Go! Princess PreCure

Go! Princess PreCure (Go!プリンセスプリキュア, Gō! Purinsesu PuriKyua), also known as Go! Princess Pretty Cure, is a 2015 Japanese magical girl anime series produced by Toei Animation, and the twelfth installment to Izumi Todo's Pretty Cure metaseries, featuring the tenth generation of Cures.[1] It is directed by Yuta Tanaka and written by Jin Tanaka of Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans with character designs by Yukiko Nakatani. The series began airing on February 1, 2015, succeeding HappinessCharge PreCure! in its initial timeslot.[2] The series' main topics are hopes and dreams with the Cures' overall motif being princesses, keys and perfumes.[3] It was then succeeded by Witchy PreCure! on February 7, 2016.

Go! Princess PreCure
Goprincess (DVD).png
Cover of the last DVD disc volume, featuring the precures, allies, and fairies.
(Gō! Purinsesu PuriKyua)
GenreMagical girl, drama
Anime television series
Directed byYuta Tanaka
Produced byShigehaki Dohi
Tomoko Takahashi
Hiroaki Shibata
Yū Kaminoki
Written byJin Tanaka
Music byHiroshi Takaki
StudioToei Animation
Original networkANN (ABC)
Original run February 1, 2015 January 31, 2016
Episodes50 (List of episodes)
Written byIzumi Todo
Illustrated byFutago Kamikita
Published byKodansha
Original runMarch 2015February 2016
Go! Princess PreCure: Sugar Ōkoku to Rokunin no Princess
DeveloperBandai Namco Entertainment
PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment
PlatformNintendo 3DS
ReleasedJuly 30, 2015
Anime film
Go! Princess PreCure The Movie: Go! Go!! Splendid Triple Feature!!!
StudioToei Animation
ReleasedOctober 31, 2015
Light novel
Go! Princess PreCure: Refi and the Flowers' Adventure
Written byAkino Sakurako
Published byKodansha
ImprintKodansha KK Bunko
PublishedMarch 15, 2017
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Eight years ago, a young girl named Haruka Haruno dreams of becoming a Princess like the ones in fairy tales. However, she is always being bullied by her classmates in kindergarten due to her dream. She later met a boy named Kanata who gave her a strange charm while having her promise to never give up on her dreams. Eight years later, now 13 years of age, Haruka attends the Noble Academy boarding school while still cherishing her dreams of becoming a princess like the one from her picture books. One day, she encountered two fairy creatures from the Hope Kingdom: Pafu and Aroma, who were followed by a strange man named Close. The fairies told her that he works for Dys Dark, led by a witch named Dyspear who wants to bring despair to the world by locking dreams away in the Gate of Despair. With Haruka having no choice, the charm she had turned out to be a key and the fairies gave her a Princess Perfume, becoming one of the Hope Kingdom's chosen warriors: Cure Flora, a Pretty Cure to oppose Dys Dark. Later joined by Minami Kaido, Kirara Amanogawa and Towa Akagi; as Cure Mermaid, Cure Twinkle, and Cure Scarlet, Haruka forms the Princess Pretty Cure Team to collect Dress Up Keys needed to open the Gate of Dreams while protecting people's dreams from Dys Dark's forces.


