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Governor of Querétaro

The Governor of Querétaro is the chief executive of the Mexican state of Querétaro. According to the Constitution of the Free and Sovereign State of Queretaro, the exercise of executive power of the Mexican state, is deposited in one individual, it called the Constitutional Governor is elected for a period of six years no re-eligible for any reason. The governmental period begins on October 1 of the year of the election and ends on September 30 after six years have elapsed. Queretaro state was created in 1824, one of the original states of the federation, thus throughout its historical life has passed by all systems of governance found in Mexico, both federal system as the central system, so the name of the organization has varied between been and department; changing along with it, the name of the head of the Executive branch of government.

Governor of Queretaro
Coat of arms of Queretaro.svg
Francisco Domínguez Servién

since October 1, 2015
Term lengthSix years, non-renewable.
Inaugural holderJosé María Diez Marina
FormationJanuary 31, 1824

Individuals who have held the governorship of the state of Queretaro, in its various denominations, were as follows:


Governors of the Free and Sovereign State of QuerétaroEdit

La Primera República (1823)Edit

El Triunvirato (1825-1829)Edit

The Santanismo (1833-1857)Edit

Reform War and the Second Empire to the French Intervention (1857-1867)Edit

Restored Republic (1867-1876)Edit

The Porfiriato (1876-1911)Edit

This is a list of the governors of the Mexican state of Querétaro since 1911:

The Revolución (1911-1917)Edit

Modern Mexican State (1917-1997)Edit

Contemporary Mexican State (1997-present)Edit

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