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The Golden Disc Awards (Korean골든 디스크 시상식) is an annual South Korean music awards ceremony that honors achievements in the local music industry.[1]

Golden Disc Awards
34th Golden Disc Awards
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Awarded for"Outstanding achievements of the K-pop industry"
CountrySouth Korea
Presented by
First awarded1986
WebsiteGolden Disc Awards
Television/radio coverage
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The 34th Golden Disc Awards were held on 4–5 January 2020 at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.


The first awards ceremony was held in 1986. The event was called the Korea Visual and Records Grand Prize Award (Korean대한민국 영상음반대상) until 2001, when the event named was changed to the Golden Disc Awards.[2]

The awards ceremony was hosted in South Korea until 2012, when it was hosted in Osaka, Japan. The ceremony was also hosted internationally in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2013, and in Beijing, China in 2015.[3]

The Golden Disc Awards trophies were designed by sculptor Kim Su-hyeon, a professor at Chungbuk National University. The trophy is in the shape of a woman playing a traditional Korean wind instrument.[4]


Edition Date of ceremony Venue City Hosts Ref.
34th 4–5 January 2020 Gocheok Sky Dome Seoul Day 1: Sung Si-kyung, Lee Da-hee
Day 2: Lee Seung-gi, Park So-dam
33rd 5–6 January 2019 Day 1: Lee Seung-gi, Park Min-young
Day 2: Kang So-ra, Sung Si-kyung
32nd 10–11 January 2018 KINTEX Goyang Day 1: Lee Seung-gi, Lee Sung-kyung
Day 2: Kang So-ra, Sung Si-kyung
31st 13–14 January 2017 Day 1: Hwang Chi-yeul, Seohyun, Jung Yong-hwa
Day 2: Kang So-ra, Sung Si-kyung
30th 20–21 January 2016 Kyung Hee University Grand Peace Palace Seoul Day 1: Jun Hyun-moo, Kim Jong-kook, Seohyun
Day 2: Jun Hyun-moo, Krystal, Leeteuk
29th 14–15 January 2015 MasterCard Center Beijing Day 1: Kim Sung-joo, Kim Jong-kook, Fei
Day 2: Jun Hyun-moo, Leeteuk, Tiffany
28th 16 January 2014 Kyung Hee University Grand Peace Palace Seoul Choi Minho, Jung Yong-hwa, Yoon Doo-joon, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Oh Sang-jin
27th 15–16 January 2013 Sepang International Circuit Kuala Lumpur Nicole, Jung Yong-hwa, Dasom, Hongki
26th 11–12 January 2012 Osaka Dome Osaka Leeteuk, Gyuri, Hongki, Suzy [9]
25th 9 December 2010 Korea University Hwajung Gymnasium Seoul Tak Jae-hoon, Choi Song-hyun [10]
24th 10 December 2009 Olympic Park Seoul Kim Seong-joo, Park Ji-yoon [11]
23rd 10 December 2008 Shin Dong-yup, Park Ji-yoon
22nd 14 December 2007 Ryu Si-won, Kim Ah-joong [12]


As of the 32nd Golden Disc Awards, there were two grand prizes: Album of the Year (also known as Album Daesang) and Digital Song of the Year (also known as Digital Song Daesang). Main prizes (also known as Bonsang) are awarded to multiple artists in both the Album and Digital Song categories. The grand prize winners are chosen from the main prize winners.[13][1][14]

  • Album of the Year (Album Daesang)
  • Digital Song of the Year (Digital Song Daesang)
  • Album Main Prize (Album Bonsang)
  • Digital Song Main Prize (Digital Song Bonsang)
  • Rookie Artist Award
  • Popularity Award
  • Genre awards
  • Achievement Award
  • Other music awards
  • Technical awards

