 1st Class: Happy Birthday, 1st Class: Dad, 1st Class: Grandparent and 1st Class: Love. Jenny Bowers
507 2015.02.19 Inventive Britain Colossus, Cats-eyes, Stainless Steel, Carbon Fibre, DNA Sequencing, i-limb, World Wide Web and Fibre Optics. GBH
508 2015.03.05 Bridges Tarr Steps, Row Bridge - Mosedale Beck, Pulteney Bridge, Craigellachie Bridge, Menai Suspension Bridge, High Level Bridge, Royal Border Bridge, Tees Transporter Bridge, Humber Bridge, Peace Bridge (Foyle) GBH
509 2015.04.01 Comedy Greats Spike Milligan, The Two Ronnies, Billy Connolly, Morecambe and Wise, Norman Wisdom, Lenny Henry, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Monty Python, French and Saunders, Victoria Wood.[8]
510 2015.05.06 The 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black 1st Class X 2: Penny Black and Two Penny Blue. Sedley Place
511 2015.05.14 First World War Poppies, 'All the Hills and Vales Along', Rifleman Kulbir Thapa, The Kensingtons at Laventie by Eric Kennington, Cape Helles Gallipoli, London Irish Rifles' football.[9] Hat Trick Design
512 2015.06.02 Magna Carta 1st Class: Magna Carta (1215), 1st Class: Simon de Montfort's Parliament (1265), £1.33: Bill of Rights (1689), £1.33: American Bill of Rights (1791) and £1.52: Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948). Howard Brown
513 2015.06.18 The Battle of Waterloo 1st Class: Waterloo - The defence of Hougoumont, 1st Class: Waterloo - The Scots Greys during the charge of the Union Brigade, £1.00: Waterloo - The French cavalry's assault on Allied defensive squares, £1.00: Waterloo - The defence of La Haye Sainte by the King's German Legion, £1.52: Waterloo - The capture of Plancenoit by the Prussians, £1.52: Waterloo - The French Imperial Guard's final assault and a Miniature Sheet: £1.33: 92nd Gordon Highlanders, 1st Class: Light Infantry, King's German Legion, 1st Class: Prussian Infantryman and £1.33: French Imperial Guard Grenadier. Silk Pearce
514 2015.07.16 The 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain 1st Class: Pilots scramble to their Hurricanes, 1st Class: Supermarine Spitfires on patrol, 1st Class: Armourer replaces ammunition boxes, £1.33: Spotters of the Auxiliary Territorial Service, £1.33: Operations Room at Bentley Priory and £1.33: Pilots of 32 Squadron await orders. The Team
515 2015.08.18 Bees 2nd Class: scabious bee, 1st Class: great yellow bumblebee, £1.00: northern colletes bee, £1.33: bilberry bumblebee, £1.52: large mason bee and £2.25: potter flower bee. Anna Ekelund
516 2015.09.09 HM Queen Elizabeth II - Long To Reign Over Us 1st Class: William Wyon's City Medal, 1st Class: Dorothy Wilding's Portrait, 1st Class: Machin Definitive, £1.52: The Badge of the House of Windsor and £1.52: The Queen's Personal Flag. Sedley Place
517 2015.09.18 Rugby World Cup 2nd Class: Tackle, 2nd Class: Scrum, 1st Class: Try, 1st Class: Conversion, £1.00: Pass, £1.00: Drop Goal, £1.52: Ruck and £1.52: Line-Out.[10] Hat-Trick Design
518 2015.10.06 Star Wars 1st Class - Eighteen character stamps, featuring: Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Boba Fett, Palpatine, a Stormtrooper, Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren. Six-stamp set of Star Wars spaceships including the Millennium Falcon, a TIE fighter, an X-wing fighter and an AT-AT.[11] Malcolm Tween.[12][13]
519 2015.11.03 Christmas 2015 2nd Class & 2nd Large: The Journey to Bethlehem, 1st Class & 1st Large: The Nativity, £1.00: The Animals of the Nativity, £1.33: The Shepherds, £1.52: The Three Wise Men; and £2.25: The Annunciation. Studio David Hillman & David Holmes
521 2016.01.07 Ernest Shackleton and The Endurance Expedition 8 stamps - 1st Class: Entering the Antarctic Ice, 1st Class: Endurance frozen in pack ice, £1.00: Striving to free Endurance, £1.00: Trapped in a pressure trap, £1.33: Patience Camp, £1.33: Safe arrival at Elephant Island, £1.52: Setting out for South Georgia and £1.52: Rescue of Endurance crew.[14] Robert Maude & Sarah Davies
522 2016.02.17 Royal Mail 500 6 stamps - 1st Class: Sir Brian Tuke, Master of the Posts, 1st Class: A Packet Ship, 1st Class: A Penfold Pillar Box, £1.52: River Post, £1.52: Mail Coach and £1.52: Medway Mail Centre.[15] Atelier works
523 2016.03.15 British Humanitarians 3 stamps - 1st Class: Nicholas Winton, Sue Ryder and John Boyd Orr, 3 stamps £1.33: Eglantyne Jebb, Joseph Rowntree, Josephine Butler.[14] Hat-Trick Design
524 2016.04.05 William Shakespeare 10 stamps - 1st Class: Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet, As You Like It, Much Ado About Nothing, Sonnet, Venus and Adonis, The Tempest, Macbeth and Richard II.[16] The Chase
525 2016.04.21 HM The Queen's 90th Birthday 6 stamps - 1st Class: HM The Queen with her father 1930, HM The Queen attends the State Opening of Parliament 2012, HM The Queen with Princess Anne and Prince Charles 1952, £1.52: HM The Queen Visits New Zealand 1977, HM The Queen with the Duke of Edinburgh 1957, HM The Queen with Nelson Mandela 1996 Kate Stephens
526 2016.05.17 Animail 6 stamps - 1st Class: woodpecker, snake, £1.05: chimpanzee, bat, £1.33: orangutan, koala.[17] Osborne Rose
527 2016.06.21 The Great War 1916 6 stamps - 1st Class: Battlefield Poppy, To My Brother Vera Britain, Munitions Worker Lottie Meade, £1.52: Travoys Arriving With Wounded... by Stanley Spencer, Thiepval Memorial Somme France, Captain AC Green's Battle of Jutland Medal.

