The Grammis are music awards presented annually to musicians and songwriters in Sweden. The oldest Swedish music awards,[1] they were instituted as a local equivalent of the Grammy Awards given in the United States.[2] The awards ceremony is generally held each year in February in Stockholm. The awards were established in 1969 and awarded until 1972 when they were cancelled, then revived in 1987.

Grammis logo.png
Awarded forRecognize and reward artists, musicians and creative people who have achieved interesting works in various fields of music during the year
Date1969 (1969)–1972 (1972)
1987 (1987)–present
Presented byInternational Federation of the Phonographic Industry Sweden
First awarded25 September 1969 (1969-09-25)

There are around 20 different award categories, which have changed over the years. Swedish artists and foreign artists who live in Sweden are eligible, as are artists in other countries if their music is produced in Sweden and targets a Swedish audience.[2]

The awards are presented by IFPI Sverige, along with the newspaper Expressen.


Berns salonger, venue for the first Grammis ceremony in 1969

The first Grammis were presented on 25 September 1969 at Berns salonger in Stockholm.[3] They were presented annually until 1972, after which they were discontinued.[4] This was attributed the influence of music critics on the awards, especially after the win of unidentified group Philemon Arthur and the Dung at the 1972 ceremony.[1][4] The Grammis were reinstated in 1987, fifteen years later.[4]

During an acceptance speech at the 1993 ceremony, Popsicle guitarist Fredrik Norberg wished that the members of Arvingarna would die in a bus accident.[5] This incident caused a scandal in Sweden and the band's next record was cancelled.[6][7] Following the 2011 ceremony, the separate categories of Best Female Artist and Best Male Artist were abolished and one Best Artist award was instead awarded.[8]

Following the 2019 ceremony, the award for Children's Music of the Year was cut, with the IFPI citing low submissions to the category and the challenge of having an adult jury decide on an award for children.[9] The decision received criticism and was reinstated for the 2021 ceremony.[10] The 2021 ceremony was postponed from its usual February date to June due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Sweden.[10][11]


Since the 1988 ceremony, the Grammis have been held at the beginning of the year to recognize music from the preceding year.[3] With the exception of the 1970 ceremony held in Lidingö, every ceremony has taken place at venues in Stockholm.[3]

