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Mount Dyultydag

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Gora Dyultydag, or simply Dyultydag (Russian: Дюльтыдаг), is a mountain located in Dagestan, Russia.

Gora Dyultydag
Гора Дюльтыдаг
Gora Dyultydag is located in Caucasus mountains
Gora Dyultydag
Gora Dyultydag
Location of Dyultydag in the Caucasus mountains
Highest point
Elevation 4,127 m (13,540 ft) [1]
Prominence 1,834 m (6,017 ft)
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 41°57′34″N 46°55′20″E / 41.95944°N 46.92222°E / 41.95944; 46.92222Coordinates: 41°57′34″N 46°55′20″E / 41.95944°N 46.92222°E / 41.95944; 46.92222[2]
Location Dagestan, Russia
Parent range Caucasus Mountains



Dyultydag refers to both a mountain range[3] and its higher summit, Gora Dyultydag.[4]

Sometimes the Cyrillic name Дюльтыдаг is transliterated as Dyul'tydag.[5]


The mountain belongs to the Samur basin. Its peak stands about 15 km (9 mi) north of the border with Azerbaijan. The closest town to Dyultydag is Tsurib[5] (Charodinsky District). In 1961 its summit was reported as perennial snow-capped.[4] At an elevation of 4127 m Gora Dyultydag is Dagestan's fifth-highest mountain and the 45th-highest in Russia.[5]


Various maps, some of Soviet military origin, may be found on the internet, usually in Cyrillic.[6]


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