Goku Midnight Eye

Goku Midnight Eye (Japanese: MIDNIGHT EYE ゴクウ, Hepburn: Midnight Eye Gokū) is a manga series by Buichi Terasawa about a detective named Goku Furinji (風林寺 悟空, Fūrinji Gokū) who gains a cybernetic eye implant that can control any computer system on the planet. The manga has been published in English by ComicsOne and DrMaster.[1][2]

Goku Midnight Eye
Manga Entertainment goku midnight eye movie 2.gif
Goku Midnight Eye: Part Two OVA cover
Midnight Eye ゴクウ
(Midnight Eye Gokū)
Written byBuichi Terasawa
Published byGentosha
English publisher
MagazineComic Burger
Original run19871989
Volumes3 (Japan)
4 (North America)
Original video animation
Directed byYoshiaki Kawajiri
Produced byNaoko Takahashi
Tomiro Kuriyama
Written byBuichi Terasawa
Ryūzō Nakanishi
Music byKazuhiko Toyama
Yukihide Takekawa
Licensed by
Released January 27, 1989 December 22, 1989
Runtime60 minutes
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Helen McCarthy in 500 Essential Anime Movies calls the plot 'incredibly silly', but praises 'stylish locations' and widely theatrical design ideas'.[3]


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