Princess Pretty CuresEdit

The Princess Pretty Cures, who represent the Hope Kingdom are composed of four warriors: Cure Flora, Cure Mermaid, Cure Twinkle and Cure Scarlet. Chosen by their Dress Up Keys (ドレスアップキー, Doresuappukī), their mission is to find the remaining ones while protecting the Gate of Dreams and everyone from Dys Dark. All four of them are armed with a magical transformation item called a Princess Perfume (プリンセスパフューム, Purinsesu Pafuyūmu) which they activate with a Dress Up Key while saying "Pretty Cure Princess Engage!" (プリキュア・プリンセスエンゲージ!, PuriKyua Purinsesu Engēji!). Each also has another form called Mode Elegant (モードエレガント, Mōdo Ereganto) while in this form they can use their main attacks. They later use "Crystal Princess Rod" (クリスタルプリンセスロッド, Kurisutaru Purinsesu Roddo) to perform more powerful attacks and to enter a new Mode Elegant with Elegant Keys and Miracle Keys with Cure Scarlet using Scarlet Violin (スカーレットバイオリン, Sukāretto Baiorin) as her main weapon to perform her own attack. They later gain more powerful attacks by using Princess Palace (プリンセスパレス, Purinsesu Paresu) along with Premium Dress Up Keys, later the Royal Dress Up Key to access new Mode Elegant forms. They introduce themselves as "Strongly! Gently! Beautifully! Go! Princess Pretty Cure!" (つよく! やさしく! 美しく! Go!プリンセスプリキュア!, Tsuyoku! Yasashiku! Utsukushiku! Go! Purinsesu Purikyua!) and their catchphrase is "O Dream entrapped within a frozen cage, I shall reclaim you now! Do prepare yourself!" (つめたい檻に閉ざされた夢、返していただきますわ! お覚悟は、よろしくて?, Tsumetai Ori ni Tozasareta Yume, Kaeshite Itadakimasu wa! O Kakugo wa, Yoroshikute?) (except Cure Scarlet, her catchphrase is "O Dream entrapped within a frozen cage, I shall reclaim you now! Prepare to have your fate decided!" (つめたい檻に閉ざされた夢、返していただきますわ! さあ、お覚悟決めなさい!, Tsumetai Ori ni Tozasareta Yume, Kaeshite Itadakimasu wa! Saa, O Kakugo Kimenasai!)

Haruka Haruno (春野 はるか, Haruno Haruka) / Cure Flora (キュアフローラ, Kyua Furōra)
Voiced by: Yū Shimamura[4]
Haruka is a sweet, energetic, cheerful and happy-go-lucky 13-year-old Mood swinger, who is a first year student at Noble Academy. She likes stories about princesses and dreams of becoming one, and often refers to things as being "in full bloom" (満開, mankai). When she was young, she was often bullied about her dream of becoming a princess until she met Kanata who gave her a Dress Up Key and encouraged her to follow her dream. Her Dress Up Keys are Flora, Rose, Lily, Sakura (Cherry Blossom), Pumpkin and Royal.
As Cure Flora, she is known as the Princess of Flowers and introduces herself as "Princess of the Flourishing Flowers! Cure Flora!" (咲きほこる花のプリンセス!キュアフローラ!, Sakihokoru Hana no Purinsesu! Kyua Furōra!). Her theme color is pink.
Minami Kaido (海藤 みなみ, Kaidō Minami) / Cure Mermaid (キュアマーメイド, Kyua Māmeido)
Voiced by: Masumi Asano[4]
Minami is a calm and caring 14-year-old girl, and second year student at Noble Academy. Known as the "Academy Princess", she is the student council president of the academy and is admired by all of the students. Despite having a solitary appearance and a strict demeanor, she also cares for others like an older sister and wishes to become useful and helpful to others. She is also a member of the ballet club and has been afraid of ghosts since she was young. In episode 44, her dream is to become a marine veterinarian like Asuka. In the epilogue, she became a veterinarian. Her Dress Up Keys are Mermaid, Ice, Bubble, Sango (Coral) and Pumpkin.
As Cure Mermaid, she is known as the Princess of the Sea and introduces herself as "Princess of the Crystal Clear Seas! Cure Mermaid!" (澄みわたる海のプリンセス!キュアマーメイド!, Sumiwataru Umi no Purinsesu! Kyua Māmeido!). Her theme color is blue.
Kirara Amanogawa (天ノ川 きらら, Amanogawa Kirara) / Cure Twinkle (キュアトゥインクル, Kyua Tuinkuru)
Voiced by: Hibiku Yamamura[4]
Also a 13-year-old girl, Kirara is Haruka's freshman classmate at Noble Academy, and a famous junior model. She is always busy when it comes to her work and is always seen in the magazines and fashion shows around the public. She pushes forward on her dream of becoming a top model that shines like the stars. Despite becoming a Pretty Cure, she initially refuses to join the team because of her busy schedule. However, she eventually joins the team after she turned down the audition and understands she mustn't give up on her dream. In the epilogue, she traveled to France and became a famous model. Her Dress Up Keys are Twinkle, Luna, Shooting Star, Ginga (Galaxy) and Pumpkin.
As Cure Twinkle, she is known as the Princess of the Stars and introduces herself as "Princess of the Twinkling Stars! Cure Twinkle!" (きらめく星のプリンセス!キュアトゥインクル!, Kirameku Hoshi no Purinsesu! Kyua Tuinkuru!). Her theme colors are yellow and purple.
Towa Akagi (紅城 トワ, Akagi Towa) / Twilight (トワイライト, Towairaito) / Cure Scarlet (キュアスカーレット, Kyua Sukāretto)
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro
Her full name being Princess Hope Delight Towa (プリンセス・ホープ・ディライト・トワ, Purinsesu Hōpu Diraito Towa), she is Kanata's younger sister who has a strong admiration for her brother. When she was young, her desire to become the Grand Princess led her to be swayed by Dyspear into the Forest of Despair, where she had her memories removed and became known as Dyspear's daughter, Twilight. This in turn led to Hope Kingdom falling into despair, allowing Dyspear to revive. Serving as Dys Dark's second-in-command, Twilight was a merciless and cold-hearted girl who used black Dress Up Keys to power up the other generals, allowing them to summon more powerful Zetsuborgs, and often regarded the Cures as "fake princesses". She eventually came across the fourth Princess Perfume, which Dyspear uses with another Black Key to transform Twilight into the Pretty Cure-like Black Princess (ブラックプリンセス, Burakku Purinsesu). However, thanks to both the Cures' powers and Kanata's music, she is purified and returned to her original form as Towa. Towa later becomes the fourth Princess Pretty Cure, Cure Scarlet. In the epilogue, she became the current queen, succeeding her mother. Her Dress Up Keys are Scarlet, Hanabi (Fireworks), Phoenix, Sun and Pumpkin.
As Cure Scarlet, she is known as the Princess of Flames and introduces herself as "Princess of the Crimson Flames! Cure Scarlet!" (深紅の炎のプリンセス!キュアスカーレット!, Shinku no Honō no Purinsesu! Kyua Sukāretto!). Her theme color is red.
Chieri (チエリ, Chieri)
Voiced by: Saki Fujita[5]
The original Cure Flora before Haruka succeeded her as a current Cure Flora.
Yura (ユラ, Yura)
Voiced by: Satsuki Yukino[5]
The original Cure Mermaid before Minami succeeded her as a current Cure Mermaid.
Sei (セイ, Sei)
Voiced by: Kaori Shimizu[5]
The original Cure Twinkle before Kirara succeeded her as a current Cure Twinkle.

