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The government of El Salvador is a presidential representative democratic republic. The seat of the federal government is in San Salvador.

Executive branchEdit

President of El SalvadorEdit

El Salvador elects its head of state – the President of El Salvador – directly through a fixed-date general election whose winner is decided by absolute majority. If an absolute majority (50% + 1) is not achieved by any candidate in the first round of a presidential election, then a run-off election is conducted 30 days later between the two candidates who obtained the most votes in the first round. The presidential period is five years, and re-election is not permitted.


The executive branch of the government of El Salvador consists of the following departments, each led by a minister:[1]

  • Agriculture & Livestock
  • Economy
  • Learning (Capital)
  • Environment & Natural Resources
  • Finance
  • Foreign Relations
  • Government
  • Sports
  • Labor & Social Welfare
  • Public Security & Justice
  • Public Works
  • Tourism
  • Attorney General

Military of El SalvadorEdit

The Ministry of Defence of El Salvador commands the armed forces, consisting of the following branches:

Legislative branchEdit

The Salvadoran legislature is a unicameral body. It is made up of 84 deputies, all of whom are elected by direct popular vote according to closed-list proportional representation to serve three-year terms and are eligible for immediate re-election. Of these, 64 are elected in 14 multi-seat constituencies, corresponding to the country's 14 departments, which return between 3 and 16 deputies each. The remaining 20 deputies are selected on the basis of a single national constituency.

Judicial branch of the government of El SalvadorEdit

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