4 stamps - £1.00: The Post Office Riffles, £1.33: Delivering the Mail on the Home Front, £1.00: Home Depot at Regent's Park London, £1.33: Writing a Letter From the Western Front

Hat-Trick Design
528 2016.07.07 Music Giants: Pink Floyd 1st class x 6 designs: The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Atom Heart Mother, The Dark Side of the Moon, UFO Club, The Dark Side of the Moon Tour. 5 stamps 1st £1.52: Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Endless River, The Wall Tour, The Division Bell Tour[18] Royal Mail Group Ltd
529 2016.07.28 Beatrix Potter 6 stamps - 1st Class: Peter Rabbit, Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, £1.33: Squirrel Nutkin, Jemima Puddle-Duck, £1.52: Tom Kitten, Benjamin Bunny.[19]

Miniature Sheet 4 stamps - 1st class x 2 and £1.33 x 2: The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Charlie Smith Design (stamps) and Magpie Studio (MS)
530 2016.08.16 Landscape Gardens 8 Stamps: 2nd Class X 2: Blenheim Palace, Longleat, 1st Class X 2: Compton Verney, Highclere Castle, £1.05 X 2: Alnwick Castle, Berrington Hall, £1.33 X 2: Stowe, Croome Park.[20] Robert Maude and Sarah Davies
531 2016.09.02 The Great Fire of London 6 stamps presented in three se-tenant strips of two stamps: 1st Class X 2: The Beginning, £1.05 X 2: The Spread, and £1.52 X 2: The end of the Fire.[21] The Chase
532 2016.09.15 Agatha Christie 6 Stamps: 1st Class X 2: Murder on the Orient Express, And Then There Were None, £1.33 X 2: The Mysterious Affair at Styles, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, £1.52 X 2: The Body in the Library, A Murder is Announced Studio Sutherland
533 2016.10.20 Mr Men and Little Miss 10 Stamps X 1st Class: Mr. Happy, Little Miss Naughty, Mr. Bump, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Tickle, Mr. Grumpy, Little Miss Princess, Mr. Strong, Little Miss Christmas, Mr. Messy Supple Studio
534 2016.11.08 Christmas 2016 8 stamps: 2nd Class: Snowman, 1st Class: Robin, £1.05: Christmas Tree, £1.33: Lantern, £1.52: Stocking, £2.35: Christmas Pudding, 2nd Class Large: Snowman, 1st Class Large: Robin The Chase
535 2017.01.09 Ancient Britain 1st Class X 2: Battersea Shield, Skara Brae Village, £1.05 X 2: Star Carr Head Dress, Maiden Castle Hill Fort, £1.33 X 2: Avebury Stone Circles, Drumbrest Horns, £1.52 X 2: Grime's Graves Flint Mines, Mold Cape True North
1/17 2017.02.06 65th Anniversary of the Accession of Queen Elizabeth II £5.00: definitive Royal Mail Group
536 2017.02.15 Windsor Castle 1st Class X 3: The Long Walk, The Round Tower, The Norman Gate, £1.52 X 3: St George's Hall, The Queen's Ballroom, The Waterloo Chamber Up
537 2017.03.14 David Bowie 1st Class X 3: Hunky Dory (1971), Aladdin Sane (1973), Heroes (1977), £1.52 X 3: Let's Dance (1983), Earthling (1997), Blackstar (2016),

Miniature sheet: 1st Class X 2: Ziggy Stardust Tour (1972), Serious Moonlight Tour (1983) Tours, £1.52 X 2: The Stage Tour (1978), A Reality Tour (2004). The background image is of the Glass Spider Tour (1987)

2/17 2017.03.14 New Tariff Definitive Stamps £1.17, £1.40, £1.57, £2.27, £2.55. Royal Mail Group
539 2017.04.06 Racehorse Legends 1st Class X 2: Frankel, Red Rum, £1.17 X 2 Shergar, Kauto Star, £1.40 X 2: Desert Orchid, Brigadier Gerard, £1.57 X 2: Arkle, Estimate Together Design
540 2017.05.04 Songbirds 1st Class X 10: great tit, wren, willow warbler, goldcrest, skylark, blackcap, song thrush, nightingale, cuckoo, yellowhammer Osborne Ross
540 2017.06.05 The Machin Definitive Anniversary 5p X 1: 1971; 20p X 1: 1990; 1st X 4: 1993, 2000, 2006, 2013; £1.00 X 1: 2017 Atelier Design
542 2017.06.20 Windmills and Watermills 1st Class X 2: Nutley Windmill (East Sussex), New Abbey Corn Mill (Dumfries and Galloway);

£1.40 X 2: Ballycopeland Windmill (Country Down), Cheddleton Flint Mill (Staffordshire); £1.57 X 2: Woodchurch Windmill (Kent), Felin Cochwillan Mill (Gwynedd)