Grand prizesEdit

Album of the Year (Album Daesang)Edit

Edition Year Winner Album
34th 2020 BTS Map of the Soul: Persona
33rd 2019 BTS Love Yourself: Answer
32nd 2018 BTS Love Yourself: Her
31st 2017 Exo Ex'Act
30th 2016 Exo Exodus
29th 2015 Exo Overdose
28th 2014 Exo XOXO
27th 2013 Super Junior Sexy, Free & Single
26th 2011/2012 Super Junior Mr. Simple
25th 2010 Girls' Generation Oh!
24th 2009 Super Junior Sorry, Sorry
23rd 2008 TVXQ Mirotic
22nd 2007 SG Wannabe The Sentimental Chord
21st 2006 TVXQ "O"-Jung.Ban.Hap.
20th 2005 SG Wannabe Saldaga
19th 2004 Lee Soo-young The Colors of My Life
18th 2003 Jo Sung-mo A Singer
17th 2002 Cool Truth
16th 2001 g.o.d Chapter 4: Road
15th 2000 Jo Sung-mo Let me love
14th 1999 Jo Sung-mo For Your Soul
13th 1998 Kim Jong-hwan For Love
12th 1997 H.O.T Wolf and Sheep
11th 1996 Kim Gun-mo Exchange Kg. M4
10th 1995 Kim Gun-mo Wrongful Meeting
9th 1994 Kim Gun-mo Excuses
8th 1993 Shin Seung-hun Because I Love You
7th 1992 Shin Seung-hun Invisible Love
6th 1991 Kim Hyun-sik Kim Hyun Sik Vol.6
5th 1990 Byeon Jin-seob Byeon Jin-Seob 2
4th 1989 Byeon Jin-seob Byeon Jin-Seob
3rd 1988 Joo Hyun-mi Joo Hyun-Mi 2
2nd 1987 Lee Moon-sae When Love Goes Away
1st 1986 Cho Yong-pil Empty Space

Digital Song of the Year (Digital Song Daesang)Edit

Edition Year Winner Song
34th 2020 BTS "Boy with Luv"
33rd 2019 iKon "Love Scenario"
32nd 2018 IU "Through the Night"
31st 2017 Twice "Cheer Up"
30th 2016 Big Bang "Loser"
29th 2015 Taeyang "Eyes, Nose, Lips"
28th 2014 Psy "Gentleman"
27th 2013 Psy "Gangnam Style"
26th 2011/2012 Girls' Generation "The Boys"
25th 2010 2AM "Can't Let You Go Even If I Die"
24th 2009 Girls' Generation "Gee"
23rd 2008 Jewelry "One More Time"
22nd 2007 Ivy "If You're Gonna Be Like This"
21st 2006 SG Wannabe "Partner for Life"

