Go (Kreva album)

Go is the fifth studio album by Japanese rapper Kreva, released through Pony Canyon on September 8, 2011. It is Kreva's first studio album in two years.[1] The album's title, Go, is a word play on the Japanese word for five (, go). Kreva explained, "It's my fifth album so I called it Go".[1] Go produced three singles, including the top ten hit "Idome".

Kreva - Go.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 8, 2011
GenreHip hop, electronic
LabelPony Canyon
ProducerKreva (also exec.)
Kreva chronology
Singles from Go
  1. "Idome"
    Released: February 16, 2011
  2. "C'mon, Let's Go"
    Released: May 11, 2011
  3. "Kila Kila/Tan-Kyu-Shin"
    Released: July 20, 2011

The album was released in three formats: limited CD+DVD edition, limited CD+T-shirt edition, and standard CD-only edition. The album's title is reiterated in the price of the CD+T-shirt edition (5,555 yen) as well as its catalog number (PCCA-9855).[2]


Kreva described the album as an "ode to his fans".[3] In a press release issued on August 1, 2011, he spoke about the album's direction:

I wanted to stop focusing on creating a story for each album. Up till now I always put a lot importance on getting the track list and order of songs perfect, but I realized that it made me want to recreate this perfection in concert and I couldn't shake it out of my head. With this album, I want to gain more freedom, break the rules and let go of my manners.[4]

Commercial performanceEdit

Go debuted at number 2 on the Oricon Daily Albums chart on September 6, 2011, selling 5,398 copies.[5] The album climbed to number 1 the following day with 7,337 copies sold.[6] It sold 5,840 copies on September 8 and 3,269 copies on September 9, remaining at number 1.[7][8] On September 10, the album fell to number 2, with 2,978 copies sold, and then to number 4 on September 11.[9] Despite remaining at number 1 for most of the week, Go peaked at number 2 on the Oricon Weekly Albums chart, selling 28,132 copies in its first week, 2,132 copies less than the second week sales of Ayumi Hamasaki's Five, which claimed the top spot.[10][11][12] It dropped four spots to number 6 on its second week, selling 6,857 copies.[13]

Track listingEdit

1."Kijun" (基準 "Basics")KrevaKreva2:18
2."Idome" (挑め "Challenge")KrevaKreva3:31
3."Kila Kila"KrevaMajor Music a.k.a. Bastiany & HirOshima, Kreva4:40
4."Shinkirō featuring Daichi Miura" (蜃気楼 "Mirage")Kreva, Daichi MiuraMajor Music a.k.a. Bastiany & HirOshima, Kreva3:56
5."Jumon" (呪文 "Spell")KrevaKreva4:40
6."Runnin' Runnin'"KrevaKreva4:56
7."Hot Summer Days"KrevaKreva3:37
8."Bitansan Syndrome featuring Mao Abe" (微炭酸シンドローム Bitansan Shindorōmu "Fine Carbonic Acid Syndrome")Kreva, Mao AbeGoro Kumai, Kreva4:37
9."Party wa Izuko?" (パーティーはIZUKO? Pātī wa Izuko? "Where's the Party?")KrevaMajor Music a.k.a. Bastiany & HirOshima, Kreva3:38
10."C'mon, Let's Go"KrevaKreva4:47
11."Egao" (EGAO "Smile")KrevaKreva4:22
12."Tankyūshin" (探究心 "Inquiring Mind")KrevaKreva4:22
Total length:50:08

Charts and salesEdit

Chart (2011) Peak
Billboard Japan Top Albums[14] 2
Oricon Daily Albums[6] 1
Oricon Weekly Albums[11] 2


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