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Gotham was a regional magazine founded by publisher Jason Binn in 2001[3] and published by Niche Media, LLC.[4] The magazine covers fashion, philanthropy, arts, culture, real estate, cuisine, celebrity, entertainment, and beauty.[5] Published eight times a year, it is distributed in Manhattan. The editor-in-chief is Samantha Yanks. The magazine was published by Debra Halpert until August 2011 when David Katz began to publish it.[6]

Frequency8 per year
PublisherLynn Scotti
Total circulation
(December 2011)
65,000 [1]
Year founded 2001 (2001-month)
Final issue2018
CompanyNiche Media[2]
Based inNew York City

According to a survey commissioned by the company, 56 percent of Gotham readers were male, with 51 percent married, and some two-thirds within the age group of 36 and 60 years old.[7] Gotham is a sister publication to Hamptons magazine, sharing advertising and production.[6]

Niche Media was renamed GreenGale Publishing in 2018. GreenGale was acquired by Modern Luxury in 2017.[8] In 2018, Gotham was merged into its new sister magazine, Manhattan.[9]


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