Gola language

Gola is an erstwhile Atlantic language of Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Native toWestern Liberia & along the border with Sierra Leone
Native speakers
(110,000 cited 1989–1991)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3gol


Gola is not closely related to other languages and appears to form its own branch of the Niger–Congo language family.[3] However, Ethnologue lists Gola as a Mel language. Fields (2004) classifies Gola as a Mel language most closely related to Bullom and Kisi.[4]


According to Ethnologue, Gola is spoken in widespread regions across Liberia. It is spoken in Gbarpolu County, Grand Cape Mount County, and Lofa County (between the Mano River and Saint Paul River), as well as in inland areas of Bomi County and Montserrado County.

Dialects are Deng (Todii), Kongba, and Senje.


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