Main prizesEdit

Album BonsangEdit

Ed. Year Winners
34th 2020 Super Junior Exo-SC Baekhyun NCT Dream Twice Monsta X Seventeen Got7 BTS NU'EST
33rd 2019 Wanna One Exo Jonghyun NCT 127 Twice Monsta X Seventeen Got7 BTS NU’EST W
32nd 2018 Super Junior Exo Hwang Chi Yeul Girls' Generation Twice Monsta X Seventeen Got7 BTS NU’EST W Taeyeon
31st 2017 Taemin Exo Shinee VIXX Infinite Monsta X Seventeen Got7 BTS
30th 2016 Super Junior Exo Shinee VIXX Jonghyun CNBLUE Beast f(x) BTS Apink
29th 2015 Super Junior Exo Girls' Generation-TTS Girls' Generation Infinite CNBLUE Taemin B1A4 BTS Apink VIXX
28th 2014 f(x) Exo Shinee Girls' Generation Infinite Cho Yong-pil Beast B1A4
27th 2013 Super Junior Kara Shinee F.T. Island Infinite CNBLUE Beast B1A4 4Minute
26th 2011/2012 Super Junior Kara MBLAQ Jay Park Infinite CNBLUE Beast f(x)
25th 2010 Super Junior BoA Shinee Girls' Generation DJ DOC
24th 2009 Super Junior 2PM Drunken Tiger Lee Seung-chul SG Wannabe
23rd 2008 Rain Kim Dong-ryul Brown Eyed Girls Shinhwa SG Wannabe Jewelry TVXQ
22nd 2007 Super Junior Yangpa Epik High Wheesung SG Wannabe Shin Hye-sung Big Bang
21st 2006 VIBE MC the Max Shin Seung-hun Shinhwa SG Wannabe Fly to the Sky TVXQ Son Ho-young Buzz Kim Jong-Kook
20th 2005 MC Mong Koyote Jo Sung-mo Wheesung SG Wannabe Shin Hye-sung g.o.d Lee Min-woo Buzz Kim Jong-kook
19th 2004 Lee Soo-young Koyote Shin Seung-hun Wheesung MC the Max Gummy Lee Seung-chul Seven Rain Shinhwa
18th 2003 Lee Soo-young Koyote Jo Sung-mo Wheesung Cool Fly to the Sky NRG Wax Lee Hyori Shinhwa
17th 2002 Lee Soo-young Koyote Shin Seung-hun Park Hyo-shin Cool Sung Si-kyung Jang Na-ra Wax Kangta Shinhwa
16th 2001 Im Chang-jung Koyote Park Jin-young Kim Gun-mo Cool Position Lee Ki-chan Wax Kangta Shinhwa
15th 2000 Kim Hyun-jung Park Ji-yoon Shin Seung-hun g.o.d Fin.K.L Hong Kyung-min Tae Jin-ah Lee Jung-hyun Uhm Jung-hwa Jo Sung-mo Yoo Seung-jun Turbo
14th 1999 Kim Hyun-jung Sechs Kies H.O.T S.E.S Fin.K.L Seol Woon-do Choi Yu-na Song Dae-kwan Uhm Jung-hwa Jo Sung-mo Yoo Seung-jun
13th 1998 Kim Hyun-jung Sechs Kies H.O.T Kim Gun-mo Shin Seung-hun Seol Woon-do Tae Jin-ah Kim Kyung-ho Uhm Jung-hwa Turbo Kim Jong-hwan
12th 1997 Im Chang-jung Sechs Kies H.O.T Carnival Clon Seol Woon-do UP Kim Kyung-ho Lee Ji-hoon Turbo Yoo Seung-jun
11th 1996 Noise Shin Seung-hun Jo Kwan-woo Kim Gun-mo Clon Seol Woon-do Choi Baek-ho Park Mi-kyung Panic Turbo
10th 1995 Noise Kim Jong-seo R.ef Kim Gun-mo Clon Seol Woon-do Tae Jin-ah Park Mi-kyung Shin Hyo-beom Solid
9th 1994 Kim Won-jun Shin Seung-hun Boohwal Kim Gun-mo Seo Taiji and Boys Seol Woon-do Kim Hyeon-chul Lim Ju-ri Shin Hyo-beom Choi Yoo-na
8th 1993 Kim Won-jun Shin Seung-hun 015B Kim Gun-mo Seo Taiji and Boys Seol Woon-do Kim Soo-hee Kim Jeong-soo Shin Hyo-beom Lee Moon-sae Lee Seung-hwan
7th 1992 Kim Wan-sun Shin Seung-hun 015B Bom Yeoreum Gaeul Kyeoul Seo Taiji and Boys Seol Woon-do Noh Sa-yeon Yang Soo-kyung Yoon Sang Lee Seun-hwan, Oh Tae-ho The Blue SKy
6th 1991 Kim Wan-sun Shin Seung-hun Kim Hyun-sik Min Hae-kyung Kim Ji-ae Lee Sang-woo Noh Sa-yeon Yang Soo-kyung Kim Jong-seo Lee Seun-hwan Hyun Chul
5th 1990 Kim Wan-sun Joo Hyun-mi Kang In-won, Kwon In-ha, Kim Hyun-sik Min Hae-kyung Na-mi Byun Ji-sub Tae Jin-ah Shin Hae-chul Lee Sun-hee Kim Min-woo Hyun Chul
4th 1989 Moon Hee-ok Joo Hyun-mi Cho Deok-bae Min Hae-kyung Joo Ha-moon Byun Ji-sub Tae Jin-ah Yang Soo-kyung Lee Sun-hee Lee Seung-chul Hyun Chul
3rd 1988 Kim Jong-chan Joo Hyun-mi Kim Hyun-sik Min Hae-kyung Lee Nam-yi Jung Su-ra Jeon Young-rok Lee Chi-hyun and His Friends Lee Sun-hee Lee Moon-sae Choi Sang-soo
2nd 1987 Kim Wan-sun Joo Hyun-mi Koo Chang-moo Min Hae-kyung Na-mi Friends Kim Byeong-rok Choi Jin-hee Lee Sun-hee Lee Moon-sae Choi Sang-soo
1st 1986 Deulgukhwa Joo Hyun-mi Koo Chang-moo Min Hae-kyung Lee Kwang-jo Cho Yong-pil Kim Soo-hee Choi Jin-hee Lee Sun-hee Lee Moon-sae

