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Mount Addala-Shukhgelmeer

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Gora Addala Shukgelmezr or simply Addala Shukgelmezr (Russian: Аддала-Шухгельмеэр, translit. Addala-Šuchgeljmeer; عَدَّلا شوحْگِڵْمِەر), is a mountain located in Dagestan, Russia.

Gora Addala Shukgelmezr
Highest point
Elevation 4,152 m (13,622 ft) [1]
Prominence 1,792 m (5,879 ft) [1]
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 42°20′18″N 46°15′00″E / 42.33833°N 46.25000°E / 42.33833; 46.25000Coordinates: 42°20′18″N 46°15′00″E / 42.33833°N 46.25000°E / 42.33833; 46.25000[2]
Gora Addala Shukgelmezr is located in Caucasus mountains
Gora Addala Shukgelmezr
Gora Addala Shukgelmezr
Location of Addala Shukgelmezr in the Caucasus mountains
Location Dagestan, Russia
Parent range Caucasus Mountains



Sometimes the Cyrillic name Дюльтыдаг (Djuljtydar) is transliterated as Shukhgel'meer.[3]


The closest village to Dyultydag is Aknada[3] (Kizilyurtovsky District?). At an elevation of 4152 m Gora Addala Shukgelmezr is the 3rd Dagestan's highest mountain and the 40th highest in Russia.[3]


Various maps, some of Soviet military origin, may be found on the internet, usually in Cyrillic.[4]


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