Hope KingdomEdit

Prince Kanata (カナタ王子, Kanata Ōji)
Voiced by: Shinnosuke Tachibana[4]
His full name being Prince Hope Grand Kanata (プリンス・ホープ・グランド・カナタ, Purinsu Hōpu Gurando Kanata), Kanata is the crown prince of the Hope Kingdom who has a gentle, kind, and brave heart. When Dyspear attacked his homeland, he entrusts the Princess Perfumes to Pafu and Aroma to search the Pretty Cures while he protects the Dress Up Keys. But Kanata was forced to send the Dress Up Keys to Yumegahama before fleeing into the forest as Dys Dark takes over his palace, giving the last Dress Up Key to a young Haruka. Towa is revealed to be his sister. His status is unknown when he holds off Dyspear's attack before the Cures and Towa sent back to Earth. He is shown to be alive when his brooch was found by the cats before the Cures learn that he is somewhere around the Earth. After surviving Dyspear's attack, he was found by Nishikido and lost his powers and memories. In episode 39, he regained his memories of Hope Kingdom but not before he caused Haruka to have a mental breakdown.
King and Queen (ホープキングダム王、ホープキングダム王妃, Hōpu Kingudamu Ou, Hōpu Kingudamu Ouhi)
Voiced by: Tokuyoshi Kawashima and Yuri Amano[5]
Towa and Kanata's parents and rulers of the Hope Kingdom. They are trapped within the Gate of Desperation when the Dys Dark invade their homeland. After Close's departure, they were released by the Cures and reunited with their children.
Wish (ウィッシュ, Uisshu)
Kanata's loyal steed.

The Royal Fairies (ロイヤルフェアリー, Roiyaru Fearī) are a group of magical animals who serve the Prince of the Hope Kingdom, entrusted to find the Pretty Cures and educate them to be a real Princess. Their appearances are all based on the Animal Mascots in various Fairy Tales.

