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List of Animaniacs characters

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Cartoon characters with arms outstretched, seen from above
Animaniacs had a large cast of characters, most of whom appear here.

This is a list of characters in the Warner Bros. animated television series, Animaniacs.


The Warner Brothers and Their Sister, DotEdit

  • Yakko - Voiced by Rob Paulsen. Yakko is a wise-cracking smart-aleck, who usually acts as a leader of the trio. He is also obsessed with girls, and is known for saying "Goodnight Everybody!" after a joke that an adult only sees. Yakko wears tan pants with a black belt.
  • Wakko (voiced by Jess Harnell) - Wakko has a Liverpudlian accent, a huge appetite and a "gag bag" full of tricks. He also appears to be the least intelligent, although Yakko has claimed it to be "middle kid syndrome" in the episode "Survey Ladies." Wakko wears a red baseball cap backwards and a light blue turtleneck.
  • Dot - Voiced by Tress MacNeille. Dot is cute, sassy and more easily relaxed than her brothers, but proves on numerous occasions she can be just as zany. Her full name is "Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca III." She despises being referred to as "Dottie", threatening "Call me Dottie and you die." She wears a pink skirt with a flower in her ears. While no writer or creator has confirmed the fact, it has been suggested that Dot's name comes from the period, or 'dot', found at the end of 'Warner Bros.'.

Major supporting charactersEdit

  • Dr. Otto Scratchansniff – German-accented studio psychiatrist, voiced by Rob Paulsen, who attempts to force the Warners to be less zany. He often loses patience with the Warners and goes insane, pulling his hair out until he is bald.[1] He becomes fonder of the Warners and takes more responsibility for them, occasionally acting as a father figure. The Warners are clearly showing to be acting crazy around him on purpose but are also fond of him. This is showing in one episode after trying in vain to teach the Warners manners for a dinner party they immediately do everything he showed perfectly when told they can't go. When asked why they didn't do so earlier, they say, "Because we love you!"
  • Hello NurseBuxom blonde studio nurse (who also appears in other occupations) voiced by Tress MacNeille, over whom Yakko and Wakko fawn. Her appearance usually prompts the boys into affectionate greetings ("Hellooooooo, Nurse!") and leaps into her arms (Although sometimes they say the same thing and leaps into other people's arms [Including Dot]). But Dot does the same when an attractive man enters the picture. Hello Nurse appears in a few Slappy cartoons as a running gag. In Wakko's Wish, it is learned that her "mean IQ (is) 192" and she laments that she is respected for her looks and not her mind.[1] The phrase was initially meant to be used as a catchphrase for Buster Bunny on Tiny Toon Adventures as a counterpart for Bugs Bunny's "Eh, what's up, doc?", however, the writers couldn't find an appropriate way for him to use the phrase organically.
  • Ralph T. Guard – A dim-witted Warner Studio security guard, voiced by Frank Welker, who is charged with recapturing the Warners and confining them to the water tower. He first appeared in Tiny Toon Adventures as the Fat Guard.[2]
  • Thaddeus Plotz – Short, hot-tempered, money-grubbing CEO of Warner Bros., voiced by Frank Welker.[1]

Pinky and the BrainEdit

Pinky and the Brain are an imbecilic white mouse and his genius companion, voiced by Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche. The Brain is clearly the leader, and attempts to take over the world; Pinky is eccentric and unintelligent, but loyal to the Brain. In 1995, they were spun off into a cartoon series of their own.

Supporting charactersEdit

  • Larry – Genetically-altered hamster and nephew of Pinky, voiced by Billy West, using the same voice as Stimpy from Ren and Stimpy.
  • Snowball – Genetically-altered evil hamster, voiced by Roddy McDowall, who appears in the three-part "Brain Drained" episode of Pinky and the Brain.
  • Billie – Female mouse, voiced by Tress MacNeille, who appeared in "The World Can Wait" and "You'll Never Eat Food Pellets In This Town Again".
  • Phar Fignewton – White race horse, voiced by Rob Paulsen and Frank Welker. Her name refers to Phar Lap, Fig Newtons and Fahrvergnügen, an advertising slogan used by Volkswagen.

Slappy SquirrelEdit

  • Slappy Squirrel – Grumpy cartoon veteran, voiced by series writer Sherri Stoner, who lives in a tree with nephew Skippy Squirrel.[3] The music played during her segments is an excerpt from Antonín Dvořák's "Humoresque No. 7".[citation needed]
  • Skippy Squirrel – Voiced by Nathan Ruegger, Skippy's chipper personality is the opposite of his aunt's. His character varies, from slightly naive ("Slappy Goes Walnuts") to innocent ("Bumbie's Mom") to complicit partner of Slappy ("Critical Condition").