No. Date Venue Presenter(s) Broadcaster
1 [sv] 25 September 1969 Berns salonger Un­known Un­known
2 [sv] 10 September 1970 Hotell Foresta [sv], Lidingö Un­known Un­known
3 [sv] 20 September 1971 Berns salonger Lasse Holmqvist [sv] Un­known
4 [sv] 11 September 1972 Folkets hus [sv] Un­known Un­known
5 [sv] 13 February 1988 Grand Hôtel Jacob Dahlin Un­known
6 [sv] 9 April 1989 Berns salonger Niklas Levy [sv] and Ingvar Storm [sv] Un­known
7 [sv] 25 March 1990 Un­known
8 [sv] 16 February 1991 Un­known
9 [sv] 8 February 1992 Un­known
10 [sv] 27 February 1993 Un­known
11 [sv] 19 February 1994 Un­known Un­known
12 [sv] 17 February 1995 Martin Timell Un­known
13 [sv] 19 February 1996 Chinateatern Un­known Un­known
14 [sv] 17 February 1997 Cirkus Lasse Anrell [sv] SVT[12]
15 [sv] 16 February 1998 Kungliga tennishallen Sofia Wistam TV4[12]
16 [sv] 15 February 1999
17 [sv] 14 February 2000
18 [sv] 19 February 2001 Annexet Magnus Uggla
19 [sv] 14 February 2002 Stockholm Globe Arena Henrik Schyffert
20 [sv] 18 February 2003 Berns salonger Mankie Eriksson[13] Not broadcast[13]
21 [sv] 9 February 2004 Lars Beckung [sv] TV4[12][14]
22 [sv] 7 February 2005 Grand Hôtel Wille Crafoord
23 [sv] 7 February 2006 Tyrol [sv] Ulf Elfving
Cirkus Ulrika Eriksson and Eagle-Eye Cherry
24 [sv] 30 January 2007 Hovet Carina Berg and Sanna Bråding
25 [sv] 9 January 2008 Stockholm Globe Arena Adam Alsing and Gry Forssell
26 [sv] 7 January 2009 Hovet
27 [sv] 15 January 2010 Münchenbryggeriet [sv] Karin Winther [sv] Not broadcast[12]
28 [sv] 17 January 2011 Royal Swedish Opera Eva Dahlgren
29 [sv] 14 February 2012 Ola Salo SVT1[15]
30 [sv] 20 February 2013 Cirkus Kalle Moraeus and Timo Räisänen SVT1[16]
31 [sv] 19 February 2014 Gina Dirawi and Ray Cokes SVT1 and SVT Play[17]
32 [sv] 25 February 2015 Gina Dirawi SVT1[18]
33 [sv] 24 February 2016 Petter SVT1[19]
34 [sv] 28 February 2017 Stockholm Concert Hall Magnus Carlson and Maxida Märak Kanal 5
35 [sv] 8 February 2018 Grand Hôtel Emma Molin and Amanda Ooms Not broadcast[20]
36 [sv] 7 February 2019 Annexet Rennie Mirro [sv] and Daniel Hallberg TV4 Play [sv]
37 [sv] 6 February 2020 Rennie Mirro [sv] and Amie Bramme Sey [sv] TV12 [sv] and TV4 Play [sv][21]
38 [sv] 3 June 2021 Södra Teatern[22] Amie Bramme Sey [sv] and Johanna Nordström [sv] TV4 Play [sv] and Sjuan[23]

Categories awardedEdit

As of the 2021 ceremony, there are 21 categories, not including special awards:[22]

  • Album of the Year
  • Alternative Pop of the Year
  • Artist of the Year
  • Dansband of the Year
  • Electro/Dance of the Year
  • Folk Music of the Year
  • Hip Hop of the Year
  • Hard Rock/Metal of the Year
  • Jazz of the Year
  • Classical of the Year
  • Songwriter of the Year
  • Song of the Year
  • Music Video of the Year
  • Newcomer of the Year
  • Pop of the Year
  • Soul/R&B of the Year
  • Producer of the Year
  • Rock of the Year
  • Lyricist of the Year
  • Visa/Singer-Songwriter of the Year
  • Children's Music of the Year

Special awards include:[22]

  • Honorary Award of the Year
  • Special Award of the Year

Grammis were previously awarded in the following categories:[24]

  • Best Electronic Producer
  • Chamber Music Production of the Year
  • Choir Production of the Year
  • Documentary Production of the Year
  • Group of the Year
  • Innovator of the Year
  • Instrumental of the Year
  • International Album of the Year
  • Live Act of the Year
  • LP of the Year
  • Music DVD of the Year
  • Musical and Cabaret Recording of the Year
  • Open Category
  • Pop/Rock Female of the Year
  • Pop/Rock Male of the Year
  • Pop/Rock Group of the Year
  • Religious of the Year
  • Stage, Film, Radio and TV Production of the Year
  • Swedish International Success of the Year
  • Symphonic Production of the Year


First Aid Kit with their Grammis trophies at the 2013 ceremony

The original Grammis trophy was a plaquette of stained pine and silver, designed by Claës Giertta [sv] and made to be hung on a wall.[4][25] The trophy was redesigned in 2007 by Efva Attling and made by Orrefors.[26][27] It weighs 2.2 kg (4.9 lb), made of glass with a platinum star, and was designed so that it could be lifted with one hand. Attling described her inspiration as "the Empire State Building meets the Hötorget buildings".[27]

List of winnersEdit

Album of the YearEdit

Album of the Year (Årets album) has been awarded since 1993.[3][24]

Artist of the YearEdit

Artist of the Year (Årets artist) has been awarded since 1988 for a significant contribution such as an album, concert tour, or other musical achievement. For the 2008–2011 ceremonies, there were separate awards for Female Artist of the Year (Årets kvinnliga artist) and Male Artist of the Year (Årets manliga artist).[3][24]

Children's Album of the YearEdit

An award for children's music has been presented since the start of the Grammis and has undergone numerous name changes over the years, the latest being Children's Album of the Year (Årets barnalbum) as of the 2002 ceremony.[3][24] It was not presented at the 2020 ceremony.