Pafu (パフ, Pafu)
Voiced by: Nao Tōyama[4]
A Poodle-like fairy from the Hope Kingdom who came to search for the Pretty Cures. Pafu serves as the maid of the Hope Kingdom. She is very fashionable, carefree, spoiled, talkative and the most happy trying out different hairstyles and clothes. As the series progresses, she finally became a full-pledged maid after protecting a sick Towa from Dys Dark. She often ends her sentences with "pafu". Her name comes from the "Powder Puff", used for the application of face powder. Her human form resembles a short girl with a pink maid dress and pink hair.
Aroma (アロマ, Aroma)
Voiced by: Shiho Kokido[4]
A parrot fairy from the Hope Kingdom and Pafu's older brother, Aroma serves as the butler of the Hope Kingdom. He is bright, cheerful, reliable, sweet, happy-go-lucky, sometimes nags the girls in his efforts to lead them to being true princesses and is deeply affectionate, especially towards his sister. Like his sister, he finally became a full-pledged butler after protecting a sick Towa from Dys Dark. He often ends his sentences with "roma". His name comes from "Aroma", meaning fragrant. His human form resembles a teenage boy with purple hair and wearing a butler outfit.
Miss Shamour (ミス・シャムール, Misu Shamūru)
Voiced by: Mayumi Shintani[6]
A Siamese cat fairy from the Hope Kingdom who comes out from the Lesson Pad to teach the Cures during Princess Lessons and acts as their mentor. She can transform into her human form at her own will, resembling a black haired lady with two twin tails. Her name comes from the "Chamois leather", a type of material used in leather bags.
Kuroro (クロロ, Kuroro) / Lock (ロック, Rokku)
Voiced by: Yuki Kaida[7]
A Scottish Fold Cat fairy from the Hope Kingdom who is one of the Royal Fairies, shy in personality and often ending his sentences with "roro".[8] After the Hope Kingdom fell, Kuroro fell into despair and transformed into the child-like Lock with a cool, gentle, calm and intelligent personality as shown in episode 40 when he was brainwashed with the hood. Wearing a hooded jacket with a demon's face and wings that cover his eyes, despite playing video games in spare time, Lock becomes the top member of Dys Dark's Three Musketeers. He traps peoples' dreams by saying, "Lock Your Dream!" (ロック・ユア・ドリーム!). Later, a weakened Dyspear leaves Lock in charge of Dys Dark while giving him the task to gather despair energy to help heal her while she retreats into the Forest of Despair to recover from her fight against Cure Scarlet. But Lock uses some of the energy he acquired to assume a teenage-like form before reaching his quota with the Dress Up Keys, only to reveal his intention to take over Dys Dark as he uses the gathered despair energy to turn the Hope Kingdom's palace into a giant Zetsuborg. The Cures retrieve back their keys and battle against him but he transforms into his toad-like dragon form to attack them but they managed to purify him with Eclat Espoir while he ends up in a coma. Reverting to Kuroro and waking up later, he resolves to help the Cures so he can return to his homeland. During the final battle, Close revive Lock and overpower the Cures with the despair from Noble Academy's students, after they were released from the Cage of Despair, he was weaken and suffer by Dyspear's control and Shut persuade him to remember his old-self before the Cures purify him. Kuroro become Lock again and aid the Cures against Dyspear. Following Close's departure, he became a fairy teacher while Lock start his new life in Yumegahama along with Shut.

Dys DarkEdit

Dys Dark (ディスダーク, Disu Dāku) are the main antagonists of the series, whose goal is to make peoples' dream trapped into the Gate of Despair and spread the world with despair and chaos. After taking over the Hope Kingdom, Dys Dark's forces are dispatched to Yumegahama to find the Dress Up Keys to conquer the world. While Dyspear is on recovery in the Forest of Despair, she left Lock in charge so he and Shut can fuel the gauges to gather people's despair to speed up her restoration. However, Lock's act of treason lost the Hope Kingdom's castle with a revived Dyspear creating a new palace from thorns. Dys is a short name for despair. All the generals survive after Dyspear's defeat. Close, Stop and Freeze depart after fighting Cure Flora while Shut and Lock starts their new life in Yumegahama.


