Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band

Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band, or simply The Big Phat Band, is an 18-piece jazz orchestra that combines the big band swing of the 1930s and 1940s with contemporary music such as funk and jazz fusion. The band is led by Gordon Goodwin, who arranges, composes, plays piano and saxophone. Since its origin, the Big Phat Band has received several Grammy Awards and many Grammy nominations.

Its first album, Swingin' for the Fences, was the first recording released on DVD-Audio and the first DVD-Audio to be nominated for two Grammy Awards.[1]

When he founded the Big Phat Band in 1999, Goodwin was working in Hollywood as a composer for Warner Brothers cartoons. His first attraction to big band music was at the age of 13 when he heard Count Basie.[2]

Awards and honorsEdit

Grammy AwardsEdit

Grammy Award nominationsEdit

  • Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album – XXL (2003), Act Your Age (2008)
  • Best Instrumental Composition – "Hunting Wabbits", (2003), "Hit the Ground Running" (2008), "Hunting Wabbits 3 (Get off my Lawn)" (2012)
  • Best Instrumental Arrangement – "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" (2006), "Yo Tannenbaum" (2007), "Yesterdays" (2008), "Rhapsody in Blue" (2012), "Party Rockers" (2015)
  • Best Instrumental Arrangement with Vocals – "Comes Love" with Brian McKnight and Take 6 (2003)

Other awardsEdit

  • Surround Sound Award, "Best Made for Surround Sound Title", XXL (2003)


Band membersEdit

Gordon Goodwin - Leader/Piano/Saxophone



  • Wayne Bergeron – 1st trumpet
  • Dan Fornero – 2nd (split lead) trumpet
  • Willie Murillo– 3rd trumpet
  • Dan Savant – 4th trumpet


  • Andy Martin – 1st trombone
  • Charlie Morillas – 2nd trombone
  • Francisco Torres – 3rd trombone
  • Craig Gosnell – bass trombone

Rhythm sectionEdit

  • Gordon Goodwin – piano
  • Andrew Synowiec – guitar
  • Kevin Axt – bass
  • Ray Brinker – drums
  • Joey DeLeon – percussion

Temporary playersEdit

Previous PlayersEdit

  • Bernie Dresel - Drums
  • Bob Summers - Trumpet
  • Craig Ware - Bass Trombone

Featured soloistsEdit


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