Digital Song BonsangEdit

Ed. Year Winners
34th 2020 Jennie Chungha Paul Kim AKMU Twice BTS MC the Max Taeyeon Jannabi Itzy
33rd 2019 Blackpink Chungha Bolbbalgan4 Mamamoo Twice BTS Roy Kim Momoland iKon Big Bang
32nd 2018 Blackpink IU Bolbbalgan4 AKMU Twice BTS Winner Yoon Jong-shin Red Velvet Big Bang Heize
31st 2017 GFriend Lee Hi Urban Zakapa Mamamoo Twice Suzy & Baekhyun Zico Taeyeon Im Chang-jung
30th 2016 Girls' Generation EXID AOA Zion.T J.Y. Park Sistar Kyuhyun Taeyeon Red Velvet Big Bang
29th 2015 Beast Taeyang AOA K.Will Girl's Day Sistar Ailee Hyuna Epik High Soyou & Junggigo
28th 2014 Psy 4Minute Lee Seung Chul CNBLUE Davichi Sistar Ailee 2NE1 Apink
27th 2013 Psy T-ara G-Dragon K.Will miss A Sistar Secret 2NE1 Huh Gak Big Bang f(x)
26th 2011/2012 Girls' Generation 4Minute G.NA K.Will miss A Sistar Secret CNBLUE
25th 2010 2AM IU Lee Seung-gi CNBLUE miss A
24th 2009 Girls' Generation Son Dam-bi Lee Seung-gi Davichi Baek Ji-young
23rd 2008 MC Mong Brown Eyed Girls Wonder Girls
22nd 2007 SeeYa Ivy Wonder Girls

Rookie of the Year AwardEdit

Winners are listed alphabetically by year.

Edition Year Winners
34th 2020 Itzy TXT
33rd 2019 (G)I-dle Iz*One Stray Kids
32nd 2018 Wanna One
31st 2017 Blackpink Bolbbalgan4 I.O.I NCT 127
30th 2016 GFriend iKon Seventeen Twice
29th 2015 GOT7 Red Velvet Winner
28th 2014 Lim Kim Crayon Pop BTS Roy Kim
27th 2013 Ailee B.A.P Exo Juniel Lee Hi
26th 2011/2012 Apink B1A4 Boyfriend Dal Shabet Huh Gak
25th 2010 Beast Miss A Secret
24th 2009 4Minute T-ara
23rd 2008 Davichi Shinee
22nd 2007 F.T. Island Girls' Generation Younha
21st 2006 Gavy NJ SeeYa Super Junior
20th 2005 Eru IVY Lim Jeong-hee
19th 2004 SG Wannabe Tei
18th 2003 Big Mama Seven
17th 2002 Rain Wheesung
16th 2001 Jang Na-ra Sung Si-kyung
15th 2000 Chakra Park Hyo-shin Sky
14th 1999 1TYM Lee Jung-hyun
13th 1998 Fin.K.L S.E.S Taesaja
12th 1997 Jinusean Yangpa
11th 1996 H.O.T Idol
10th 1995 Sung Jin-woo
9th 1994 Two Two
6th 1991 Shim Sin Yoon Sang
5th 1990 Kim Min-woo Park Sung-shin
4th 1989 Jo Gap-Gyeong Park Hak-gi
3rd 1988 Byun Ji-sub Lee Tzsche
2nd 1987 Lee Jung-suk Moon Hee-ok
1st 1986 Kim Seung-jin Kim Wan-sun

Popularity AwardEdit

Winners are listed alphabetically by year.

Edition Year Winners
34th 2020 BTS
33rd 2019 BTS
32nd 2018 Exo
31st 2017 Shinee
30th 2016 Shinee
29th 2015 Beast Taemin Girls' Generation Toheart
28th 2014 Beast Shinee Girls' Generation Roy Kim
27th 2013 G-Dragon Shinee
26th 2011/2012 Super Junior
25th 2010 Girls' Generation Shinee
24th 2009 Super Junior Shinee
23rd 2008 Son Ho-young F.T. Island Taeyeon TVXQ
22nd 2007 Super Junior F.T. Island Girls' Generation Wonder Girls
21st 2006 Baek Ji-young Eru Park Sang-min
20th 2005 g.o.d Jang Woo-hyuk
19th 2004 Kim Jong-kook Park Sang-min
18th 2003 S
17th 2002 Baby V.O.X
16th 2001 S.E.S Yoo Seung-jun
15th 2000 Country Kko Kko J Shinhwa
14th 1999 Clon Kim Kyung-ho Roo'ra
13th 1998 Cool Kim Jung-min
12th 1997 Diva Untitle
11th 1996 Kim Jong-hwan
10th 1995 Seo Taiji and Boys
9th 1994 Choi Yeon-je Deux
8th 1993 Choi Yeon-je
7th 1992 Hyun Jin-young Lee Deok-jin
6th 1991 Kang Susie Shin Hae-chul
5th 1990 Min Hae-kyung
4th 1989 Kim Heung-gook
3rd 1988 Sobangcha
2nd 1987 Kim Soo-hee Yoon Su-il
1st 1986 Cho Yong-pil

