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Go! Go! Itsutsugo Land (ゴーゴー五つ子ら・ん・ど, Go go itsutsugo ra·n·do) is a Japanese anime series that originally aired in Japan during 2001 and 2002 on TBS. The series is about five quintuplets who have all kinds of adventures together.

Go! Go! Itsutsugo Land
(Go go itsutsugo ra·n·do)
Anime television series
Directed by Setsuko Shibuichi (Chief Director)
Produced by Tatsuo Ono
Andrew Tamon Niwa
Written by Kazumi Koide
Mitsuyo Suenaga
Music by Taku Iwasaki
Tom Keenlyside & John Mitchell, Kevin Stremlaw, Traci Stremlaw & David Iris (English version)
Studio Magic Bus (animation)
Eiken (production)
Shogakukan (publisher)
Toei Animation (production)
Licensed by
The Ocean Group (2005-present)
Original network TBS
English network
Original run April 14, 2001 March 30, 2002
Episodes 50
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The series has been dubbed into English by The Ocean Group as Let's Go Quintuplets! and aired in New Zealand.[1] The first two episodes of the English dub were released on an dual audio European Spanish DVD.[2]

The series totals 50 episodes, each one consisting of 1 to 2 parts.

The name Go! Go! Itsutsugo has a double meaning. Go is, apart from the English word, also Japanese for "five". Itsutsugo means quintuplet.



The names of the characters were changed in the English dub but the initials of each name were preserved.

  • Karl Miller (森野かぶと, Morino Kabuto) is the oldest of the five twins, although only by a few minutes.
  • Krystal Miller (森野きのこ, Morino Kinoko) is the most self-centered. She already knows she is going to become a movie star and therefore gives signed autographs away.
  • Harold Miller (森野ひのき, Morino Hinoki) is the bookworm and wants to win the Nobel Prize.
  • Austin Miller (森野あらし, Morino Arashi) wants to become a true superhero - a detective or something else.
  • Karly Miller (森野こだま, Morino Kodama) is the youngest of the quintuplets. She wants to save the world and all animals (except frogs)
  • Six Miller (ロクちゃん, Roku-chan) is an affectionate little dog owned by the Miller (Morino) family.




Episode listEdit

Note: of most of the episodes the English dub name isn't known.

# Title Original Airdate
1"The First Day Of School"
"Six at Home"
2"Things are Shaping up"
"Karl's First Love"
3"The Shopping Mall Model"
"Harold's Ghost Theory"
4"Super Sleuth Austin"
(名探偵あらし 真犯人は誰だ!?)
"Karly's Un-Birthday"
5"Karl Plays Cupid"
"Make Up for Mother's Day"
6"First Time at Home Alone"
"The Wrestling Tournament"
7"First Field Trip"
"Dad At Work!"
8"Krystal Gets The Scoop"
"Visiting the Dentist Is Scary"
9"Horoscope Hijinks"
"Write On Mom!"
10"A Visitor From Afar"
"Have A Seat Dad"
11"Swimming Pool Blues"
"Tiger Trouble!"
12"Runaway Quintuplet!"
"Spoiled Rotten"
13 (名探偵あらし 姿なき怪盗!?)
14"Fast Food Frenzy"
(大変だ!! パパとママの大戦争)
15"A Place of My Own"
16"Dinosaur Tales"
"What Dinosaur?"
(北海道まるごと大冒険!! つづき)
17"The Big Race"
"Ghost Trouble"
18"Lesson In Love"
"Summer Santa"
19"Doggone Dog"
(とどけ! ロクちゃんの言葉)
"A Helping Hand"
20"Krystal Storms The Stage"
"Mom's Summer Vacation"
21"A Girl's Best Friend"
"What're Friends For?!"
22"Grampa Comes To Visit!"
"Six Goes On A Date!"
23"Daddy's Girl"
"The World's Greatest Dog!"
24"Karl's Got Game!"
"Super Sleuth Austin and the Shattered Shrine"
25"Swooning For Safety!"
"Krystal's Best Friend?"
26 (きのこのハムスターを探せ!)
27"Brave Prince Karl"
"Mona's Revenge!"
28 (こだまのケロケロ大冒険)
29 (アイちゃんの踊るテレビ出演!?)
30 (きのことみかんのシンデレラをねらえ!)
31 (あらしの家出!)
32 (森野家ビンボー脱出大作戦!)
33 (こだまのラブラブ・フードバトル!)
(ショック! くるみ先生にナゾの恋人)
34 (ワガママ! 星の王子様)
35 (きのことみかんの映画デビュー)
36 (きのこに謎のラブレター)
37 (五つ子、サンタになる!?)
38 (徳川埋蔵金をさがせ!)
39 (涙の別れ! グッバイきのこ)
40 (プレイボーイあらし!)
(女の戦い! 大雪サバイバル)
41 (きのこのキスキス大作戦!)
42 (カリスマ美容師きのこ!?)
43 (バレンタイン大パニック!!)
44 (みかんの雪山大脱走!)
45 (どっちが主役!? ひのきVSきのこ)
46 (みかんの家出)
47 (名探偵対決! あらしVSきのこ)
48 (ひのきのラブラブ大作戦!)
49 (みかんが転校!)
50 (きのこのお見合いトラブル!)


Country Title Channel Note
Italy Cinque gemelli diversi Jetix, Super 3, Telenuovo, Telenobra, NuovaRete and Frisbee
Switzerland Cinque gemelli diversi (Italian)
Les Quintuplés (French)
RSI La 2 (Italian)
RTS Deux (French)
Japan ゴーゴー五つ子 ら・ん・ど (Gō gō itsutsugo Tokyo Broadcasting System
Taiwan 元氣五胞胎 Disney[4]
Russia Близняшки-пятерняшки REN TV
The Netherlands De Bende van Vijf (The Gang of Five) Jetix
Disney Channel
27 December 2004 until 31 December 2005 (Jetix)
France Les Quintuplés Fox Kids/Jetix
Spain Los quintillizos Jetix, TVE2, Clan TVE, Neox
New Zealand Let's Go Quintuplets! TV2
Portugal Let's Go Quintuplets! SIC
Indonesia Let's Go Quintuplets! TV7[5]
Latin America Problemas Quíntuples
South Korea Go! Go! 다섯 쌍둥이 Tooniverse
Turkey Yaramaz Beşizler TRT


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