Golden Leopard

The Golden Leopard (Italian: Pardo d'oro) is the top prize at the Locarno International Film Festival, an international film festival held annually in Locarno, Switzerland since 1946. Directors in the process of getting an international reputation are allowed to be entered in the competitive selection. The winning films are chosen by a jury. The award went under many names until it was named the Golden Leopard in 1968. The festival was not held in 1951 and the prize was not awarded in 1956 and 1982. As of 2009 René Clair and Jiří Trnka are the only two directors to have won the award twice, both of them winning in consecutive years.

Golden Leopard winnersEdit

For the first two years the award was known as Best Film (Miglior film). Then for several years the award went by the name of Grand Prize (Gran premio). In 1950 and 1951 the award was from the International Jury of Journalists (Giuria internazionale dei giornalisti); in 1953 and 1954 the award was from the International Jury of Critics (Giuria internazionale della critica); in 1955 the award was from the Jury of Swiss-Italian Radio (Giuria della Radio della Svizzera Italiana); in 1957 the award was from the Jury of the Swiss Association of Cinematographic Press (Giuria dell'Associazione Svizzera della stampa cinematografica). In 1958 and 1960–65 the award was the Golden Sail (Vela d'oro). In 1959 it was the Prize for Best Direction (Premio per la migliore regia). In 1966 and 1967 the prize was the Grand Prize of the Jury of Youth (Gran premio della Giuria dei giovani). Finally, it became the Golden Leopard in 1968.

