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Glycine Watch SA is a Swiss wristwatch manufacturer, founded in 1914, and based in Bienne, Switzerland.[1] It is famed for its Airman line, debuted in 1953, a collection of GMT watches featuring 24-hour analog dials and rotating bezels, favoured by both military and commercial pilots.[2][3] The Airman was worn by many United States Air Force pilots during the Vietnam War.[2] It was also worn by astronaut Pete Conrad during the Gemini 5 spaceflight.[4][5]

Glycine Watch SA
TypePrivately held company
IndustryWatch manufacturing
Founded1914; 107 years ago (1914)
FounderEugène Meylan
ParentInvicta Watch Group


Vintage Glycine Airman from 1958
Vintage Glycine Airman SST Chronograph
Vintage Glycine Airman SST
Glycine Airman 42 "Double Twelve" GL0061 watch.
Glycine Combat Golden Eye and first generation Glycine Combat

Founded as Fabrique d'Horlogerie La Glycine in 1914 by Swiss watchmaker Eugène Meylan, Glycine initially specialized in designing and manufacturing small movements for ladies watches, and in October 1930, Glycine launched its own self-winding watches, and subsequently, chronometer watches.[1][4][6][7] [8]

With the advent of intercontinental air travel, the Glycine Airman was released in 1953, for meeting the needs of pilots.[4][7][9] The watch had a calendar function, a rotating 24-hour bezel with a locking mechanism, and a 24-hour dial with AM, PM and Noon written on it.[5][6][7][10] In keeping with its aviation link, Glycine also introduced the Airman SST in 1967, inspired by supersonic transport aircraft such as the Concorde, and featured a tonneau-shaped case, orange dial, and internal rotating bezel.[6][7] To date, Glycine has released various reiteration of the original Airman, including watches featuring GMT hand, date magnifier, chronograph, or 12-hour movements.[7][10]

In 2016, Glycine joined the Invicta Watch Group, with Invicta's primary involvement on developing distribution and marketing strategies for the company.[9]


Currently, Glycine has six collections, most of which are aviation or military-themed:[3][4]

  • Eugene Meylan
    • Introduced in 1930 [11]
  • Airman
    • Introduced in 1953
  • Combat
    • Introduced in 1967
  • KMU 48
    • Introduced in 1999
    • German: Kriegs Marine Uhren, meaning Navy watch
  • F 104
  • Incursore
    • Introduced in 2011
    • Italian: Incursore, meaning intruder


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