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Gordon Young (writer)

Gordon Young (1886–1948) was an American writer of adventure and western stories.

Young was born in Ray County, Missouri.[1] He worked as a cowboy and served in the United States Marine Corps in the Philippines, before moving to Los Angeles and taking a job at the Los Angeles Times in 1914. Young eventually became Literary Editor of the newspaper; one of his correspondents was Sinclair Lewis.[2]

He died of a heart attack in Los Angeles, February 10, 1948.[3]


Writing careerEdit

Gordon Young began writing fiction for the magazine Adventure in 1917. Young's first stories for Adventure were a series of crime thrillers about a gun-wielding gambler, Don Everhard. Magazine historian Robert Sampson argued the Don Everhard stories influenced later writers of Hardboiled crime fiction such as Carroll John Daly.[4] Young soon became one of the most popular of Arthur Sullivant Hoffman's roster of authors for Adventure.[5] He followed the Everhard stories with a series of South Seas tales about Hurricane Williams, an adventurer who shuns "civilized" society.[6] Young's novel, Days of '49 (1925), a historical narrative about the settlement of California, was well received by contemporary reviewers.[7]

Young's humorous Westerns about "Red" Clark, became his most commercially successful series; these tales first appeared in Adventure and Short Stories before being collected in book form.[6] The Clark stories were especially popular in Britain and most of the stories appeared in hardbacks for the UK library market.[1]

Several of Gordon Young's stories were adapted for the cinema, including the 1936 film Captain Calamity.[8]


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  • Savages (1921)
  • Wild Blood (1921)
  • Hurricane Williams (1922)
  • Crooked Shadows (1924)
  • Seibert of the Island (1925)
  • Vengeance of Hurricane Williams (1925)
  • Days of '49 (1925)
  • Pearl-Hunger (1927)
  • Treasure (1928)
  • Fighting Blood (UK Title: The Fighting Fool) (1932)
  • Devil's Passport (1933)
  • Red Clark o' Tulluco (1933)
  • Red Clark Rides Alone (1933)
  • Red Clark of the Arrowhead (1935)
  • Huroc the Avenger (1936)
  • Red Clark on the border (1937)
  • Red Clark, Range Boss (UK Title: Red Clark, Boss!) (1938)
  • Red Clark, Two-Gun Man (1939)
  • Red Clark for Luck (1940)
  • Mr. Beamish (1940)
  • Red Clark takes a hand (1941)
  • Iron Rainbow (1942)
  • Tall In the Saddle (1943)
  • Holster Law: Red Clark on the Frontier (1946)
  • Red Clark at the showdown (1947)
  • Red Clark in Paradise (1947)
  • Quarter Horse (1948)
  • Red Clark to the rescue (1948)
  • Wanted-Dead Or Alive! (1949)
  • Fast on the Draw (1950)
  • Hell on Hoofs (1952) (with The Brazos Firebrand by Leslie Scott)

Gordon Young writing as "Paull Steward" :

  • Dangerous Men (1926)
  • Gaboreau (1927)
  • Garoreau the Terrible (1927)

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