Governor General's Award for English-language poetry

This is a list of recipients and nominees of the Governor General's Awards award for English-language poetry. The award was created in 1981 when the Governor General's Award for English language poetry or drama was divided.[1]

Winners and nomineesEdit


Year Author Title
1981 F. R. Scott The Collected Poems of F. R. Scott
Alfred Bailey Miramichi Lightning: Collected Poems
Barry McKinnon The The
1982 Phyllis Webb The Vision Tree: Selected Poems
Robert Bringhurst The Beauty of the Weapons: Selected Poems 1972-1982
Barry Dempster Fables for Isolated Men
Diane Keating No Birds or Flowers
1983 David Donnell Settlements
Christopher Dewdney Predators of the Adoration: Selected Poems 1972-82
Don McKay Birding, or Desire
Anne Szumigalski Doctrine of Signatures
1984 Paulette Jiles Celestial Navigation
Roo Borson The Whole Night, Coming Home
Marilyn Bowering The Sunday Before Winter
David McFadden The Art of Darkness
Sharon Thesen Confabulations
Peter van Toorn Mountain Tea
1985 Fred Wah Waiting for Saskatchewan
Lorna Crozier The Garden Going on Without Us
Richard Lush A Manual for Lying Down
Anne Szumigalski Instar
1986 Al Purdy The Collected Poems of Al Purdy
Christopher Dewdney The Immaculate Perception
John Newlove The Night the Dog Smiled
1987 Gwendolyn MacEwen Afterworlds
Di Brandt Questions I Asked My Mother
Roy Kiyooka Pear Tree Pomes
Sharon Thesen The Beginning of the Long Dash
1988 Erin Mouré Furious
Lorna Crozier Angels of Flesh, Angels of Silence
Christopher Dewdney Radiant Inventory
David McFadden Gypsy Guitar
Peter Dale Scott Coming to Jakarta
1989 Heather Spears The Word for Sand
Tim Lilburn Tourist to Ecstasy
Stephen Scobie Dunino


Year Author Title
1990 Margaret Avison No Time
Dionne Brand No Language Is Neutral
Patrick Lane Winter
1991 Don McKay Night Field
Don Domanski Wolf-Ladder
Judith Fitzgerald Rapturous Chronicles
Patrick Lane Mortal Remains
Anne Michaels Miner's Pond
1992 Lorna Crozier Inventing the Hawk
Evelyn Lau Oedipal Dreams
Laura Lush Hometown
Steve McCaffery Theory of Sediment
Kathleen McCracken Blue Light, Bay and College
1993 Don Coles Forests of the Medieval World
Claire Harris Drawing Down a Daughter
Monty Reid Crawlspace: New and Selected Poems
Douglas Burnet Smith Voices from a Farther Room
Patricia Young More Watery Still
1994 Robert Hilles Cantos from a Small Room
Robin Blaser The Holy Forest
Polly Fleck The Chinese Execution
Monty Reid Dog Sleeps
1995 Anne Szumigalski Voice
Roo Borson Night Walk
Di Brandt Jerusalem, Beloved
Don Domanski Stations of the Left Hand
Steven Heighton The Ecstasy of Skeptics
1996 E. D. Blodgett Apostrophes: Woman at a Piano
Elizabeth Brewster Footnotes to the Book of Job
Crispin Elsted Climate and the Affections
Charles Lillard Shadow Weather
Erin Mouré Search Procedures
1997 Dionne Brand Land to Light On
Marilyn Bowering Autobiography
Patrick Friesen A Broken Bowl
Carole Glasser Langille In Cannon Cave
Don McKay Apparatus
1998 Stephanie Bolster White Stone: The Alice Poems
Louise Bernice Halfe Blue Marrow
Michael Ondaatje Handwriting
Lisa Robertson Debbie: An Epic
Kathy Shaidle Lobotomy Magnificat
1999 Jan Zwicky Songs for Relinquishing the Earth
Lynn Davies The Bridge that Carries the Road
Susan Goyette The True Names of Birds
Richard Harrison Big Breath of a Wish
Terence Young The Island in Winter


