Río Grande (Mendoza)

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Río Grande (Spanish for "great river") is a river located in Malargüe Department of southwestern Mendoza Province, Argentina. It arises in the confluence of the rivers Cobre and Tordillo on the Andes range near Chile and ends at the Colorado River at the Neuquén Province border. Its total length is 275 kilometres (171 mi). It's the most plentiful river of Mendoza with a flow of 107 m3/s (3,800 cu ft/s).

Río Grande
Rio Grande camino Pehuenche - panoramio.jpg
View of the river from the national route 145
Physical characteristics
 • locationCobre and Tordillo Rivers, Andes
 • elevation4,600 m (15,100 ft) AMSL
 • location
Colorado River
Length275 km (171 mi)
 • average107 m3/s (3,800 cu ft/s)

The river is from 125 km (78 mi) of Malargüe city and its course is development through volcanic rocks cracks. Around exists untouched earth, but the local government plans to take advantage of its resources.


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Cobre River, Santa Elena Stream, De las Cargas Stream, Tiburcio Stream, Valenzuela River, Montañez River, Del Yeso Stream, El Seguro Stream, Los Ángeles Stream, Pichú Trolón Stream, Chico River and Potimalal River

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Tordillo River, De la Pampa Stream, Del Infiernillo Stream, Del Totoral Stream, Carilaufquen Stream, De la Yesera Stream, Chacai-có Stream, Chequenco Stream and Agua Botada Stream

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