Dyspear (ディスピア, Disupia)
Voiced by: Yoshiko Sakakibara[5]
The main antagonist of the series and the leader of the Dys Dark. A ruthless and cunning sorceress who hates dreams and aims to turn the world into place of despair and chaos with the power of the Dress Up Keys. Her name comes from the word "despair". She was born from the despair where the people does not have dream. She was reawaken when she lured Towa into the Forest of Despair because of her dream of becoming a Grand Princess, she manipulated and erased her memories to become Twilight, who believed to be her daughter and became Dys Dark's princess. After her battle with Towa, she returns to the Forest of Despair to recover and gives Lock a gauge to fill up despair's energy so she can return when she reach her full strength. Close uses the gauges that Lock collected to bring her back to life and resume her leadership. After the Hope Kingdom is restored, she begin to invade the Earth and attack Noble Academy. After Lock's defeat, Dyspear absorbs Close to assume her true form to easily overpower the Cures. But the Cures are able to assume Grand Princess form to purify her.


They serve as Dyspear's elite surbordinates. Close, Shut and Lock formed into a group called the Three Musketeers (三銃士, Sanjūshi). Their names are referring to the words that sealed the door (Close) and to the words that halt something (Stop and Freeze). They have the power to trap people's dreams into the Gate of Desperation to creates Zetsuborg, depending which appearance they summoned when they increased their power. Twilight can use her Dress Up Keys on them to increase their power but also power up the Zetsuborg. They can also assume their monstrous form when battle the Cures in the later part of the series.

Close (クローズ, Kurōzu)
Voiced by: Mitsuaki Madono[5]
The first member of the Dys Dark's Three Musketeers and secondary main antagonist of the series. A short-tempered, strict, straight forward and stubborn punk rocker who doesn't care about people's feelings and wears a lock around his neck with purple rock star outfit. He trap people's dreams by saying, "Close Your Dream!" (クローズ・ユア・ドリーム!). After failing one time too many, Close is given a final chance by Dyspear to eliminate the Pretty Cures as he takes them and Yui to his Cage of Despair dimension where he assumes a monstrous bird-like form to overwhelm the girls to the brink of despair. But with Yui giving the Cures hope, they defeat Close with the Trinity Lumiere. But it turned out Close survived yet only made his return to gather the despair energy from the defeated Lock, using it to completely rejuvenate Dyspear and create a new palace for their group. During the final battle, allowing Dyspear to absorb him to give her the power to battle the Cures, Close survived his leader's death and assumed a new form through her residual powers. Close proceeded to fight Cure Flora, but is defeated and takes his leave while starting to understand that dreams and despair need each other.
Shut (シャット, Shatto)
Voiced by: Satoshi Hino[5]
The second member of the Dys Dark's Three Musketeers. A narcissistic, pompous and aristocratic man who adores anything as beautiful as himself and wears a dark blue suit and a white hat with black rose and blue feather decoration. He also holds a black rose in his hand. He traps people's dreams by saying, "Shut Your Dream!"(シャット・ユア・ドリーム!). He shows admiration towards Twilight due to her being a pretty girl. He ends his sentences with "nomi", which is same meaning as his name. In episode 46, he battle the Cures one last time after the previous battle and assuming a monstrous cat-like form before being defeated as Shamour give him the scarf as he left after understand the meaning of beauty. During the final battle, he assists the Cures facing both Close and Lock and confronts Lock about his true self and allows the Cures to purify him until he was beaten by Close. He along with the Noble Academy's students help the Cures along with Kuroro to battle Dyspear. Following Close's departure, he and Lock start their new life in Yumegahama.
Stop (ストップ, Sutoppu) and Freeze (フリーズ, Furīzu)
Voiced by: Shiori Izawa (Stop) and Miyako Itō (Freeze)[5]
Twin Dys Dark generals that serve as Close's attendants, created from seeds that Close planted. The two resemble young girls with faces covered by masks with different ears: Stop's having rabbit ears and Freeze with mouse ears. They trap people's dreams by saying "Stop, Freeze Your Dream!"(ストップ、フリーズ・ユア・ドリーム!). During the final battle, they assume their true vine-like forms to support Dyspear. After Dyspear's destruction, Stop and Freeze assume the forms of armored serpents to battle Cure Flora before taking their leave with Close.
Zetsuborg (ゼツボーグ, Zetsubōgu)
Voiced by: Takayuki Nakatsukasa[5]
The lock-themed monsters of the series. They are created when the generals trap people's dreams within the Gate of Despair, turning their dream into a nightmare which forms the core of a Zetsuborg's being. Their names are a portmanteau of "zetsubō" (絶望, "despair") and "cyborg". Each of the generals use their own names when they trap the victim's dream. Twilight can use the generals' locks to increase their powers to make them more powerful in the progress. Using a horn-like lock, the generals create more powerful Zetsuborg to fuel despair's energy from people to restore Dyspear's strength. When the generals use the two green locks, it will grow a Forest of Despair that are planted by Close. Dyspear's Zetsuborg are created by the lock based on her headdress as a clone version of herself without trapping people's dreams. When they are defeated, they say "Dreaming!", if defeated by Cure Scarlet, they say "Burning!".

