Goat Island (performance group)

Goat Island was a collaborative performance group based in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., and founded in 1987.[1] In 2006, Goat Island announced that their ninth performance, The Lastmaker (2007), would be the last work that they would create as a company. Goat Island ended with final performances of The Lastmaker at Swain Hall, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in February 2009. As their final project, they created a film based on The Lastmaker, published under the title A Last, A Quartet a collection of films,[2] which also contained previous films made by Goat Island. Goat Island members have included, Karen Christopher (1990-2009), Joan Dickinson (1988-90), Matthew Goulish (1987-2009), Lin Hixson (director, 1997-2009), Mark Jeffery (1996-2009), Greg McCain (1987-95), Timothy McCain (1987-95), Antonio Poppe (1995-1996), Bryan Saner (1995-2009), Charissa Tolentino (2008) and Litó Walkey (2002-9).


  • Soldier, Child, Tortured Man (1987)
  • We Got A Date (1989)
  • Can't Take Johnny to the Funeral (1991)
  • It's Shifting, Hank (1993)
  • How Dear To Me the Hour When Daylight Dies (1996)
  • The Sea & Poison (1998)
  • It's an Earthquake in My Heart (2001)
  • When will the September roses bloom? Last night was only a comedy (2004)
  • The Lastmaker (2007)


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