Year Author Title
2000 Don McKay Another Gravity
George Bowering His Life
A. F. Moritz Rest on the Flight into Egypt
John Pass Water Stair
Patricia Young Ruin and Beauty
2001 George Elliott Clarke Execution Poems
Anne Carson Men in the Off Hours
Phil Hall Trouble Sleeping
Robert Kroetsch The Hornbooks of Rita K.
Steve McCaffery Seven Pages Missing
2002 Roy Miki Surrender
Tammy Armstrong Bogman's Music
Colin Browne Ground Water
Kathy Mac Nail Builders Plan for Strength and Growth
Erin Mouré O Cidadán
2003 Tim Lilburn Kill-site
Tim Bowling The Witness Ghost
Evan Jones Nothing Fell Today But Rain
Anne Simpson Loop
Tom Wayman My Father’s Cup
2004 Roo Borson Short Journey Upriver Toward Oishida
Tim Bowling The Memory Orchard
David Manicom The Burning Eaves
John Terpstra Disarmament
Jan Zwicky Robinson's Crossing
2005 Anne Compton processional
Barry Dempster The Burning Alphabet
Erin Mouré Little Theatres
W. H. New Underwood Log
Olive Senior Over the Roofs of the World
2006 John Pass Stumbling in the Bloom
Ken Babstock Airstream Land Yacht
Elizabeth Bachinsky Home of Sudden Service
Dionne Brand Inventory
Sharon Thesen The Good Bacteria
2007 Don Domanski All Our Wonder Unavenged
Margaret Atwood The Door
Brian Henderson Nerve Language
Dennis Lee Yesno
Rob Winger Muybridge's Horse
2008 Jacob Scheier More to Keep Us Warm
Weyman Chan Noise from the Laundry
A. F. Moritz The Sentinel
Sachiko Murakami The Invisibility Exhibit
Ruth Roach Pierson Aide-Mémoire
2009 David Zieroth The Fly in Autumn
David McFadden Be Calm, Honey
Philip Kevin Paul Little Hunger
Sina Queyras Expressway
Carmine Starnino This Way Out


Year Author Title
2010 Richard Greene Boxing the Compass
Michael Harris Circus
Daryl Hine &: A Serial Poem
Sandy Pool Exploding into Night
Melanie Siebert Deepwater Vee
2011 Phil Hall Killdeer
Michael Boughn Cosmographia: A Post-Lucretian Faux Micro-Epic
Kate Eichhorn Fieldnotes, A Forensic
Garry Thomas Morse Discovery Passages
Susan Musgrave Origami Dove
2012 Julie Bruck Monkey Ranch
David McGimpsey Li'l Bastard
A. F. Moritz The New Measures
Lisa Pasold Any Bright Horse
James Pollock Sailing to Babylon
2013 Katherena Vermette[2] North End Love Songs
Austin Clarke[3] Where the Sun Shines Best
Adam Dickinson[3] The Polymers
Don Domanski[3] Bite Down Little Whisper
Russell Thornton[3] Birds, Metal, Stones & Rain
2014 Arleen Paré[4] Lake of Two Mountains
Julie Joosten Light Light
Christopher Levenson Night Vision
Garth Martens Prologue for the Age of Consequence
Sadiqa de Meijer Leaving Howe Island
2015 Robyn Sarah My Shoes Are Killing Me
Kayla Czaga For Your Safety Please Hold On
Liz Howard Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent
M. Travis Lane Crossover
Patrick Lane Washita
2016 Steven Heighton The Waking Comes Late
Joe Denham Regeneration Machine
Susan Holbrook Throaty Wipes
Garry Thomas Morse Prairie Harbour
Rachel Rose Marry & Burn
2017 Richard Harrison On Not Losing My Father's Ashes in the Flood
Lorna Crozier What the Soul Doesn't Want
Nora Gould Selah
Benjamin Hertwig Slow War
Julia McCarthy All the Names Between
2018 Cecily Nicholson Wayside Sang
Billy-Ray Belcourt This Wound Is a World
Dionne Brand The Blue Clerk
Joshua Mensch Because: A Lyric Memoir
Jason Stefanik Night Became Years
2019 Gwen Benaway Holy Wild
Julie Bruck How to Avoid Huge Ships
Karen Houle The Grand River Watershed: A Folk Ecology
Catherine Hunter St. Boniface Elegies
Armand Garnet Ruffo Treaty #