Goin' Bulilit

Goin' Bulilit (transl.Goin' Little) was a Philippine sketch comedy program broadcast by ABS-CBN.[1] The show premiered on February 6, 2005, and aired every Sunday nights on the network's Yes Weekend! block. It also aired worldwide via TFC. The gag show featured children in various comedic situations, aiming to provide laughter for the audiences by showcasing gags, sketches, and segments. The cast is composed of child stars, except for Dagul, who portrayed different roles ranging from young to old characters every week to bring entertainment.[2] The show ended on August 4, 2019, and was replaced by Rated K.[3]

Goin' Bulilit
GenreSketch comedy
Created byEdgar Mortiz
Written byVictor Anastacio
Sherwin Buenavenida
Alex Calleja
Josel Garlitos
GB Labrador
Badjie Mortiz
Toffie Runas
Ronald Allan Habon
Directed byEdgar Mortiz
Badjie Mortiz
Frasco Mortiz
StarringSee cast
Opening theme"Goin' Bulilit" theme song
Country of originPhilippines
Original language(s)Filipino
No. of episodes684
Executive producer(s)Nomie Meraña
Production location(s)Studio 5, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center, Diliman, Quezon City
Editor(s)Joseph Karl Mayshle
Running time45 minutes
Production company(s)ABS-CBN Entertainment
Original networkABS-CBN
Picture format480i (SDTV) (2005–2016)
1080i (HDTV) (2016–2019)
Original releaseFebruary 6, 2005 (2005-02-06) –
August 4, 2019 (2019-08-04)
Followed byRated K (early timeslot)
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Goin' Bulilit premiered on February 5, 2005. The show was a spin-off of the 1980s comedy sitcom Goin' Bananas starring Christopher de Leon, Edgar Mortiz, Jay Ilagan and Johnny Delgado.

The weekly show provided different segments such as "Palarong Pambata" (children's games), "Use in a Sentence" and "Ano Daw" (one liner jokes), as well as parodies of some top-rating shows including Rated KKK (Rated K), The Buzz, and Lovers in Pares (Lovers in Paris).[4][5]

In 2015, Goin' Bulilit marked and celebrated their 10th anniversary with the entire former and current cast members.

On June 9, 2019, the show was preempted to give away to the airing of the ABS-CBN's Binibining Pilipinas 2019 The Grand Coronation Night at 10pm.

The show aired its final episode on August 4, 2019, after 14 years of broadcast.[6]

On October 2020, the reruns of the show will air from the Kapamilya Channel.

Production and crewEdit

The show was created by Edgar Mortiz, who co-directed with his son, Frasco Mortiz.[5] Roderick Victoria served as the Creative Manager. The creative/writing team was led by headwriter Sherwin Buenvenida, and included writers Rolf Mahilom, Josel Garlitos, Toffie Runas, Yani Yuzon and Badjie Mortiz.[4]



