Global Social Venture Competition

The Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC) provides entrepreneurs seeking to make positive social and environmental advances with $80,000 in seed money mentoring and publicity. Goldman Sachs co-sponsors the competition. Thammasat University in Bangkok is the Southeast Asia partner of the Global Social Venture Competition Southeast Asia Regional (SEA) round. In the competition, new social enterprises present their business models in agriculture, technology, tourism, and education. As of December 2019, the Global Social Venture competition has ceased operations, replaced by a new initiative, Sustainable and Impact Finance (SAIF).[1]

Competition organizationEdit

The competition is made up of three rounds. The first two rounds are organized by GSVC regional partner schools, during which entrepreneurs present the social and financial impact of their business. The final round is organized at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.

Executive Summary RoundEdit

In the Executive Summary Round, teams submit an Executive Summary of their business ideas.

Regional Semi-Final RoundEdit

A select number of plans are chosen to move forward to the Regional Semi-Final Rounds hosted by our Regional Partners. Teams that advance expand their entries to full business plans, and compete in the Regional Semi-Final Rounds.

GSVC Global FinalsEdit

The top two teams from each Regional Semi-Final Round will be selected to compete at the Global Finals at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, which consists of two consecutive rounds. Teams re-submit their business plan and supporting documents. They are given the opportunity to make revisions following the Regional Semi-Finals, for the Global Finals Round.

Winners are announced at the culmination of the Global Finals Round, and prizes are awarded as follows:

1st place: $25,000

2nd place: $15,000

3rd place: $7,500

People's Choice Award: $1,500

Quick Pitch Award: $1,000

Basically, they make hella bank.

Regional partnersEdit

Past editions finalists and winnersEdit


Dr. Noah Toothbrush, South Korea

Aazer, Egypt

AMIntegrated Aerial Limited, Nigeria

Atlas, Italy

D-Heart, Italy

GreenMinded, France

MyH2O, China

Khyeti, United States/India

MindRight, United States

Oishii Farm, United States

ReBeam Space Inc., Germany

Ricult, United States

Roots Studio, United States

SolarPak, Ivory Coast

Taqanu, Germany

Young for Elder, China


More Than, South Korea

Agruppa, Colombia

Ama’s Pop-Up, Taiwan

Astraeus Technologies, United States

Bibak, Italy

BLITAB, Austria

Dost, India

Hygia Sanitation, Thailand

IntendiMe, Italy

iTrus, Singapore

KOPO, United States

Kwiizi, Cameroon

Link Accessibility, China

Otisimo, Turkey

vChalk, India

Zéphyr & Borée, France


Lumir, South Korea

Cattle Mettle, India

Clarus, China

Drinkwell, United States

Du’Anyam, Indonesia

Eco co, Burkina Faso

Garbage Clinical Insurance, Indonesia

Gold of Bengal, France and Bangladesh

Home Stray, China

Horus Technology, Italy

Lakheni, South Africa

Reachi, Denmark

ReMaterials, United States

Solwa, Italy

Toilets for People, United States

WEDO Global, China

Xendit, United States

"Y Generation, France


Tea Tree, South Korea

Baisikeli Ugunduzi, Kenya

CharityStars, Italy

Chique, Indonesia

Disease Diagnostic Group, United States

earthenable, United States

Keri&Care, France

Khusela, South Africa

The Legend of Potatoes, China

LegWorks, United States

Odyssey Sensors

Redeem, Taiwan

RejuvenEyes, India

SwissLeg, Switzerland

Sampurn(e)arth, India

Smart Pill Box, China

SocialGiver, Thailand

Wakati, Belgium


AtRium, South Korea

BrainControl, Italy

Carbon Roots International, Haiti

CSA Munching Box, Thailand

Damascus Fortune, India

E-Lamp, China

Essmart, United States/India

Faso Soap, Burkina Faso

Jorsey Ashbel Farms (JAF), Burkina Faso

Pedius, Italy

PulpWorks Inc, United States

Reel Gardening, South Africa

Sunshine Library Rural Digital Education Initiative, China

TOHL, United States/Chile

Vi-Care, India

Wedu, Thailand

WOOF, Hong Kong


2VIDAS, United States

BM TEAM, China

COINCYCLE, South Korea

Exygen, Kenya

FASOPROT, Burkina Faso



LULAWAY, South Africa



MICRO OASIS, Indonesia


SPILL, United States


WATSI, United States


Beti Halali, Burkina Faso

DeepScan, Thailand, United States

FINDG One Drop, South Africa

IKAWA, United Kingdom

IziWasha, South Africa

MAGNiVY, Indonesia

Next Drop, United States

PAANI, Bangladesh

Prakti Design, France

Sanergy, USA

SMILE Floss, Thailand

Solar Light Pillow Project, United States

Tilapiana, United States

Tree Planet, Korea


Amandes, Indonesia

AYZH, India

Bags of Hope, China

Blue Drop, United States

C-Crete Technologies, USA

Free hap, Thailand

Makane, France

Nest For All, France/United Kingdom

Ruma, USA

W induction, United Kingdom

Re:Motion Designs, USA


EcoFaeBrick, Indonesia

Bright Mind Labs, New Zealand

m Pedigree Logistics, United States

Solar Cycle, USA


MicroEnergy Credit Corporation, United States

Bio Power Technology, Indonesia

BioVolt, USA

SMART - Sustainable Marine Adventures and Responsible Tourism, Thailand


Feed Resource Recovery, United States

d.light design, USA

Revolution Foods, USA

Verdacure, Thailand

Cool2Care, UK


Mobile Medics, USA

Advanced Transit Enterprises, USA

The Highland Tea Company, United States

One-world Medical Devices, USA


Connect US, United States

Fuelture, USA/United Kingdom

Fuerza Research, United States

Human Service Fellowship, USA

Micro Credit Enterprises, USA

World of Good, USA


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