Global Village Communication

Global Village Communication Inc. was a leading manufacturer of easy-to-use fax modems and other telecommunications products for Apple's Macintosh platform.[2] It was one of the few manufacturers to support the Mac's RS-422 serial ports without requiring an adapter.[3] Major product lines included the TelePort series of high-speed desktop dial-up modems,[4] and the PowerPort series of internal PowerBook modems,[5] as well as a series of modems that connected to the Mac's ADB port.[6] Many of its products were bundled with the Macintosh Performa series of computers,[7] and it was the manufacturer for the internal modem in the PowerBook 500 series.[8]

Global Village Communication Inc.
Company typePublic[1]
FoundedJune 1989; 35 years ago (1989-06) in Mountain View, California, United States[1]
Defunct2000; 24 years ago (2000)
FateAcquired by Boca Research in 1998; Global Village division sold to Zoom Telephonics in 2000 and dissolved
Number of employees
65 (1992)[1]

The company also produced the OneWorld fax server and the GlobalFax fax software for Macintosh computers, which it bundled with its hardware.[9][10]

Amid a sharp decline in Macintosh sales in the late 1990s,[11] Global Village sold itself to Boca Research in June 1998.[12] Boca Research in turn sold the Global Village division to Zoom Telephonics in 2000.[13]


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