Year Film Original title Director Country
1946 And Then There Were None René Clair United States
1947 Man About Town Le silence est d'or René Clair, Robert Pirosh France / USA
1948 Germany Year Zero Germania, anno zero Roberto Rossellini Italy / France / Germany
1949 The Farm of Seven Sins La ferme des sept péchés Jean-Devaivre France
1950 When Willie Comes Marching Home John Ford United States
No festival
1952 Hunted Charles Crichton United Kingdom
1953 Julius Caesar David Bradley United States
The Composer Glinka Kompozitor Glinka Grigori Aleksandrov Soviet Union
The Glass Wall Maxwell Shane United States
1954 Prince Bayaya Bajaja Jiří Trnka Czechoslovakia
Gate of Hell Jigokumon Teinosuke Kinugasa Japan
The Sheep Has Five Legs Le mouton à cinq pattes Henri Verneuil France / USA
Wild Fruit Les fruits sauvages Hervé Bromberger France
Rotation Wolfgang Staudte East Germany
1955 Carmen Jones Otto Preminger United States
The Good Soldier Schweik Dobrý voják Švejk Jiří Trnka Czechoslovakia
No festival
1957 The Outcry Il grido Michelangelo Antonioni Italy / USA
1958 Ten North Frederick Philip Dunne United States
1959 Killer's Kiss Stanley Kubrick United States
1960 Il bell'Antonio Mauro Bolognini Italy
1961 Fires on the Plain 野火 Nobi Kon Ichikawa Japan
1962 The Winner Un cœur gros comme ça François Reichenbach France
1963 Transport from Paradise Transport z ráje Zbyněk Brynych Czechoslovakia
1964 Black Peter Černý Petr Miloš Forman Czechoslovakia
1965 Four in the Morning Anthony Simmons United Kingdom
1966 Everyday Courage Každý den odvahu Evald Schorm Czechoslovakia
1967 Entranced Earth Terra em Transe Glauber Rocha Brazil
1968 The Visionaries I visionari Maurizio Ponzi Italy
1969 Charles, Dead or Alive Charles mort ou vif Alain Tanner Switzerland
Those Who Wear Glasses Szemüvegesek Sándor Simó Hungary
Three Sad Tigers Tres tristes tigres Raoul Ruiz Chile
No Path Through Fire В огне брода нет, V ogne broda net Gleb Panfilov Soviet Union
1970 End of the Road Aram Avakian United States
Lilika Branko Pleša Yugoslavia
Mujo (This Passing Life) Akio Jissoji Japan
Oh, Sun Soleil O Med Hondo France / Mauritania
1971 They Have Changed Their Face Hanno cambiato faccia Corrado Farina Italy
On the Point of Death In punto di morte Mario Garriba Italy
The Friends Les amis Gérard Blain France
Private Road Barney Platts-Mills United Kingdom
Znaki na drodze (Signs on the Road) Andrzej Jerzy Piotrowski [1] Poland
1972 Bleak Moments Mike Leigh United Kingdom
1973 The Illumination Iluminacja Krzysztof Zanussi Poland
1974 Tüzolto Utca 25 (25 Fireman's Street) István Szabó Hungary
1975 The Son of Amir Is Dead Le fils d'Amr est mort Jean-Jacques Andrien Belgium / France / Tunisia
1976 The Big Night Le grand soir Francis Reusser Switzerland
1977 Antonio Gramsci: The Days of Prison Antonio Gramsci: i giorni del carcere Lino Del Fra Italy
1978 The Idlers of the Fertile Valley I tembelides tis eforis kiladas Nikos Panayotopoulos Greece
1979 The Herd Sürü Zeki Ökten Turkey
1980 To Love the Damned Maledetti vi amerò Marco Tullio Giordana Italy
1981 Chakra (The Vicious Circle) Rabindra Dharmaraj[2] India
No award
1983 The Princess Adj király katonát! Pál Erdöss[3] Hungary
1984 Stranger Than Paradise Jim Jarmusch USA / West Germany
1985 Alpine Fire Höhenfeuer Fredi M. Murer Switzerland
1986 Jezioro Bodenskie (Lake of Constance) Janusz Zaorski Poland
1987 O Bobo (The Jester) José Álvaro Morais Portugal
1988 Distant Voices, Still Lives Terence Davies United Kingdom
Schmetterlinge Wolfgang Becker West Germany
1989 Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East? Dharmaga tongjoguro kan kkadalgun Bae Yong-kyun South Korea
1990 Accidental Waltz Sluchaynyy Vals Svetlana Proskurina [4] Soviet Union
1991 Johnny Suede Tom DiCillo France / United States / Switzerland
1992 Autumn Moon 秋月 Cau1 Jyut6 Clara Law Hong Kong / Japan
1993 Azghyin ushtykzyn'azaby Yermek Shinarbayev Kazakhstan
1994 Khomreh (The Jar) Ebrahim Forouzesh Iran
1995 Raï Thomas Gilou France
1996 Nenette and Boni Nénette et Boni Claire Denis France
1997 The Mirror آینه Ayneh Jafar Panahi Iran
1998 Mr. Zhao Zhao xiansheng Lü Yue China / Hong Kong
1999 Skin of Man, Heart of Beast Peau d’homme, cœur de bête Hélène Angel France
2000 Father Baba Shuo Wang China
2001 Off to the Revolution by a 2CV Alla rivoluzione sulla due cavalli Maurizio Sciarra Italy
2002 The Longing Das Verlangen Iain Dilthey Germany
2003 Khamosh Pani (Silent Waters) Sabiha Sumar Pakistan / France / Germany
2004 Private Saverio Costanzo Italy
2005 Nine Lives Rodrigo García United States
2006 Das Fräulein Andrea Staka Switzerland / Germany
2007 The Rebirth 愛の予感 Ai no yokan Masahiro Kobayashi Japan
2008 Parque via Enrique Rivero [5] Mexico
2009 She, a Chinese Xiaolu Guo UK / France / Germany / China
2010 Winter Vacation 寒假 Hán jià Hongqi Li China
2011 Back to Stay Abrir puertas y ventanas Milagros Mumenthaler Argentina / Switzerland / Netherlands
2012 The Girl from Nowhere La fille de nulle part Jean-Claude Brisseau France
2013 Story of My Death Història de la meva mort Albert Serra Spain / France
2014 From What Is Before Mula sa Kung Ano ang Noon Lav Diaz Philippines
2015 Right Now, Wrong Then[6] Jigeumeun matgo geuttaeneun teullida Hong Sang-soo South Korea
2016 Godless Безбог (Bezbog) Ralitza Petrova Bulgaria / Denmark / France[7]
2017 Mrs. Fang Wang Bing China / France / Germany[8]
2018 A Land Imagined Yeo Siew Hua Singapore / France / Netherlands[9]
2019 Vitalina Varela Pedro Costa Portugal


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