Classical of the YearEdit

Awards for classical music have been presented since the inaugural ceremony (with a gap in the 1990s), then referring to "serious music" (seriös musik). Classical of the Year (Årets klassiska) can be awarded to an ensemble or a soloist; it has previously been presented as two separate categories.[3][24]

Dansband of the YearEdit

An award in the dansband category has been presented since the 1988 ceremony, then called Dance of the Year (Årets dans). It has been renamed several times, sometimes including Schlager in its name, and is now called Dansband of the Year (Årets dansband), as of the 2010 ceremony.[3][24]

Electro/Dance of the YearEdit

An award for electro and dance music was first presented at the 1993 ceremony, then called Modern Dance (Modern dans). It was later known as Club/Dance of the Year (Årets klubb/dans) and as Electro/Dance of the Year (Årets elektro/dans) as of the 2001 ceremony. For several years, the category was merged with the one for hip hop and soul. To be eligible, nominees must have released at least two singles or an album.[3][24]

Group of the YearEdit

Group of the Year (Årets grupp) was first awarded at the 1969 ceremony, and subsequently during several other years.[3][24]

Hard Rock/Metal of the YearEdit

An award for hard rock music has been presented since the 1993 ceremony; heavy metal music was included in the category starting with the 2012 ceremony.[3][24]

Jazz of the YearEdit

An award for a jazz album has been presented since the first ceremony in 1969. For the 2000–2002 ceremonies, the category also included blues.[3][24]

Lyricist of the YearEdit

Lyricist of the Year (Årets textförfattare) was first awarded at the 1969 ceremony, and then annually since the 1989 ceremony. The award can be presented to an individual or a songwriting team, usually in connection to an album.[3][24]

Music Video of the YearEdit

Music Video of the Year (Årets musikvideo) has been awarded since 1990 to the director of a music video that accompanies one song. The director must be a Swedish citizen or permanent resident. Voting for the category is done in two steps: first by a large jury, then by a specialized jury. In several years during the 2000s, the category was presented with MTV Sweden.[3][24]

Newcomer of the YearEdit

Newcomer of the Year (Årets nykomling) has been awarded since 1988 to an artist at the beginning of their musical career. Nominees must have released at least two songs or a debut album and must not have previously submitted for nomination. A group can be eligible if fewer than 50% of its members have previously released albums. The category was previously presented as Debut Popular Production of the Year (Årets debutpopulärproduktion) in 1970 and 1971.[3][24]

Producer of the YearEdit

Producer of the Year (Årets producent) was first awarded at the 1969 ceremony and next awarded in 1988 as Best Producer (Bästa producent); it has since been awarded annually.[3][24]

Rock of the YearEdit

Awards for rock music on their own have been presented since the 1990 ceremony. Prior to this, awards in combined Pop/Rock categories have been presented, a practice which sometimes continued into the 1990s and 2000s. It was previously separated into group and solo artist (male and female) categories, but has been one gender-neutral award since 2012.[3][24]

Song of the YearEdit

Song of the Year (Årets låt) has been awarded since 1990. Previously decided by the public, it is now chosen by a jury from the ten most popular songs of the year, based on sales, airplay, and streaming.[3][24]

Songwriter of the YearEdit

Songwriter of the Year (Årets kompositör) was first awarded at the 1969 ceremony, and then annually since the 1989 ceremony. The award can be presented to an individual or a songwriting team.[3][24]


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