Atelier Design
543 2017.07.13 Landmark Buildings 1st Class X 10: Aquatics Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park London; Library of Birmingham; Clyde Auditorium Glasgow (now known as the SEC Armadillo); Scottish Parliament Building Edinburgh; Giant's Causeway Visitor Centre County Antrim; National Assembly for Wales Cardiff; Eden Project at St Austell Cornwall; Everyman Theatre Liverpool; Imperial War Museum At Manchester; Switch House at the Tate Modern London. GBH
544 2017.07.31 The First World War – 1917 Stamp Set 1st Class X 3: Shattered Poppy, John Ross; Dead Man's Dump, Isaac Rosenberg; Nurses Elsie Knocker and Mairi Chisholm; £1.57 X 3: Dry Docked for Scaling and Painting, Edward Wadsworth; Tyne Cot Cemetery, Belgium; Private Lemuel Thomas Rees' Life Saving Bible. Hat-Trick Design
544 2017.07.31 The First World War - 1917 Prestige Stamp Book 1st Class X 8: Features the stamp pane with the Poppy stamp from the 2010 Smilers® Miniature Sheet. Hat-Trick Design
545 2017.08.22 Classic Toys 1st Class X 10: The Merrythought Bear, Sindy, Spirograph, Stickle Bricks, W. Britain Toy Figures, Spacehopper, Fuzzy-Felt, Meccano, Action Man, Hornby Dublo Interabangk
P&G27 2017.09.13 Post & Go : Royal Mail Heritage : Mail by Air 6 X 1st class: First UK aerial mail (1911), Military mail flight (1919), International airmail (1933), Domestic airmail (1934), Flying boat airmail (1937), Flying boat airmail (1937), Datapost services (1980s) Osborne Ross
546 2017.09.14 Ladybird Books 2nd Class X 2: Adventures from history (Nelson, Queen Elizabeth I, Florence Nightingale), Well-loved tales (The Gingerbread Boy, Cinderella, The Elves and the Shoemaker), 1st Class X 2: Key words reading scheme (1b Look at this, 2a We have fun, 4a Things We do), Early tales and rhymes (Smoke and Fluff, Tootles the Taxi, Piggly Plays Truant), £1.05 X 2: Hobbies and How it Works (Things to Make, Tricks and Magic, The Telephone), People at Work (The Postman, The Fireman, The Nurse), £1.33 X 2: Nature and Conservation (British Wild Flowers, Wild Life in Britain, Garden Flowers), Achievements (Ships, the Motor Car, Metals) True North
547 2017.10.12 Star Wars 1st Class X 8: Maz Kanata, Chewbacca, Supreme Leader Snoke, Porg, BB-8, R2-D2, C-3PO and K-2SO Malcolm Tween
548 2017.11.07 Christmas 2017 2nd class + 2nd class large: Arwen Wilson (9), Family of Snowpeople, 1st class + 1st class large: Ted Lewis-Clark (10) Father Christmas in the sky,

2nd class, 2nd class large, 1st class, 1st class large, £1.17, £1.40, £1.57, £2.27: Madonna & Child Designs

Royal Mail Group
xxx 2017.12.15 Lunar New Year of the Dog First class X 1 Hat-Trick Design
549 2017.12.20 The Royal Wedding - Platinum Anniversary The six-stamp Stamp Sheet features three pairs of stamps with images from 1947. Two stamps mark the Royal Engagement, two the Royal Wedding and two the Royal Honeymoon. Mytton Williams