Final segments
  • "Ang Meaning Mo" - hosted by Carlo Mendoza and Jordan Lim
  • "Ano Daw?"
  • "Choose Mo!" - hosted by Chunsa Angela Jung
  • "Endo"
  • "Experi-Men" - a science experiment segment presented by the three male cast members.
  • "Failon Ganern" - a spoof of Failon Ngayon.
  • "GB Digital Shorts"
  • "GB Patrol" - a spoof of the flagship newscast TV Patrol.
  • "Hitback" - a segment that features past music videos performed by the former cast.
  • "Kinadenang Pinto" - a spoof of the afternoon drama series Kadenang Ginto. Played by Justin James Quilantang as Lassie (parody of Cassie), Raikko Matteo as Varga (parody of Marga), Cessa Moncera as Janiela (parody of Daniela) and Ashley Sarmiento as Robina (parody of Romina)
  • "Ready, Set, Goin!" (formerly Ready, Get Set, Goin!) - two teams of the cast members are assembled to play a game. Mostly hosted by Dagul.
  • "This Is Eat"
Former/recurring segments
  • "Amazing Bert" - a spoof of GMA Show, Amazing Earth of Dingdong Dantes, an educational segment featuring animals.
  • "Ang Parokyano" - a spoof of the action drama series FPJ's Ang Probinsyano.
  • Asianovela Parodies
  • "Ay, Chuchay!" - played by Chunsa Angela Jung as the titular character
  • "Auntie Patty"
  • "Barrio Siesta"
  • "Barubal: Bago at Rumaragasang Balita"
  • "Bow"
  • "Check, Check, Check: Tseklusibong Tsekplusibong Tsekplosé" a spoof of Current Affairs Program, XXX: Exklusibong Explusibong, Exposé
  • "Cute and A"
  • "Da Bus" - is a parody of the styles of talk show.
  • "Dag's Amusing Short Stories" - a spoof of GMA's defunct informative show Kap's Amazing Stories. Hosted by Dagul.
  • "Dyesebella of Desire" - a spoof crossover of three drama series from 2014: Dyesebel, Mirabella, and Moon of Desire.
  • "Ektertainment Live!" - a spoof of a defunct showbiz-oriented talk show Entertainment Live.
  • "EmoJim"
  • "Esmyuskee!" - a skit that is brought from the defunct show Ang TV.
  • "Fashion de Amor" - a spoof of the 2003 Colombian telenovela Pasión de Gavilanes (also known in the Philippines as Pasión de Amor).
  • "Fliptop"
  • "Ginto't Pilak"
  • "GB Comics"
  • "Happy and Wacky"
  • "Hay Tatay!"
  • "How How I Know Haw with Islaw"
  • "Huli Kaw"
  • "I'm Corny" - a segment based on the song "Horny '98" by Mousse T., Hot 'n' Juicy and Inaya Day.
  • "Isang Talong, Isang Sagot" - hosted by Chunsa Angela Jung
  • "Ismol T3" - a spoof of TV5's public service program T3.
  • "Ipaglaban Mwah!" - a spoof of the legal drama anthology series Ipaglaban Mo! hosted by Atty. Jose Sison and Jopet Sison (portrayed by Miguelito de Guzman and Izzy Canillo respectively.)
  • "Juan and Ted"
  • "Kulilats" - a spoof of the defunct children's show Kulilits.
  • "Kwelaserye Parodies"
  • "Magic Mike"
  • "MYX MYX MYX: Myxklusibong Myxplosibong Musyx" - is a combined parody of music channel Myx and the current affairs program XXX: Exklusibong, Explosibong, Exposé.
  • "TrabaHoldap" - a spoof of It's Showtime’s segment TrabaHula.
  • News and Current Affairs Parodies
  • Tiagong Ang-Kyut - a spoof of teaser of TV adaptation of Tiagong Akyat.
  • "Nora the Explorer" - a spoof of Nickelodeon's educational cartoon series Dora the Explorer, played by Chacha Cañete as the titular character.
  • "Not Not Palusot" - played by Justin James Quilantang as the titular character.
  • "Oh May Guest"
  • "Pagyabangan"
  • "Pauso Mo, Jessica So Cute/i-Post Mo, Miss So Cute" - a spoof of GMA's magazine show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. Played by Chunsa Angela Jung as the titular character.
  • "Perla Patola"
  • "Ping vs. Pong"
  • "Q&A"
  • "Reneboy"
  • "Sinetch Itey"
  • Talk Show Parodies
  • Teleserye Parodies
Annual segments
  • "12 Days of Christmas" - a spoof of the popular Christmas song performed by the cast, featuring current events from the previous year.
  • "Mga Bagong Programa" - a segment features the temporary changing of the titles of the ABS-CBN shows for Holy Week.
  • "What's In, What's Out" - a segment featuring the changes or comparisons of various persons, places, foods, objects and pop cultures from the previous year to the next year. This is originated from Goin' Bananas.
  • "Ngayong [Year]" - a segment featuring cast members telling about what could possibly happen in that particular year, followed by the grim reaper singing "Ngayong (number of the year)" (i.e. "Ngayooong 2019!"), with the tone of the ABS-CBN Jingle. And after, the main anchor will ask if those predictions will become true or not commanding to text their answers on a given number of the year, and followed by the grim reaper (usually holding a cellphone at the end) singing "Text to (number of the year as a dial number)" (i.e. "Text to 2-0-1-9")

Special episodesEdit

Goin' Bulilit has aired their special full story episodes which starred by the kids instead of the actual regular episodes:

  • Palibhasa Lalake (September 7, 2008; ABS-CBN's 55th anniversary special)
  • Taguan Pung (February 21, 2010; 5th anniversary horror special)
  • Prom the Bottom of My Heart (February 28, 2010; 5th anniversary musical special)
  • Langit Lupa (October 31, 2010; Halloween special)
  • Sa Araw ng Pasko (November 28, 2010; Christmas drama special)
  • Huwag Mo Akong Galitin (December 5, 2010; Fernando Poe Jr. tribute special)
  • Juan Kontra (December 26, 2010; Christmas fantasy special)
  • Dance Upon A Time (January 9, 2011; post-New Year special)
  • Inkredibulok (January 16, 2011; a spoof of Incredible Hulk)
  • In My Dreams (March 6, 2011, post-Valentine special)
  • 18 Goin' 8 (September 8, 2013; ABS-CBN's 60th anniversary special)
  • Kalaro (October 27, 2013; Halloween special)
  • House for Sale (February 23, 2014; 9th anniversary special)
  • The Prodigal Son (April 13 and 20, 2014; Lenten drama special)
  • Noong Unang Panahon, Panahon ng Hapon (June 8, 2014; Independence day special)
  • Do Not Enter (October 25, 2015; Halloween special)
  • Yaya Maring (April 1, 2018; Easter special)
  • Pamilya Cruz (May 14, 2018; Summer drama special)
  • 14th Floor (February 24, 2019; 14th Anniversary Special)
  • Abangan ang Susunod na Kongressman (March 24 and 31, 2019; pre-reformat special)
  • Sister Mia (April 28, 2019)