Other charactersEdit

Noble AcademyEdit

Unlike the rest of the series, this academy is a boarding school with dormitory and they greet the others by saying "Have a Good Day (ごきげんよう, Gokigen'yō)".

Yui Nanase (七瀬 ゆい, Nanase Yui)
Voiced by: Haruka Yoshimura[5]
Haruka's roommate and friend at Noble Academy who dreams of becoming a children's book author. In episode 10, she discovers Haruka and her group's identities as Pretty Cures and helps them out anyway she can. She often takes care of civilians during a Dys Dark attack. In the epilogue, she published the Princess story.
Reiko Kisaragi (如月 れいこ, Kisaragi Reiko)
Voiced by: Risa Mizuno[5]
The dorm supervisor of the academy. She was initially afraid of dogs, causing her to dislike Pafu, but became fond of her when she protected her from a Zetsuborg and her dream is to be a judge.
Seira Azuma (東 せいら, Azuma Seira)
Voiced by: Yui Hashimoto[5]
The student council vice-president of the academy and her dream is to be a baseball player.
Ayaka Nishimine (西峰 あやか, Nishimine Ayaka)
Voiced by: Ayano Niina[5]
The student council secretary of the academy and her dream is to be a Japanese dancer.
Shirogane (白金さん, Shirogane-san)
Voiced by: Keiko Aki[5]
The head of the women's dormitory and matron of the academy. She often appears abruptly and at the perfect moments, doing various duties around the academy. Rumors say that she is more than one person.
Yuki Aihara (藍原 ゆうき, Aihara Yūki)
Voiced by: Atsushi Abe,[5] Yuko Gibu (elementary school)
Haruka's classmate who often picked on her when they were in kindergarten together. He later became a passionate member of the tennis club.
Shu Imagawa (今川 シュウ, Imagawa Shū)
Voiced by: Atsushi Tamaru[5]
The second student council vice-president of the academy and the leader of the men's dormitory.
Naoto Koshiba (古芝 ナオト, Koshiba Naoto)
Voiced by: Taishi Murata[5]
The second student council secretary of the academy.
Yume Mochizuki (望月 ゆめ, Mochizuki Yume)
Voiced by: Toshiko Sawada[5]
The friendly and polite Headmistress of Noble Academy and former famous children's author who wrote "Princess of Flowers", the book that inspired Haruka's dream.
Hanae Komori (小森 はなえ, Komori Hanae)
Voiced by: Haruka Chisuga[5]
Haruka's classmate and member of flower arrangement club.
Sayaka Kano (狩野 さやか, Kanō Sayaka) / Mai Kurita (栗田 まい, Kurita Mai) / Noriko Komaki (小巻 のりこ, Komaki Noriko)
Voiced by: Yui Hashimoto (Mai Kurita)
Yuki Aihara's fanclub, they always support Yuki for his matches and they were jealous of Haruka when she and Yuki interacted with each other.
Kimimaro Ijuin (伊集院 キミマロ, Ijūin Kimimaro)
Voiced by: Masahito Yabe[5]
Minami's fiance and childhood friend. In the finale, he enrolls in Noble Academy.
Kenta Hirano (平野 ケンタ, Hirano Kenta)
Voiced by: Yūsuke Kobayashi[5]
Haruka and Yui's classmate, he played Romeo in the drama show.
Riko Furuya (古屋 りこ, Furuya Riko)
Voiced by: Kana Ueda[5]
Haruka and Yui's classmate, she's the drama club director and dreams of becoming a movie's director.
Sumire Zama (座間 すみれ, Zama Sumire)
Voiced by: Mari Yoko[5]
Haruka's homeroom teacher in Noble Academy.