551 2018.01.23 Game of Thrones 10 X 1st Class: Sansa Stark, Jon Snow, Eddard Stark, Olenna Tyrell, Tywin Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Arya Stark, Jaime Lannister, and Daenerys Targaryen. GBH
P&G28 2018.01.23 Post and Go - Game of Thrones 1 X 1st Class: Fire; 1 X 2nd Class: Ice. GBH
552 2018.02.15 Votes for Women 2nd X 2: Lone Suffragette in Whitehall (c. 1908), The Great Pilgrimage of Suffragists (1913); 1st X 2: Suffragette Leaders at Earl's Court (1908), Women's Freedom League Poster Parade (c.1907); £1.40 X 2: Welsh Suffragettes - Coronation Procession (1911), Leigh and New Released from Prison (1908); £1.57 X 2: Sophia Duleep Singh sells the Suffragette (1913), Suffragette Prisoner's Pageant (1911) Supple Studio
P&G29 2018.02.14 Royal Mail Heritage: Mail by Sea 6 X 1st class: Packet Antelope (1780), SS Great Western (1838), SS Britannia (1887), RMS Olympic (1911), RMS Queen Mary (1936), RMS St Helena (1990) Royal Mail Group Ltd
553 2018.03.20 Royal Air Force Centenary 1st Class X 2: Hurricane Mk 1, Lightning F6, ; £1.40 X 2: Vulcan B2, Typhoon FGR4; £1.57 X 2: Sopwith Camel F1, Nimrod MR2. Royal Mail Group Ltd
553 2018.03.20 Red Arrows Miniature Sheet 1st Class X 2: RAF Red Arrows – Flypast, RAF Red Arrows – Swan; £1.40 X 2: RAF Red Arrows – Synchro, RAF Red Arrows – Python. Turner Duckworth
554 2018.04.17 Reintroduced Species 1st Class X 2: Osprey, large-blue butterfly; £1.45 X 2: Eurasian beaver, pool frog; £1.55 X 2: stinking hawk's-beard, sand lizard. Godfrey Design
555 2018.05.11 Owls 10 X 1st Class: Barn owl, little owl, tawny owl, short-eared owl, long-eared owl, barn owl, little owl, tawny owl, short-eared owl, long-eared owl. Atelier Works
M24 2018.05.19 The Royal Wedding 2 x 1st Class and 2 x 1.55 stamps. Using engagement photographs by Alexi Lubomirski[22] The Chase
556 2018.06.05 Royal Academy 2 X 1st Class: Summer Exhibition by Grayson Perry RA, Queen of the Sky by Fiona Rae RA; 2 X £1.25: St Kilda - The Great Sea Stacs by Norman Ackroyd RA, Inverleith Allotments and Edinburgh Castleby Barbara Rae RA;2 X £1.55: Queuing at the RA by Yinka Shonibare RA, Saying Goodbye by Tracey Emin RA. Royal Mail Group Ltd
557 2018.06.26 Dad's Army 2nd Class X 2: Sergeant Wilson "Do you think that is wise sir?", Private Pike "I'll tell Mum!"; 1st Class X 2: Captain Mainwaring "You stupid boy!", Lance Corporal Jones "Don't panic! Don't panic!"; £1.45 X 2: Private Walker "It won't cost you much...", Private Frazer "We’re doomed. Doomed!"; £1.55 X 2: Private Godfrey "Do you think I might be excused?", Chief Warden Hodges "Put that light out!" Royal Mail Group Ltd.
558 2018.07.31 Hampton Court Palace 1st Class X 3: Hampton Court Palace – South Front, Hampton Court Palace – West Front, Hampton Court Palace – East Front; £1.55 X 3: Hampton Court Palace – Pond Gardens, Hampton Court Palace – Maze, Hampton Court Palace – Fountain Garden;

