Greater Bilbao

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Greater Bilbao (Basque: Bilboaldea, Spanish: Gran Bilbao) is an administrative division of the province of Biscay, in the Basque Country, Spain. It is one of the seven comarcas of Biscay and the most populated one. The capital city of Greater Bilbao is Bilbao.

Greater Bilbao
Autonomous communityBasque Country
 • Total361.3 km2 (139.5 sq mi)

Greater Bilbao is made by the municipalities situated along the Estuary of Bilbao which themselves form a conurbation, which metropolitan area is the fifth most populous in Spain.


Greater Bilbao (in blue) within Biscay.

Greater Bilbao, or Bilboaldea, is located at the northwest of the province of Biscay, limiting with the comarcas of Enkarterri in the west, Mungialdea and Busturialdea in the east, Durangaldea in the southeast and Arratia-Nerbioi in the south. The Bay of Biscay limits at north.


Gran Bilbao real color image taken by NASA's Landsat satellite.
Infrared image taken July 5th 2000 by ASTER sensor on board NASA's Terra satellite. Reddish areas are vegetation zones, dark blue zones are water bodies, white zones are clouds, their shadows can be clearly seen and greenish pixels denote the densely urbanized areas beside the Nervion river. Source: Earth Observatory (NASA).

Greater Bilbao can be divided into six subcomarcas or subregions:


Sheep, field and farmhouse in Leioa, and buildings of Santurtzi on the background.

Greater Bilbao is divided into 25 municipalities, being Bilbao the capital city. The 25 municipalities, among with some others, make the Metropolitan Area of Bilbao.

# Municipality Population
Area in
  Abanto Zierbena 9,545 18
  Alonsotegi 2,903 16
  Arrigorriaga 12,230 22.8
  Barakaldo 100,435 24.3
  Basauri 40,762 7.2
Bilbao 345,821 41.2
  Derio 6,545 7.4
  Zierbena 1,492 9.1
  Etxebarri 11,304 3.3
  Erandio 24,222 18.0
  Galdakao 29,288 31.7
  Getxo 78,276 11.9
  Larrabetzu 2,029 21.5
  Leioa 31,495 8.5
  Lezama 2,429 16.5
  Laudio 18,205 37.45
  Loiu 2,416 15.3
  Muskiz 7,567 21.5
  Ortuella 8,360 7.7
  Portugalete (Portugaldeta) 45,826 3.2
  Santurtzi 45,795 6.7
  Sestao (Ziztao) 27,445 3.5
  Sondika 4,495 6.3
  Trapagaran 11,953 13.1
  Zamudio 3,236 18.1
  Zaratamo 1,515 10.0

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  1. ^ official estimate from Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, Madrid.

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