Goritsa (Greece)

Goritsa is a hill and an archaeological site in Volos, Greece, immediately east of the city centre.[1] It was examined in the early 1970s by a Dutch team of archaeologists, revealing a planned ancient city with a regular street grid covering most of the hill.[2]

Arhaiologikos xwros Goritsas.jpg
The archaeological site of Goritsa.
Goritsa (Greece) is located in Greece
Goritsa (Greece)
Shown within Greece
LocationGoritsa, Volos
RegionMagnesia, Thessaly, Greece
Coordinates39°21′14″N 22°58′37″E / 39.354019479777854°N 22.976979453604653°E / 39.354019479777854; 22.976979453604653Coordinates: 39°21′14″N 22°58′37″E / 39.354019479777854°N 22.976979453604653°E / 39.354019479777854; 22.976979453604653
TypeAncient city
Part ofAncient Magnesia
PeriodsClassical period
CulturesAncient Greece
Site notes
ArchaeologistsS. C. Bakhuizen


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