Miniature Sheet: 1st Class X 2: Hampton Court Palace – Great Hall, Hampton Court Palace – King's Great Bedchamber; £1.45 X 2: Hampton Court Palace – Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace – King's Staircase

Osborne Ross
559 2018.08.16 Captain Cook Endeavour Voyage 2nd Class X 2: Sir Joseph Banks, Chief Mourner of Tahiti; 1st Class X 2: Captain James Cook, drawings of the observations of the transit of Venus (1769); £1.45 X 2: Clianthus puniceus (scarlet clianthus), Volatinia jacarina (blue-black grassquit);

Miniature Sheet: 1st Class X 2: Charting a new course - New Zealand and Australia, life on Raiatea - boathouse and canoes; £1.45 X 2: mapping New Zealand - a Maori clifftop fort, disaster avoided - repairs on the Endeavour River.

Howard Brown
560 2018.08.30 The Old Vic 1st Class X 2: The Dance of Death (1967), King Lear (2016); £1.25 X 2: Hamlet (1975), Hedda Gabler (1970); £1.45 X 2: No Man's Land (1975), Carmen Jones (1991); £1.55 X 2: Romeo and Juliet (1960), Henry V (1955). Hat-Trick Design
xxx 2018.09.12 Postal Heritage: Mail by Bike 1st Class X 6: Pentacycle (1882), Motorcycle and trailer (1902), tricycle and basket (1920), bicycle (1949), motorcycle (1965), quad bike (2002) Andrew Davidson
561 2018.09.13 The Great War 1918 1st Class X 3: 100 Poppies - Z and B Baran, Anthem for Doomed Youth - W Owen, Second Lieutenant Walter Tull; £1.55 X 3: We Are making A New World - P Nash, The Grave of the Unknown Warrior - Westminster Abbey - London, Lieutenant Francis Hopgood's Goggles Hat-trick Design
562 2018.10.16 Harry Potter 1st Class X 10: Hermione Granger, Hogwarts Express, Harry Potter, Flying Ford Anglia, Ron Weasley, Hagrid's motorbike, Ginny Weasley, Triwizard Cup, Neville Longbottom, Knight Bus;