The Best Of Goin' Bulilit
The Best Of Goin' Bulilit DVD cover
Star Home Video
Release date
Running time
120 minutes
LanguageTagalog, English

The Best of Goin' Bulilit was released on December 27, 2007 featuring the best of the first 100 episodes of Goin' Bulilit. The DVD includes the show's best segments, spoofs, gags, and sketches such as "Rekolilit", "Noon at Ngayon", "Hinulugang Taktak", "Mahal Mo Ba Ako?", "Lovers in Pares", "Rated KKK", "Ginulungang Palad", and "GB Patrol". It also includes a bonus feature for bloopers.[7] Special features include the "Best Funny Faces" compilation and interviews of the kids.

The show also features videos of kids who auditioned for the show. Makisig Morales was included in the people who auditioned for Batch 3, but did not make it.


The cast basically includes the first batch of Goin' Bulilit.

DVD cover

The following are the cast who are featured on the DVD cover, but not in the video. They are the new kids:


The following individuals and groups, listed in order of appearance, presented or introduced the segments:

  • Igiboy Flores - Opening remarks; introduced "Use It", "Old Joke", and "Noon at Ngayon" segments
  • John Manalo - presented "Hinulugang Taktak" sketch, a silent comic sketch based on Charlie Chaplin
  • Sharlene San Pedro - presented her own segment, "Korina K. Kanchez's Rated KKK" (based on Korina Sanchez's Rated K), "GB Patrol" (based on TV Patrol).
  • Nikki Bagaporo - presented "Lovers in Pares" (based on Lovers in Paris), "Ginulungang Palad" (based on "Gulong ng Palad")
  • Sharlene San Pedro and Igiboy Flores - introduced a collection of Bulilit's face reactions after throwing a joke, compilation of "Bloopers"


Year Award-Giving Body Category Result
2005 PMPC Star Awards for TV 2005 Winners [4] Best Gag Show (tied with Bubble Gang) Won
2006 12th KBP Golden Dove Awards[4] Best Comedy Program Won
2007 29th Catholic Mass Media Awards[8] Best Comedy Show Won
21st PMPC Star Awards for TV[9] Best Gag Show Nominated
2008 6th Gawad TANGLAW (Gawad Tagapuring mga Akademisyan ng Aninong Gumagalaw)[10] Best Comedy Program Won
22nd PMPC Star Awards for TV[11][12] Best Gag Show Won
Best Comedy Actress (Sharlene San Pedro) Nominated
2009 7th Gawad TANGLAW (Gawad Tagapuring mga Akademisyan ng Aninong Gumagalaw)[13] Best Comedy Program Won
23rd PMPC Star Awards for TV[14] Best Gag Show Nominated
Best Comedy Actress (Sharlene San Pedro) Nominated
2010 8th Gawad TANGLAW (Gawad Tagapuring mga Akademisyan ng Aninong Gumagalaw)[15] Best Comedy/Gag Show (tied with Banana Split) Won
2011 25th PMPC Star Awards for TV[16] Best Gag Show Nominated
2012 26th PMPC Star Awards for TV[17] Best Gag Show Nominated
Best New Male TV Personality (Harvey Bautista) Nominated
2013 27th PMPC Star Awards for TV[18] Best Gag Show Nominated
Best New Female TV Personality (Aaliyah Belmoro) Nominated
Best New Female TV Personality (Ashley Sarmiento) Nominated
2014 22nd KBP Golden Dove Awards[19] Best TV Comedy Program Won
28th PMPC Star Awards for TV[20] Best Gag Show Won
Best Comedy Actor (Harvey Bautista) Nominated
Best Comedy Actor (Bugoy Cariño) Nominated
Best Comedy Actor (Clarence Delgado) Nominated
2015 29th PMPC Star Awards for TV Best Gag Show Nominated
Best Comedy Actor (Clarence Delgado) Nominated
Best Comedy Actress (Mutya Orquia) Nominated
2016 30th PMPC Star Awards for TV Best Gag Show Won
24th KBP Golden Dove Awards Best TV Comedy Program Won
2017 31st PMPC Star Awards for TV Best Gag Show Won
2018 32nd PMPC Star Awards for TV Best Gag Show Won

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