Genre awardsEdit

R&B/Soul AwardEdit

Edition Year Winner
34th 2020 Zico
32nd 2018 Suran
31st 2017 Crush

Hip Hop AwardEdit

Edition Year Winner
33rd 2019 Mino
30th 2016 San E
29th 2015 Epik High
28th 2014 Baechigi
27th 2013 Epik High
25th 2010 Supreme Team
24th 2009 Epik High
22nd 2007 Dynamic Duo
21st 2006 MC Mong
20th 2005 Epik High

Trot AwardEdit

Edition Year Winner
34th 2020 Song Ga In
29th 2015 Hong Jin-young
23rd 2008 Jang Yoon-jeong
22nd 2007 Jang Yoon-jeong
21st 2006 Jang Yoon-jeong
20th 2005 Jang Yoon-jeong
19th 2004 Tae Jin-ah
18th 2003 Tae Jin-ah
17th 2002 Tae Jin-ah
16th 2001 Tae Jin-ah
15th 2000 Seol Woon-do

Rock AwardEdit

Edition Year Winner
32nd 2018 Hyukoh
30th 2016 Hyukoh
26th 2011/2012 F.T. Island
25th 2010 F.T. Island
24th 2009 Kiha & The Faces
23rd 2008 Nell
19th 2004 Jaurim
18th 2003 Maya
17th 2002 Jaurim
16th 2001 Kim Jong-seo

Ballad AwardEdit

Edition Year Winner
33rd 2019 Im Chang-jung

OST AwardEdit

Edition Year Winner Song Drama
34th 2020 Gummy "Remember Me" Hotel del Luna
33rd 2019 Paul Kim "Every Day, Every Moment" Should We Kiss First?
32nd 2018 Ailee "I Will Go to You Like the First Snow" Goblin
31st 2017 Gummy "You Are My Everything" Descendants of the Sun

Other music awardsEdit

Ceci Asia Icon AwardEdit

Edition Year Winner
32nd 2018 Exo Twice
31st 2017 Exo Red Velvet
29th 2015 CNBLUE
28th 2014 Shinee Sistar
26th 2011/2012 Beast

International Recognition AwardsEdit

Edition Year Winner
34th 2020 NetEase Fan's Choice K-pop Star BTS
33rd 2019 Global V Live Top 10 Best Artist Award BTS
NetEase Music Global Star Popularity Award
32nd 2018 Global Popularity Award Exo
31st 2017 Asia Popularity Award Kim Jae-joong
Global K-Pop Artist Award BTS
30th 2016 Global Popularity Award Exo
iQiyi Artist Award Big Bang Taeyeon
29th 2015 China Good Will Star Award Got7 CNBLUE
iQiyi Popularity Award CNBLUE
27th 2013 MSN International Award Big Bang
26th 2011/2012 Beast
MSN Japan Award Super Junior
Best Asian Group Award CNBLUE
Best Hallyu Star Award Kara
Hallyu Icon Award Infinite Rainbow Supernova
ViVi Dream Award CNBLUE
25th 2010 MSN Asia Popularity Award Super Junior

Next Generation Artist AwardEdit

Edition Year Winner
34th 2020 Kim Jae Hwan AB6IX ATEEZ
30th 2016 Monsta X
29th 2015 Tasty Bestie
27th 2013 BtoB

Best GroupEdit

Edition Year Winner
34th 2020 Male -
Female Mamamoo
33rd 2019 Male Wanna One
32nd 2018[15] Male BTOB

Best Solo ArtistEdit

Edition Year Winner
34th 2020 Hwasa

Performance AwardEdit

Edition Year Winner
34th 2020 Astro (G)I-dle
31st 2017 Sechs Kies Sistar
29th 2015 Beast Apink
27th 2013 Infinite Trouble Maker