Miniature Sheet: 1st X 5: Pomona Sprout, Horace Slughorn, Sybill Trelawney, Remus Lupin, Severus Snape

True North
563 2018.11.01 Christmas 2nd class, 2nd class large, 1st class, 1st class large, £1.25, £1.45, £1.55, £2.25 (all designs feature red pillar boxes, one per monarch, by Andrew Davidson) Royal Mail Group Ltd
564 2018.11.14 Prince of Wales 70th Birthday 1st class x 3 designs: Charles in a blue jacket, Charles and Camilla, Charles with two sons (in uniform), £1.55 x 3 designs: Charles with two sons (polo tops), Charles in grey jacket, Charles on walkabout
xxx 2018.11.15 Lunar New Year of the Pig 1st class x 1: Fireworks
566 2019.01.15 Stamp Classics 1st class x 3 designs: Queen Victoria (1891), King Edward VII (1910), King George V (1913); £1.55 x 3 designs: King Edward VIII (1936), King George VI, Penny Black Centenary (1940), Queen Elizabeth II Coronation (1953).[23] hat-trick design
567 2019.02.13 Leonardo da Vinci 1st class x 12 designs: The skull sectioned, a sprig of guelder-rose, Studies of cats, a star-of-Bethlehem and other plants, the anatomy of the shoulder and foot, the head of Leda, the head of a bearded man, the skeleton, the head of St. Philip, a woman in a landscape, a design for an equestrian monument, the fall of light on a face.[24] Kate Stephens
568 2019.03.14 Marvel 15 stamps: 1st class x 10 designs: Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Peggy Carter, Black Panther, Captain Britain, Union Jack.

Extra comic story: £1.45 x 1 designs: Captain Britain. 1st class x 3 designs: Thanos, Thor, Doctor Strange and Iron Man. Hulk and Iron Man. £1.25 x 1 designs: Together.[25]

569 2019.04.03 Birds of Prey 1st class x 10 designs: White-tailed eagle, merlin, hobby, buzzard, golden eagle, kestrel, goshawk, sparrowhawk, red kite, peregrine falcon[26] Royal Mail Group Ltd
570 2019.05.02 British Engineering 6 stamps: 1st Class x 2: Raspberry Pi, Falkirk Wheel, £1.55 x 2: Catalytic converter, Crossrail, £1.60 x 2: MRI Scanner, Bone-graft.

Miniature Sheet: 4 Harrier GR.3 stamps: 1st Class x 2: Short Take-off, Conventional Flight, £1.55 x 2 designs: Transition to Landing, Vertical Landing.[27]

Common Curiosity. Sheet: Turner Duckworth
571 2019.05.24 Queen Victoria Bicentenary 6 stamps: 1st Class x 2: Queen in her later years, Victoria and Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, £1.35 x 2: Queen Victoria with servant John Brown, Victoria wearing her Robes of State, £1.60 x 2: Marriage of Victoria and Albert, Princess Victoria aged eleven.[28]

Miniature Sheet (The legacy of Prince Albert) of 4 stamps: 1st Class x 2: Model Lodge, Kennington and Balmoral Castle, Scotland, £1.55 x 2: The New Crystal Palace, Sydenham and Royal Albert Hall, London.

Webb & Webb Design. Sheet: Common Curiosity
572 2019.06.06 D-Day 6 stamps: 1st Class x 2: British soldiers are briefed before embarkation, HMS Warspite, £1.35 x 2: Paratroopers synchronising watches, soldiers wade ashore on Juno, £1.60 x 2: An American light bomber provides air support, British troops take cover as they advance inland.[29]

Miniature sheet of 1st class x 5 stamps: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, Sword.

Baxter and Bailey
xxx 2019.07.09 Curious Customs
xxx 2019.08.13 Forests
xxx 2019.09.03 Music Giants
xxx 2019.09.13 Royal Navy Ships
xxx 2019.10.xx TBC
xxx 2019.11.05 Christmas
xxx 2019.11.xx TBC

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