Family membersEdit

Ibuki Haruno (春野 いぶき, Haruno Ibuki)
Voiced by: Yasunori Matsumoto[5]
Haruka's father. He is a baker, and impressed many of Haruka's friends with his baked goods on his visit to the school.
Moe Haruno (春野 もえ, Haruno Moe)
Voiced by: Yuko Gibu[5]
Haruka's mother.
Momoka Haruno (春野 ももか, Haruno Momoka)
Voiced by: Ayu Matsura[5]
Haruka's younger sister. A first grade student who acted impolite towards people when visiting the school. It is later revealed that she was only upset and missed her older sister.
Stella Amanogawa (天ノ川 ステラ, Amanogawa Sutera)
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara[5]
Kirara's mother. A supermodel who inspired her daughter to be like her.
Ken Takamagahara (高天原 健, Takamagahara Ken)
Kirara's father. A famous movie actor who has been in Hollywood films.
Wataru Kaido (海藤わたる, Kaidō Wataru)
Voiced by: Kazuyuki Okitsu[5]
Minami's older brother, who owns and manages a seaside resort, he's the heir of the Kaido family who graduated from academy before his sister enrolled. He dreams of becoming helpful and respectful towards other peoples.
Tsukasa Kaido (海藤つかさ, Kaidō Tsukasa)
Voiced by: Hiroyuki Kinoshita[5]
Father to the Kaido siblings, who is the president of Kaido Group.
Masumi Kaido (海藤ますみ, Kaidō Masumi)
Voiced by: Emi Shinohara[5]
Minami's mother.


Baurollo Bauanne (ボロロ・ボワンヌ, Bororo Bowan'nu)
Voiced by: Takumi Yamazaki[5]
A famous and somewhat eccentric fashion designer.
Ranko Ichijou (一条らんこ, Ichijō Ranko)
Voiced by: Sayuri Yahagi[5]
A budding starlet with dreams of becoming a TV star, and occasional rival of fellow idol Kirara. Despite her youthful appearance, Ranko is a third-year at Noble Academy.
Kyoko Tachi (舘響子, Tachi Kyōko)
Voiced by: Mayumi Sako[5]
Kirara's president and manager of modeling agency.
Nishikido (錦戸さん, Nishikido-san)
Voiced by: Osamu Saka
Minami's violin instructor, who also works as a violin repair man. He has built many violins, and gifted Haruka one.
Oikawa (オイカワ, Oikawa)
Voiced by: Hiroshi Naka
An old butler who shows Aroma that what's important for a butler is to consider his master's feelings.
Tina (ティナ, Tina)
Voiced by: Satomi Kōrogi[5]
A little wild dolphin who saved Minami several years ago. In episode 16, it also saved her from Zetsuborg's attack.
Asuka Kitakaze (北風 あすか, Kitakaze Asuka)
Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto[9]
A famous marine biologist and vet.
Karin Akeboshi (明星 かりん, Akeboshi Karin)
Voiced by: Mayuki Makiguchi[5]
A model who befriends Kirara and serves as her assistant.

Movie charactersEdit

Princess Refi (レフィ姫, Refi Hime)
Voiced by: Hinata Uegaki
Princess of Night Kingdom.
Refi's Mother (レフィの母, Refi no Haha)
Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto
Ruler of Night Kingdom.
Princess Pumplulu (パンプルル姫, Panpururu Hime)
Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa
Princess of the Pumpkin Kingdom.
Warp (ウォープ, U~ōpu)
Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe
One of the main antagonists of the film and the Dys Dark general who carries a white book that captures objects. He locks Pumpululu and manipulates her parents to make them forget about her. He plans to capture the Cures as his collection and reveal his intention and assume his salamandar form and overpower the Cures. With Pumpululu's encouragement, they manage to defeat him with Halloween Eclair.
Night Pumpkin (ナイトパンプキン, Naito Panpukin)
Voiced by: Ryūsei Nakao
One of the main antagonists of the film. He invaded Night Kingdom to turn the sky into night. The Cures distract him so can allow Refi to place the Miracle Light on top of his palace and banish into darkness
Pumpkin Kingdom's King and Queen (王様、お妃様, Ou-sama, Okisaki-sama)
Voiced by: Chō, Kaori Yamagata
Rulers of Pumpkin Kingdom and Pumplulu's parents.
Pan (パン, Pan), Puu (プウ, Puu) and Kin (キン, Kin)
Voiced by: Misaki Kuno, Tomoko Kaneda, Tomo Muranaka
Pumpkin Kingdom's fairies.