Supporting charactersEdit

  • Walter Wolf – Slappy Squirrel's longtime nemesis, voiced by Frank Welker in his first appearance and Jess Harnell for the remainder of the series, is a parody of the Big Bad Wolf characters of Disney and Tex Avery. In "Justice For Slappy", he has an adult grandson.
  • Sid the Squid – Villain, voiced by Jack Burns, who appeared in five Slappy cartoons: "Hurray for Slappy", "Scare Happy Slappy", "Rest in Pieces", "Star Warners", and "Macadamia Nut". He is first mentioned in some episodes of Batman: The Animated Series.
  • Beanie the Brain-Dead Bison – Villain similar to Pete Puma, voiced by Avery Schreiber, who appeared in "Hurray for Slappy", "Scare Happy Slappy", "Rest in Pieces", "Macadamia Nut", and "Star Warners".
  • Bumpo Bassett – Stinkbomb's grandson, voiced by Luke Ruegger (younger brother of Nathan Ruegger), who appears in "Smell Ya Later".
  • Stinkbomb D. Bassett – Slappy Squirrel foe, voiced by Jonathan Winters, who appears in "Smell Ya Later".
  • Candie Chipmunk – Slappy's self-centred neighbour, voiced by Gail Matthius, who appears in "I Got Yer Can". An excerpt of the "Dance of the Reed Flutes", from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, plays when she appears.
  • Baynarts "Charlton" Woodchuck – Cartoon director and former child actor who appears in "Nutcracker Slappy".
  • Codger Eggbert – Parody of Roger Ebert, voiced by Chuck McCann in "Critical Condition" and Billy West in "Hurray for North Hollywood (Part II)"
  • Lene Hisskill – Parody of Gene Siskel, voiced by Maurice LaMarche in "Critical Condition"
  • Doug the Dog – Large bulldog, voiced by Frank Welker in "Slappy Goes Walnuts"
  • Vina Walleen – Old friend of Slappy, voiced by Tress MacNeille in "Bumbie, The Dearest Deer"
  • Daniel Boone – Self-proclaimed "best frontiersman that ever lived", voiced by Jim Cummings in "Frontier Slappy"
  • Hello Nurse – Appears in "Bumbie's Mom".
  • Yakko, Wakko and Dot – Also appear in "Bumbie's Mom"
  • Duke – School bully, voiced by Corey Burton in "Bully for Skippy"


Goodfeathers are an Italian American trio of pigeons: Squit (gray), Bobby (turquoise), and Pesto (lavender), who were voiced by Maurice LaMarche, John Mariano and Chick Vennera, influenced by Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci's characters in Goodfellas.

Supporting charactersEdit

  • The Godpigeon – A pigeon who is an unintelligible parody of Marlon Brando's Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather. The bird's bulky appearance signifies Brando's massive weight gain, due to over-eating habits in his later years. Bobby usually acts as interpreter for his gibberish.
  • The Girlfeathers are their girlfriends. Sasha, voiced by Tress McNeille, is Squit's girlfriend and Pesto's sister. Lana (voiced by Gail Matthius) is Bobby's girlfriend, a parody of Cathy Moriarty's character in Raging Bull. Kiki, Pesto's girlfriend, is a stereotypical dumb blonde.
  • Pipsqueak – Tiny great horned owl, voiced by Gabriel Luque
  • Ma – Pesto and Sasha's mother, who lives in Miami Beach, Florida
  • Steven Seagull – Pesto and Sasha's stepfather, a parody of Steven Seagal voiced by David Kaufman

Rita and RuntEdit

Rita and Runt are a singing cat (voiced by Bernadette Peters, with vocal effects by Frank Welker) and a loyal dog (voiced by Welker) who thinks Rita is also a dog. Like "Minerva Mink", these segments were discontinued (in part, because of Bernadette Peters' salary). Welker remained a series regular, voicing other characters, and Rita and Runt returned toward the series' end.

Supporting charactersEdit

  • Dr. Phrankenstein – Stumpy female mad scientist, voiced by Adrienne Alexander in "Phranken-Runt"
  • Scout – Dr. Phrankenstein's creation, voiced by Frank Welker in "Phranken-Runt"
  • Mr. Squeak – Dr. Phrankenstein's pet rat in "Phranken-Runt"
  • Pinky – Appears in a short crossover episode, in which Rita eats him.
  • Brain – Appears in Animaniacs episode 43 segment 3 (a Rita and Runt cartoon).
  • Mrs. Mumphead – Eccentric old lady, voiced by Paul Rugg, in "No Place Like Homeless"
  • Crackers the Parrot – Mrs. Mumphead's pet, voiced by Frank Welker in "No Place Like Homeless"
  • Pesto – Paired with Runt in the crossover episode, "No Place Like Homeless"
  • Kiki the Angry Ape – Ill-tempered gorilla, voiced by Frank Welker, who appears in "Kiki's Kitten"
  • Missy "Ma" McCoy – Elderly farm cat, voiced by Tress MacNeille
  • Mr. Politician – Parody of Ross Perot, voiced by Frank Welker
  • Schnapsie – Schnauzer owned by an SS commander