Special AwardEdit

Edition Year Winner
33rd 2019 SSAW
22nd 2007 Kim Ah-joong
18th 2003 Kang Won-rae
17th 2002 Park Kyung-lim

Other awardsEdit

Edition Year Award Winners
34th 2020 Cosmopolitan Artist Award Twice
33rd 2019 Cosmopolitan Artist Award Blackpink
Wanna One
31st 2017 Best K-Pop Band Award CNBLUE
30th 2016 Best Vocal Award BtoB
Jung Yong-hwa
29th 2015 Trend of the Year Soyou & Junggigo
28th 2014 Commission Special Award Deul Guk Hwa
Goodwill Star Award CNBLUE
27th 2013 Samsung Galaxy Star Award Sistar
Golden Single Award Teen Top
InStyle Fashionista Award Hongki
JTBC Best Artist Award Beast
26th 2011/2012 Cosmopolitan Fun & Fearless Musician Award F.T. Island
23rd 2008 New Trend Award Kim Jong-wook

Technical awardsEdit

Producer AwardEdit

Edition Year Winner
34th 2020 Bang Si-hyuk
31st 2017 Bang Si-hyuk
28th 2014 Hong Seung-seong
26th 2011/2012 Hong Seung-seong
25th 2010 Hong Seung-seong
24th 2009 Lee Ho-yeon
23rd 2008 Lee Soo-man
22nd 2007 Park Jin-young

Other awardsEdit

Edition Year Award Winner Song
5th 1990 Planning Award Eom Yong-seop Back To You Again by Byun Jin-sub
Lyricist Award Park Joo-yeon Back To You Again; and "It's Only Love'" by Kim Min-woo
Composition Award Ha Kwang-hoon Back To You Again; and "It's Only Love'"

Discontinued awardsEdit

Achievement AwardEdit

Edition Year Winner
25th 2010 Park Chun-seok
24th 2009 Song Chang-sik
23rd 2008 Kim Chang-wan
20th 2005 Cho Yong-pil
19th 2004 Patti Kim
18th 2003 Yang Hee-eun
17th 2002 Kim Serena
16th 2001 Song Dae-kwan Ha Chun-hwa
15th 2000 Choi Yoo-na Clon
14th 1999 Tae Jin-ah
13th 1998 Song Dae-kwan
12th 1997 Hyun Sook
11th 1996 Hyeon In
10th 1995 Lee Mi-ja
9th 1994 Gil Ok-yoon
8th 1993 Shin Hong-gyun
7th 1992 Shin Hong-gyun
6th 1991 Lim Jeong-su

Music Video AwardsEdit

Edition Year Award Winner Music video
17th 2002 Music Video Award Cho PD "My Style"
Popular Music Video Award Lena Park "In Dreams"
Music Video Director's Award Kim Nam-gyeong "How Are You Doing?" by Hwayobi

Producer DaesangEdit

Edition Year Winner
13th 1998 Son Myeong-su - Apple Records
12th 1997 Jang Yong-jin - S.M. Entertainment
11th 1996 Park Nam-seong - Doremi Records
10th 1995 Sa Maeng-seok - Line Sound
9th 1994 Lee Seong-gyun - Dukyun Industries
8th 1993 Lee Seong-gyun - Dukyun Industries
7th 1992 Lee Seong-gyun - Dukyun Industries
6th 1991 Jeon Gap-sin - Sorabel Records

Encouragement AwardEdit

Edition Year Winner
10th 1995 Green Area
9th 1994 Kim Min-gyo
8th 1993 Choi Yoo-na Park Jeong-un
7th 1992 Kim Kook-hwan Moon Hee-ok

Most awarded artistsEdit

Most grand prizes awardedEdit

This list includes both Album of the Year (Album Daesang) and Digital Song of the Year (Digital Song Daesang) award winners.

Awards Artist
3 Girls' Generation
Jo Sung-mo
Kim Gun-mo
SG Wannabe
Super Junior
2 Byeon Jin-seob
Shin Seung-hun

Most awarded overallEdit

Awards Artist
20 BTS
Super Junior
16 Exo
Girls' Generation
13 Shinee
12 Beast
Shin Seung-hun

General referencesEdit

All award winners in this article are sourced from the Golden Disc Awards official website. See 2018 winners and past winners (in Korean).


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