In Greek mythology, Graecus /ˈɡrkəs/ (Ancient Greek: Γραικός) was the son of Pandora II and Zeus.[1] His mother Pandora II (named after her grandmother Pandora) was the daughter of Deucalion and Pyrrha and sister of Hellen who together with his three sons Dorus, Xuthus (with his sons Ion and Achaeus) and Aeolus, comprised the set of ancient tribes that formed the Greek/Hellenic nation.

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According to Stephanus of Byzantium, Graecus was a son of Thessalus. According to Virgil, Latinus is Graecus's brother. The Graecians, a Hellenic tribe, took their name from Graecus, according to legend. They were one of the first Greek tribes to colonise Italy. The area that came to be known as Magna Graecia then took its name after them. The Latins used the term in reference to all Hellenic people because the first Hellenes they came into contact with were the Graecians.

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