Buttons and MindyEdit

Buttons is a Rough Collie who takes care of Mindy and is voiced by Frank Welker. Mindy, voiced by Nancy Cartwright, is a young girl who is constantly getting into trouble. Buttons knocks himself out rescuing Mindy, only to be blamed and punished for Mindy's misbehavior, and for digging up and getting himself punished. There is no consistency or continuity: in one episode, the family and Buttons are costumed superheroes. In another they are mer-people (fish-tail instead of legs), and one episode was set in a prehistoric age.

Supporting charactersEdit

  • Mindy's mother – In brief off-camera appearances, she is usually called "Lady" by Mindy in the series; in Wakko's Wish, Mindy finally calls her "Mom".
  • Mindy's father – Never seen, Mindy calls him "Mr. Man".

Minerva MinkEdit

Minerva Mink is an attractive young mink, voiced by Julie Brown, who was called Marilyn Mink in pre-production.

Supporting charactersEdit

  • Newt – Faithful dachshund of his lazy owner, who also appears in "Puttin' on the Blitz" with Rita and Runt as "Schnappsie". Voiced by Arte Johnson (Newt) and by Frank Welker (Schnappsie).
  • Wilford B. Wolf – Nerdy wolf who becomes a handsome werewolf every full moon, voiced by Peter Scolari. His werewolf alter-ego is built like a Chippendales dancer and dresses like one, and is very affectionate to Minerva. Minerva once asked him about his werewolf changes. Unfortunately, he was in his nerd alter-ego and launched into a long, boring explanation replete with mathematical diagrams and charts.

Other supporting charactersEdit

  • The Baby Bluebird ("Birdie") – Voiced by Cody Ruegger
  • Chicken Boo – Six-foot-tall chicken, voiced by Frank Welker. He wishes to live as a human, so he wears flimsy disguises, usually just a hat or a coat, which somehow always fool everyone (except for one person who no one believes). Unlike other animal characters, Boo cannot talk and acts almost exactly like a real chicken, making his disguises all the more absurd. At the end of each episode, his disguise falls apart, and he is exposed as a chicken. This causes all of his previous supporters to turn against him, usually running him out of town.
  • Steven Spielberg (voiced by Frank Welker) – The show's executive producer, often mentioned by the cast.
  • Colin (the Randy Beaman Kid) – Wide-eyed boy who tells improbable stories which allegedly happened to his (never-seen) friend, Randy Beaman.
  • The Flame – Childlike candle flame, voiced by Luke Ruegger, who is present at important historical events and teaches fire safety.
  • Flavio and Marita – Also known as the Hip Hippos, a wealthy, Spanish hippo couple voiced by Frank Welker and Tress MacNeille.
  • Dr. Jane Embryo – Zoologist who studies the Hip Hippos and tries in vain to protect them, a parody of Joan Embery and Jane Goodall voiced by Tress MacNeille.
  • Mr. Cory Skullhead – Mute skeleton seen in the "Good Idea-Bad Idea" segment narrated by Tom Bodett and a parody of Edward Scissorhands.
  • The Mime – Nameless mime who appears in "Mime Time", also narrated by Bodett.
  • Katie Ka-Boom – A teenage girl voiced by Laura Mooney,[4] who morphs into various violent, destructive monsters when things do not go her way. She lives with her parents and her little brother named Tinker. Katie is the only member of her family who has blonde hair while the rest of her family are brunettes. The premiere Katie Kaboom segment was also a Chicken Boo crossover, in which Katie morphs into a green Incredible Hulk-like monster when initially told her new boyfriend (who is also the student council president, class valedictorian and the school's star wrestler) is a giant chicken, and then morphs into a monster made of fire when she herself realizes that he is a giant chicken and ends their relationship.
  • Mary Hartless – Parody of Mary Hart, voiced by Valri Bromfield and Tress MacNeille, who appears as a newsreader with a variety of hairstyles in "Hurray for Slappy", "Chairman of the Bored", "Bubba Bo Bob Brain", and "Critical Condition".
  • Death – Archetypical Grim Reaper with black robe, skeletal appearance, and scythe. In "Meatballs or Consequences" the Warner siblings challenge him to a game of checkers, reminiscent of the chess game with Death in Ingmar Bergman's 1956 The Seventh Seal.[5][6]
  • The Narrator – Offscreen narrator (voiced by Jim Cummings) whose voice resembles Sterling Holloway, the original voice of Winnie The Pooh, who appears in "Nighty Night Toon", "Gift of Gold", and "Warners and the Beanstalk".


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