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Mount Addala-Shukhgelmeer

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Gora Addala-Shukhgelmeer or simply Addala-Shukhgelmeer (Russian: Аддала-Шухгельмеэр, translit. Addala-Šuchgeljmeer; عَدَّلا شوحْگِڵْمِەر), is a mountain located in Dagestan, Russia.

Gora Addala-Shukhgelmeer
Highest point
Elevation 4,152 m (13,622 ft) [1]
Prominence 1,792 m (5,879 ft) [1]
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 42°20′18″N 46°15′00″E / 42.33833°N 46.25000°E / 42.33833; 46.25000Coordinates: 42°20′18″N 46°15′00″E / 42.33833°N 46.25000°E / 42.33833; 46.25000[2]
Gora Addala-Shukhgelmeer is located in Caucasus mountains
Gora Addala-Shukhgelmeer
Gora Addala-Shukhgelmeer
Location of Addala-Shukhgelmeer in the Caucasus mountains
Location Dagestan, Russia
Parent range Caucasus Mountains



The closest village is Aknada[3][not in citation given] (Kizilyurtovsky District). At an elevation of 4152 m Gora Addala-Shukhgelmeer is the 3rd Dagestan's highest mountain and the 40th highest in Russia.[3]


Various maps, some of Soviet military origin, may be found on the internet, usually in Cyrillic.[4]


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