Grand Lodge Č.S.P.S. of Baltimore

The Grand Lodge Č.S.P.S. of Baltimore is the Baltimore, Maryland chapter of the Czech-Slovak Protective Society. The C.S.P.S. is a benevolent society that was founded to help Czech and Slovak immigrants integrate into American society.[1] The chapter was founded in 1880 by Vaclav Joseph Shimek, who was also the publisher of the Telegraf, the owner of Bohemian Hall, and a six-time president of Sokol Baltimore.[2]

Grand Lodge Č.S.P.S. of Baltimore
FoundedNovember 8, 1880
TypeCzech-American fraternity
Area served

The Grand Lodge of Baltimore owns and operates the Bohemian National Cemetery in Baltimore.[3] Over the course of a decade, the Grand Lodge Č.S.P.S. President C. Jeanne Táborský and her organization have worked to maintain and repair the cemetery grounds and turn a small building at the cemetery into a museum and cultural center. Since the neighborhood of Little Bohemia is long dispersed, the Bohemian National Cemetery is one of the few remnants of the Czech culture remaining in Baltimore, so the Č.S.P.S. has focused much of its energy on preserving the cemetery.[4]

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