Go! Princess PreCure was first trademarked by Toei back on October 7, 2014 by the Japan Patent Office to be used in a variety of goods and merchandise and became public later that month.[10] On November 28, 2014, the series's official teaser site opens with a confirmed release date.[11] Later on December 16, the Pretty Cure Store in Osaka, Japan teased the possible character designs of the main heroines, which was revealed on December 26, 2014.[12] The names of the main Cures were revealed in the event as Cure Flora, Cure Mermaid and Cure Twinkle as well as more official information in the event.[13][14][15]

The official website of the anime is also updated with the same information about the cast. The dormitory setting of the series is a first in the Pretty Cure franchise, that depicts the excitement of dorm life, coming of age while living with friends, and the anticipation and anxiety of a new life among roommates, separated from family.[16]

To promote the anime, trailers were shown during the final four episodes of HappinessCharge PreCure!, featuring the transformation scenes of the main Cures. Cure Flora made an appearance at the end of the last episode along with Cure Lovely by doing a baton touch.



Go! Princess PreCure began airing on all ANN television stations on February 1, 2015, succeeding HappinessCharge PreCure! in its initial timeslot along with the Broadcasting System of San-in airing on February 7, 2015.


The main characters appeared in the movie Pretty Cure All Stars: Carnival of Spring♪, released on March 14, 2015. A three-part feature film, Go! Princess Precure the Movie: Go! Go!! Splendid Triple Feature!!! (映画 Go!プリンセスプリキュア Go! Go!! 豪華3本立て!!!, Eiga Gō! Purinsesu Purikyua: Gō! Gō!! Gōka San-bon Date!!!), was released on October 31, 2015. The film consists of a cel-animated short, titled The Pumpkin Kingdom's Treasure (パンプキン王国のたからもの, Panpukin Ōkoku no Takaramono), and two fully CG animated shorts, titled Precure and Refi's Wonder Night! (プリキュアとレフィのワンダーナイト!, Purikyua to Refi no Wandā Naito!) and Cure Flora and the Mischievous Mirror (キュアフローラといたずらかがみ, Kyua Furōra to Itazura Kagami) respectively.[17][18] The film's theme song is titled "Kira Kira" by Every Little Thing[19] while the ending theme is the same as the anime's second ending.


The opening theme is titled Miracle Go! Princess PreCure by Karin Isobe while the first ending is titled Dreaming ☆ Princess PreCure (1-25) and the second ending is Dreams are the Path to the Future (26-50) by Rie Kitagawa. The opening theme is composed by Ryo Watanabe, the first ending theme is by Sayaka Yamamoto, the second ending theme is by Rei Ishizuka, and the background music is by Hiroshi Takaki, who previously composed the music for DokiDoki! PreCure and HappinessCharge PreCure!. The single was released on March 5, 2015 by Marvelous! featuring the theme songs. The first official soundtrack of the series, titled Precure Sound Engage!! was released on May 27, 2015 along with the first vocal album on July 15, 2015 with the title Strongly, Gently, Beautifully. The single for the second ending theme was released on October 7, 2015. The second vocal album was released on November 11, 2015 with the title For My Dream along with the movie's official soundtrack. A second official soundtrack was released on November 18, 2015 with the title Precure Sound Blaze!!. On January 13, 2016, a vocal best album was released.


Like the series before it, a manga adaptation by Futago Kamikita began serialization in Kodansha's Nakayoshi magazine from its March 2015 issue. The first Tankōbon volume was released on August 6, 2015 and the second was released on February 5, 2016.

Video gameEdit

A video game titled Go! Princess PreCure: Sugar Ōkoku to Rokunin no Princess (Go! プリンセスプリキュア シュガー王国と6人のプリンセス, Go! Princess PreCure: The Sugar Kingdom and the Six Princesses) was released by Bandai Namco Entertainment for the Nintendo 3DS on July 30, 2015.[20]


Merchandise for the series is released by Bandai during its run including watches, bags, transformation items and more.


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