Gmina Turawa

Gmina Turawa, German Gemeinde Turawa is a rural gmina (administrative district) in Opole County, Opole Voivodeship, in south-western Poland. Its seat is the village of Turawa, which lies approximately 14 kilometres (9 mi) north-east of the regional capital Opole.

Gmina Turawa
Gemeinde Turawa
Turawa Commune
Coat of arms of Gmina Turawa Gemeinde Turawa
Coordinates (Turawa): 50°45′N 18°4′E / 50.750°N 18.067°E / 50.750; 18.067Coordinates: 50°45′N 18°4′E / 50.750°N 18.067°E / 50.750; 18.067
Country Poland
 • Total171.46 km2 (66.20 sq mi)
 • Total9,990
 • Density58/km2 (150/sq mi)

The gmina covers an area of 171.46 square kilometres (66.2 sq mi), and as of 2019 its total population is 9,990.


The commune contains the villages and settlements of:


As of 31 December 2010, the commune had 9,595 inhabitants. At the time of the census of 2002, the commune had 9,609 inhabitants. Of these, 5,673 (59%) declared the Polish nationality; 2,028 persons (21.1%) declared the German nationality; and 671 (7%) with the non-recognized Silesian nationality. 1,223 inhabitants (12.7%) declared no nationality.

Neighbouring gminasEdit

Gmina Turawa is bordered by the city of Opole and by the gminas of Chrząstowice, Lasowice Wielkie, Łubniany, Ozimek and Zębowice.

Notable peopleEdit

Twin towns – sister citiesEdit

Gmina Turawa is twinned with:[2]


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